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Spiritual Awakening: A Blessing or A Curse?

Depends on how you reactant who you ask. Your only choice is to make it or break it. Because there is no telling what can happen. From the gifts you receive to the dark night of the soul days, filled in agony. No way to know how yours unfolds, one thing you will know is you can’t MAKE this stuff up!

In any case, it is not always easy to be in thee upright position. And the computer is the last thing on your mind. Anything more than research can become unbearable. Wanting answers is what led me to know, I was not dying. And now, the unpredictableness of it all is doing the same to another. This a day after meeting another man (on thee other side of Ascension) in Southern California last week. Back to back days, I met both. Tho thee other is from the United Kingdom. Since more are realizing a “spiritual awakening" may be why they feel the way they do, I wanted to share the perspective of not only myself. Liam, from the UK has granted me permission to share his story (and photo).

YAY! Didn’t think it'd take me this long to do, but with my own Ascension comes rest. As your body will forever be in upgrade and download mode, should you accept and respect the process. Takes energy to do both. Tho, for me they come in the form of mandatory time outs. And small frequent meals being a must.

For those in Ascension mode, headaches can make you feel like throwing in the towel. Sharing my experience during the worst of my symptoms is what led brother Matt Kahn to selecting me in a dream. Then a few days later, me finding him online. That same post, "Headache or Spiritual Awakening?” has now led Liam to me.

Spiritual awakening goes by different names, Ascension being one. Should you be in spiritual awakening mode with unbearable headaches, consider yourself blessed. Yes, it can feel like your time is up. From head down, feeling good is far from a glimmer of hope. That post gives more details. This one will share Liam’s story.

Headache or Spiritual Awakening?

Feeling like your head is in a vice? For months on end? You’re not alone. How you handle it can be the blessing or the curse. With pHARMaceutical free, being key. Just know, what feels like an eternity of debilitating pain, can be the blink of an eye. In the scheme of things, should you become proactive. Living in Hell on Earth can bring you to Heaven on Earth, but you gotta do your part. Liam knew.

UTOT, the Master of the Milky Way mentioned him on the previous post. We are grateful he has allowed us to share any or all of his story. For all eyes to see. Had I not gone thru much myself, it'd be hard to believe.

Here’s a snippet from his first message to me...

Liam: "good evening, i hope you are well. I've just been surfing the net researching as i do everyday. I came across an article you wrote and you are the first to show similar symptoms to myself in awakening. The constant head ache is a huge issue for me, I've been going through huge sickness."

my response... No Pain No Gain

Like detox, you gotta get rid of thee old to bring in the new. When it comes to your soul, there are no quick fixes.

If you're sick and tired of feeling (and in some cases looking) sick and tired, it may be time to fire your doctor(s). No joke. Especially if they've been of no use. Because medication with no end in sight is not healthcare. Taking your health and happiness into your own hands is.

Here’s more of what Liam shared…

Liam: "Haha I know it's a great thing and it has brought moments are pure happiness and bliss. I don't know where to start with my story, I was super ill 8-9 years ago with Guillean barre syndrome and was paralysed head to toe. I still have feet paralysis and pain everyday, but I've since gone on to train in nutrition and I got myself off all medication using cannabis oil.”

Aside from another cannabis testimony, there comes a time when you gotta be in the driver's seat of your health. Doing so, served him well. His father too…

Liam: "Skip a few years my dad got cancer 18 months ago which we cured naturally and it triggered a huge awakening for him, which has led him to speak in 18 different languages using tongues. He can now read trapped emotions, amongst other incredible things."

With Ascension Comes Gifts Once I realized I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening (May 2015), I'd tell others, “I can’t WAIT to see what my gifts are.” Did God deliver on Liam’s dad, or did God deliver? Miracles happen when we do our part. I’m content with the fruits of my diligent “labor.” And, for always seeing the glass half full.

There’s no telling how long it will take anyone to Ascend. However, to be in Heaven without leaving Earth is worth it. It won't happen overnight. But it will happen sooner when you treat your body, mind and spirit with respect. In other words, the way God wants you to.

Liam: "I look back, I've been awakening for 18 months without really knowing it, I was having incredibly painful problems with my tmj joints which no one knew what it was. I had crawling along my spine which I do now speaking to you.”

