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Spiritual Awakening, Dark Attachments and Growing Up Pains

As our world continue to shift, growing up will become the norm. I can DIG it because there just aren't enough of us. This is not to put a feather in my cap. Growing up the way God intended is not easy. Easy is taking the easy way out. Until it all catches up to you. If not here, the afterlife, which is all we should be focused on pleasing, not a fellow earthling. Imagine if everyone did that? With the eyes the window to our soul and beauty skin deep, gone would be the competition. That which provides nothing but temporary satisfaction.

To grow up in body any one can do. To grow up in mind and soul takes a conscious effort. One that becomes easier when you treat your body with respect. Something I have been writing about for more than a decade. Why? Because cleanliness is next to godliness. And so you know, if eye rolling has become a habit, OUCH. I did not arrive or continue to evolve eating chemicals disguised as food, being mean, or wreaking like who knows what. Self maintenance is no different than giving your vehicle what it needs to drive or what your lawn and garden need to thrive.

Been awhile since I've written because I too continue to be a work in progress. Downloads, upgrades, and more learning. All tiring, yet, if not now, when? We did not come here to play it safe. Not even the birds, bees or butterflies do that. Life is more than survival and being social, it is meant for lessons, living and learning, which can then become laughing and loving. Authenticly and for all the right reasons even.

Letting go helps us grow. With UP not only pertaining to body, mind or emotions. Your spirit will soar on high.

No longer will attachments be an issue, some of which come in many forms. Like addictions, whether food, lifestyle, a person, your comfort zone, a substance or material matter. Does not matter. If unable to spend time alone, and do it till it hurts, you are not ready.

"The world is filled with all the lonely people Trying to find their way All they need is a hand to guide them To a brighter day" ~The Commodores~

Such profound lyrics that can be translated to Universal Holy World wanting to lend a hand up not out.

Universe wants our attention. Good and bad. There is such a thing as, "the devil made me do it." Know someone (young or old) not so nice? Me too. And as much as it hurts, I do know dark side has a hold on them. WHEW, helps me in not taking it personal. So heavy the attachments, last thing they will believe is just how easy it is to be happy, for no reason. And how discipline is what this world needs. They’ll do whatever they can to keep from GROWING UP. Talk about distraction after distraction. Like attracts like, with attachments being their magnet. A perfect example of giving their attention to the dark side rather than whomever their Higher Ups may be. All soul snatching.

To truly grow up includes a sense of pleasure. Albeit constant inventory and lots of self improvement. But, the joy of working with the bright side of the Universe is priceless. No get rich quick or pill for every ill of another distraction. Without our health, what good is wealth? True health includes our body, mind, spirit, heart and emotions. Not the clashing of horns or beating up on inner children. Knowing this keeps me at peace. If need be, truth and facts are shared. I do not need the last word with a child of any age. If it leaves them speechless or angry, then yeah, maybe that is the last word. Nowadays I bite my tongue a lot. I prefer that and remaining silent for long periods of time. It suits my soul rather well. Since intelligent grown up conversation is frowned upon by many these days, I wait for most to strike up the conversation. Thankfully there are a select few I can still talk up a storm with and, without the rules of the playground.

I am done wearing five year old gloves. Just as I do not beat around the bush, I do not sugar coat anything. This is not to say I will be mean or rude, quite the contrary. Golden Rule is how I live my life on and off the court. Another words, I walk my talk. Your words may relay one message and your actions look nice, but your face, thoughts and aura speak volumes. Only one you fool is yourself. And only you are responsible for your madness. Have you taken the fifth? Just know every thought is heard, like a bubble over your head. Our Higher Ups also go so far to put Angels in our path to see how we treat them. Many of which won’t be given the time of day, let alone looked at in the eye. Why? Their appearance or conduct not up to par? We must always give the benefit of doubt. They just may be one of our Higher Ups in disguise. If you are too busy to say hi or even smile, you've got a lot of work to do.

A rocking chair keeps us busy, but does it get us anywhere? Like dogs and cats chasing their tail, no.

If life must be one of going out every weekend, you are running from yourself, which means dark side has succeeded. Those who live the longest have the common denominator of spending time with family. With several generations living under the same roof, talk about quality time and wisdom gained amongst the young and the old. Seems only Americans avoid family like the plague. As if those in the know cannot see thru them.

