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Spiritual Awakening or Foot Detox?

Turns out, both, spiritual awakening and foot detox. Thanks to my God prescribed cleanse and spiritual healing.

Unlike the prepackaged ones that are all fireworks and no BANG. This one was a fraction of the cost, and packed a whole lotta punch. Doesn't matter the issue, they can help pull out excess water and/or swelling and heal the heels. They work wonders on cracked and dirty heels. Doing all the work while you sleep. From exfoliation without the scrub to a spiritual healing without the ceremony. And I thought the feet peeling was impressive.

With any detox, less tends to be more. Just know, they can also take longer to see results, but the effects are longer lasting. No better way to DIY health and beauty than from the inside out. With one that targets more than your body, being a win-win. Done long enough and deep down, you may look and feel as tho you are getting worse. Hardly. A shout out is in order. Gotta get thru the old to unveil the new. And for each year you abuse your body, expect a month to undo. With diet helping or hindering.

In doing this foot detox, I was expecting the usual. Not my spirit to be purged to the point of feeling some thing leave my body. Like a vacuum, it was instant. It also did not happen on my first five nighter foot detox. The peeling did. And it didn't stop there! It went up my ankles. A first indeed, and a bit embarrassing on one occasion.

With the other foot looking equally as frightening, it did my spirit a whirl of good. This link goes in to a little more detail on the benefits and How To. Tho I would not stick garlic (or onion) directly in socks. I puréed mine with a bit of grapeseed oil, put on a piece of gauze. Wrapped with Saran Wrap, put feet in plastic produce bags, then topped with thick socks. Overnight. It can get squishy messy if you need to get up in the middle of night.

Which was when it occurred to me that these foot patches were doing more than detox my body, my spirit was becoming lighter. Tho, not without some dizziness. Like the spinning sensation that comes from uploads, downloads, and the Earth's gravitational pull since my massive Ascension (that others also experience). That type being nothing like this, and nothing any body has ever noticed. These had my body like a tornado. Not much I could do but see and hang on.

Me: Anything you can tell me? God: good observation. Nobody has ever reacted in such a spinning mode. What that tells us is, more is dying in you than we bargained for. Meaning, you are more powerful than we knew. Two more nights, and you can write about it. We welcome you to try it, tho not without supervision in getting up. Ms. Carmen Diana has decades of detoxification under her belt. As a new vegan, for real this time, the detox she does each and every morning has rid her of more debris. In her words, "I can DIG it!"

**two day break

Me: anything more you want to say, now that I've done them twice for five days each? God: lovely. You are nearing the breaking point of your old spirit dying. The amount of peeling your feet endured had us scratching our heads in bewilderment. Unbelievable to say the least. Next is your yearly three-day mucus cleanse. With your body becoming ever more sensitive to mankind's food, soon your ranch will provide the food you need. With chickens roaming and your aquaponics bringing you the fish you so desperately like. No more allergies. No more vegan, tho your Nach-yo Cheese recipe has us all licking our chops. The Parmesan version is Puya's favorite. Back to detox. Your body has undergone massive purging, it is time we build it up. Following your fast, we will introduce you to a new way of eating. You have already inquired, and yes it's true, your grocery bill will continue to go down. Yes it's true that being a vegan is not for everyone. Your body just happens to respond well. Key is, to use your food as your pharmacy. Not that spelling." Me: Whew! FARMacy. God: thank you my child. Let us end this post. The time off from our writings has served you well. Me: title? God: I will have it soon.

Since my anointing and appointing Ascension purge, I was told what I could and could not eat, unless I grew and raised it myself. Lucky for me, that will include the real deal cheese I'll be making one day. Yay! Been over a year now and my diet continues to evolve and lighten. Should your, "go to" foods become too heavy, too sweet, too salty, or even nauseating, consider it a blessing. Your spirit is calling.

A vegetarian since the 60's. An immaculate diet and regular detox for two decades, and I am still eliminating layers of toxic waste. I have also seen what happens when I don't abide to my bright side of the Universe prescribed diet. Not worth it. And now with the vegan diet helping to release more, who knew I was so full of shit. Scary what can live inside of us. Some thing doctors and fancy equipment fail to miss. Health insurance or not, diet and detox are the best dis-ease prevention and natural healing medicine this side of The Universe. Knowing the benefits are worth every side effect, keeps me in maintenance mode the rest of my life. No going backwards.

If not for your body, detox for your mind and soul. Last thing Universal Holy World wants is, to connect with a vessel riddled with putrefying waste. They see and smell everything. The cleaner your body gets, the more you will become a beacon of light and scent-ative to what does not serve your highest good. Should detox not be of interest, more reason to do. Our liver is an organ of emotion, anger, and cravings. While the kidneys, fear. Do it for your overall well being. Divinity awaits you. May take a lil going thru Hell to get to Heaven on Earth, but "what do you have to lose?" God just said. Agreed. What abounds is love. Love for self, and love for all.

May the Source be with you to treat your body with respect, only then can you reflect the light. Making it easier to get past any dark night of the soul, and the darkness that casts a shadow over planet Earth. What we focus on, builds upon. What we resist, persists.

I see a hand raised. God: "Spiritual Healing or Foot Detox?" And so it is, the title. And a two-fer I was not expecting. To feel some thing leave my body was wild. It also occurred once I got back in bed. Only other time that happened to me was at the end of a detox bath. As the water went down the drain, so did negative energies. That being another God prescribed cleanse I did early on in my Mediumhood.

"VOILA," God has chimed in with. Meaning, I've used enough words. Just like my diet, they keep me in line, and on purpose. Most times, requiring me to stop or start some thing cold turkey. It's what happens when you become a student of The Universe, for life. No complaints, and sure as Hell beats the School of Hard Knocks.

May you be blessed with the desires of your spirit,


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