YEP on feeling like things are crawling under your skin. Memory is a HUGE issue. Just one of many symptoms. Most extensive list I came across has over 60. I had them all and then some. That post has the "shit hitting the fan or SHIFT hitting the fan" link. Liam shares his experience…

Liam: The main thing I noticed was my mind going. I was forgetting everything, it left me unable to work and it was pretty much dementia which was very scary.”

YEP again! Debilitating to say the least. Feeling like you’re going crazy? Check-Check!

Liam: "I’ve spent most of the last 4 months in bed wanting to commit suicide because I couldn't take it. Recently I discovered it has taken me to the point of being mentally ill, it was changing my perceptions by the second and it was like I was out of control of my brain."

I am so grateful he’s allowed me to share his story. I truly believe many diagnosed with Schizophrenia have not realized… Those “thoughts" in their head, can be Heaven sent. If they are tormenting, that is the dark side trying their best to destroy you. Prevent you from Ascending into unbelievable greatness.

There’s so much that happened to me. For now, what a relief to have the Freaks & The Furious portion of my ordeal behind me. Some of which included losing my mom for the second time. All I know is, if it were a movie, I’d be scared to watch it. Like the guy I met last week. His experience has been more scary emotional pain than physical.

Liam and his father's story is not at all mind blowing, considering I thought I was on the brink of death myself. More than once. Having my (soon-to-be 10 y/o) grandniece/Goddaughter in my life made giving up NOT an option. You gotta be tough. With the New Earth comes three waves of Ascension. Ascended Master or not, embrace your spiritual awakening. You will be given your own level of gifts. You get what you put into it. Young or old, more are needed to help lead the 2nd and 3rd waves of Ascension into the New Earth.

Believe what you want, but come Hell or high water. A New Earth is upon us. Consider yourself blessed to be alive during this time in history. Just know, should you be one called upon to help others thru it, you will be hit the hardest. Been diagnosed with something or another? Social media is not the place to get answers or pour pity into your party. Answer your soul's call instead.

Liam didn't sit back waiting for doctors. He did his part. And not only did he get himself off all medications, he DETOXED!

Liam: "I've been detoxing for 4 months now, coffee enema's, infra red sauna's, strict diet etc. More supplements than you can ever imagine.”

WOO HOO! God/the Universe rewards those that take action differently than those that don’t! Cleanliness will forever be next to Godliness. Liam answered his soul’s call. God loves it when you treat your body with respect. The trickle effect is a gift that keeps giving. There’s more we have in common. Liam going GUNG HO into detoxing led him to...

Liam: "flying to Madrid 4 weeks ago to take ayahuasca and since then I've been piecing together what is going wrong with me. Also discovering about the ascension process that is happening and the incredible things happening such as moving into the 5D."

Had I not been connected to an Ayahuasca ceremony last September, I don’t think I would have survived my day of massive Ascension (January 2015). Complete with levitating, eyes turning blue and spinning to the point of spelling words, vomiting and more. Tho, unlike those two Ayahuasca ceremonies (that only lasted a few hours) that grand finale into Ascension lasted an entire day. With me asking, “when is it gonna end?” I was told, “when you see the hummingbird.” Sure enough, I did! They served their purpose. I'm quite happy to have those messengers behind me.

When your body is moving into 5D, it uses up a lot of protein. And with that comes headaches. And potential kidney issues. Pretty cool Liam speaks my language. “5D.” Worth every sign and symptom, including thee excruciating pain. As shared by Liam...

Liam: "Amongst tons of other things i’m still a little lost with what I need to do exactly. I can't get this head ache to stop, I also have a pulsing in my head and kidneys that won't seem to stop too and it's driving me insane.

I went vegan recently and I've also been doing fasting, I'm probably guilty of not having enough protein but I will try to now. I'm using a pea protein shake to boost my protein content too."

Ascension is not the time to go vegan. The brain needs high quality fat and protein. Chia seeds in water help, but better than that (for me) was wild salmon jerky and raw organic almond butter. Darn near round the clock. Small frequent meals were a Godsend. And more water than you think you can gulp. At one point I was drinking 3-gallons/day. More water info on that other post.