Our planet, thankfully, is becoming infiltrated with some much needed Starseeds. You’d be surprised what these youngsters know. They are here to teach. Just as we pick our parents for the lessons we need, it works both ways. There are grown up kids and immature adults. Only when we are true to ourselves can we grow up, but it won't happen without authenticity, integrity, and transparency. Enough with the blame, lies and excuses. We were all meant to live in the light. No on/off switch between our public and private life. Talk about a facade. Or in the words of God, “what kind of SHIT is that?”

Beauty of where I am now is, nothing is taken personal. I've also gone from repeating, "may you be blessed" to "may the world be blessed." If it feels as tho there is a brewing inside of you, you are not alone and can thank the hatred on this place we call earth. There is strength in numbers, why partake in darkness? Like a volcano, all the garbage in will come out. And so it is.

Meanwhile, so sad are the many angry people who have yet to have the epiphany it is themselves they are mad at for not answering their soul's call. Even worse is to have someone mad at you because you're smart and grown up. Know any one like that? They tend to also be the ones that fail to learn anything new. Check check, me too. Fear of failure keeps them paralyzed. There is such a thing as failing forward. I would be bored stiff if I was not learning more every year of my life. I can honestly say I am thankful the negativity and angry souls show me what doesn't work and instead propel me to satisfy my own soul. And in return, the Universal Holy world. A win-win if you ask me.

Pointing fingers only has three pointing back at you

Attachments cause those affected to be mad for no reason. They have yet to grow up and cannot see past their own hurts to realize, WHOA, this person can shorten my learning curve and growing pains. Instead they choose to become part of the herd, very zombie like. Like call center personnel, robotic and for some, monotone. What good is lipsmacking if you lack life? Yet these very same people put more oooomph in talking with pets than people. Why? Because they prefer those that cannot talk, let alone intelligently and with maturity. And because they have allowed themselves to be treated like a number, cannot STAND outside our planet thinkers.

In talking to God about it I say, it's like a certain individual can't stand looking at me. God's response, your light is too bright.

I may walk to the beat of a different drum, what I don’t do is toot my own horn, that's what social media has mostly become. A charade of a masquerade. Boasting on our own behalf is a disservice to our soul. BE DIFFERENT because being someone we are not is a sure way to age real quick. Twenty-four/seven exhausting.

“Some people are made of plastic And you know some people are made of wood Some people have hearts of stone Some people are up to no good But baby I'm for real I'm as real as real can get If what you're looking for is real loving Then what you see is what you get" ~The Dramatics~

As for the lyrics, the, “I’m as real as real can get.” YEP! Problem is, lying has become the norm, so when someone like me comes along WE are seen as the liars. GO FIGURE!? I do not stay in the light by telling tall tales.

Speaking of which, are you one of those that pay a weekly visit and buy your way out of backsliding? Or think you gotta confess to someone? Eeeeek, who are they to judge? I am the most spiritual person I know, I also know religion is a business. It can be a good stepping stone until you see thru their veil. If they can quote to teach a man to fish and feed him for life, instead of give a man a fish and feed him once, then they need to practice what they preach. Hand you the tools, not reel you in with guilt trips. There comes a time when you’ve got to say HELL no! And stop all dark attachments/addictions once and for all. Only then will you know growing up for what it was meant to be. Glorious. However, until you can let go of the addicting food and media (social or not) you are under attack. MIND CONTROL to be exact. Isn’t it time you pull the plug? That ball and chain that has you so darn tired that you've become moody more often than not? The ball is in your court, what’ll it be? Till then… May the world be blessed,


**not quite...

I see and I obey. God would like to chime in. I see him wanting to put in his two cents.

God: Di, we think you are on to something. Look around, what do you see? Children playing hide and seek. You are crying with your constant WOWS because you know truth when you see it. Your heart, mind and soul have grown so much over the past four months, you have no idea what we see. All your idle time has been spent wisely. And here you were feeling so unproductive. Your dizziness should go away soon.

As for the public, the world will be a better place because of you. You see the visions we bring you, some of which you are documenting ever so diligently. We like your idea for the YouTube channel. It is a must, but not until two short books are out. Following these three, yes one more, you are free to write your own. We will keep you busy, just you wait and see. All good things ahead for those that live according to my plan.

**just like that gone, but not without blowing us all a kiss.

I am still blown away by the hide and seek. It is what children do. God has just shed a whole new light on its meaning. WOW is right.

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