Next for Liam was weight loss. I can relate. Living on the mountain is when I lost a lot of weight. And while I’m now optimal weight, in today’s world it’s seen as thin. Like Liam, I lost muscle tone (over the last 3 years 3 months without a home base). I can relate to his comment…

Liam: “I'm also a skinny minny I've lost so much muscle.” my response... Weight loss isn’t all that can happen. You can put weight on. Feeling ravenous and wanting to eat everything in site? And/or eat your way in dire hope of feeling better? Been there done that too. For that, a fridge and cupboard clearing are in order. Last thing your brain and body need are processed/packaged foods.

I am forever grateful to be past the worst of it all. Even the… Feeling like I opened a can of worms. As Liam shares…

Liam: "Hey, thanks for the message. I agree it is teaching me 3 things that I've never been able to do. 1. Be in the now, 2. have patience, 3. to surrender and let go of control. My dads has been such a blissful experience one with no pain, emotionally intense but physically pain free. I'm watching thinking, what the hell i want that haha.”

Letting go seems the hardest part. Just know, the more you own, the more it owns you. I’ve lost count on the number of things I’ve let go of. Selling my 4 bedroom 2 bath home, then giving most away and putting the rest into a 5 x 5 storage in 2002, may have been the beginning of my awakening. The letting go (and homework) does not end. Going without a home these past 3+ years included. Having my head shaved just shy of 2 months ago, was the HUMDINGER of all letting go. No room for ego when you get the call.

Along with letting go of material and appearance attachments, comes your five senses being heightened. Gotta make room for the 6th (and beyond). Some of your favorite foods can now make your stomach turn. Or feel like a ton of bricks. Smell was the worst for me. Came on like a vengeance. Eyes? Fake lighting is the worst, and full sun can bring on a headache. And sounds? To this day, a utensil scraping a plate is like nails on a chalkboard. Sounds like Liam got hit hard with sounds being amplified.

Liam: "Yes i can sympthasie there my hearing sensitivity is tough to handle,"

DITTO! You begin to wonder where thee old you and your world went. They no longer serve God's purpose. Like it or not, your body makes the shift for you. Fortunately, Liam knew NOT to rely on doctors to help him thru.

Liam: "I lost total faith in my doctors and our system, its the first thing i woke up to through me, my brother and dads illness's as they couldnt do anything for us apart from poison and i started questioning.”

You want answers? Then STOP allowing doctors to treat you like a number. pHARMaceuticals are not thee answer, Ascension or not. POI$ON in an already sick body is Russian Roulette.

Ascension forces you to eat better. Certain foods become repulsive. Your body will react inside and out. Liam has done a lot of work on himself, therefore food sensitivities may not have gotten the best of him yet.

Liam: "Could I also ask please, when I have a food sensitivity what symptoms should I expect if there is any, is it different to an ordinary food intolerance.”

my response… What a blessed family Liam is a part of. Not only his father, but his brother too?!

Liam: "My dads is something not many people have seen, what he has been unable to do still blows my mind. He has recently started channeling and been able to convert the language in his own brain probably through rewiring. My brother has been going through an illness the last few years too, some very similar symptoms to what I'm suffering but he is not yet open to spirituality too much. He has changed his personality massively in the last 6 months like my dad too, before this me and my dad had a terrible relationship but now we are better than ever.”

Again, had this not happened to me in similar but different ways, YES, it’d be hard to believe. Having friends and family ride this wave shotgun would’ve been nice. But, no biggy. I’ve always walked to the beat of a different drum.

Liam: “so me, my brother and my dad make it 'the three kings' and all of us want to heal and help the world in different ways. My brother is currently opening a health shop, my dad has just done his raiki and me and my dad help cancer patients using natural therapies. If i told you my life over the last 6 months you wouldn't believe me, just as i thought i was coming back after my chronic illness and 8 years of hardly working everything has fell apart. I was opening a huge lifestyle centre, the plans were incredible”

When the Universe has a better plan, it’ll do whatever it takes to get you there. For me, it was a broken wrist and near death experience (June 2015). Again I can relate (to his next comment). Four years ago +/-, I came to terms with my time being up to go be with my mom. Liam too.

Liam: "Since that moment I've always felt as horrible as it is he was meant to die as it flipped me upside down into a different career path now.”

Something else that might happen to you, should you embrace Ascension? Your friend and/or family list will dwindle. As Liam explains…

Liam: "I've moved on from every single friend I've ever had. Ive stopped playing football, so much i won't keep going on. I just know something is implanting thoughts into my mind, even to the stage of it making me question if this is even real and its not just a physical illness but on other days i don’t doubt it one bit.”

BOY has there been many times that I pondered the same thing. Is this really happening?

Pain PAIN Go Away Pain seems to be the common denominator with Ascension. Lightworkers also tend to get a lot of neck and shoulder pain.

Liam: "it is much worse in a morning, like I've just woke i have been in so much pain at night very similar to what i went through 8 years ago with extreme nerve pain and my neck back and shoulders are killing me.”

Headache pain in the morning however, can also be your body detoxing overnight. And the reason for my previous response.

So, as you might have guessed, headaches are a major issue. One I went into more detail on that post. Knowing I wasn’t alone, kept me diligent on persevering. If you think none of this applies to you, think again. There will be three waves of Ascension. You either ride the wave, let go, and let God.

Or don't. Because, should you survive the New Earth (and not crash and burn), expect to be a Zombie of sorts. With the bigger picture of "their" mind control having you hand over your power. To the point of not serving the best interest of your heart or soul.

Staying in your comfort zone serves no one. And it is certainly not God’s plan. Trust me. The longer you fight it, the longer it’ll take to reach Heaven on Earth. And for that, I can’t HELP but say, we bid you farewell. Many have chosen and will continue to perish in the process. Spiritual awakening knows no boundaries. And no demon or dis-ease is worth losing your life. Tho, should you decide to give up on yourself, (and make it to Heaven), consider yourself lucky. But, are you really ready to call it quits? Are your children ready? Did you fulfill your soul’s mission? Wherever you are on your soul’s journey, God’s here to chime in…

God: Hi Di Me: my BFF! Feels like long time no talk/channel with me resting most of yesterday. God: you needed it. God: You are becoming a master of your domain there on the hill. Complete with Tonka and Tesla. They listen well. You’re a natural on training them. Now onwards with my thoughts on thee Ascension process.

What you, Liam, and thee other guy have survived is nothing shy of a miracle. You are all here for a reason. What others can expect, is a milder version of what the three of you have undergone. That’s it my love. We love you so much. Amen and Amen.”~God, your father in Heaven~

Thankyouverymuch! Short and to the point. Even God gets tired.

Should you not take constant inventory of your life, you may be forced to stop. An experience that can drop you to your knees, in the depths of despair, and/or with a “terminal” illness. From western medicine’s point of view that is. Giving up is easy. If Heaven on Earth is what you want, you gotta get out of every aspect of your comfort zone.

For now, we can thank Liam for sharing, as he does me…

Liam: "Thank you for the message again its been a huge blessing for me to speak to you.”

In closing… Is your world as you knew it coming to a screeching halt? It may be the Universe's way of getting you to let go. What about your computer or cell phone, going haywire? DITTO! Consider it a sign. That kinda stuff happens when God has a better plan than the one you're living. Should you not care enough to oblige. Not to worry--no sweat of their soul. Thee afterlife is quite the happening place. Once you get your, “get outta HELL pass.” Yes, most go there first. Screw up in Heaven and back to Hell it is. For me, it’s a little different these days, now that the dark side has realized they’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s my writings that get intercepted. After writing a good four hours two days ago, POOF, gone! This entire piecing together of Liam’s story was deleted. Called it a night after that. Then to my surprise, God and all had it waiting for me the next morning. Made my tail wag!

But mostly, what a relief it has been to have my new and improved life back.

May you be blessed to heed the call. You'll be glad you did.


Me: good to go? God: No. We love you so much. We commend you for not giving up on this post. One thing after another, followed by a power outage. WHEW! You did it! And for that you will be blessed. Bye Di.”

YEP!! God was with me thee entire time, editing as we went along. A second power outage and fonts freaking OUT later. Typos or not, we did it!

6-6-18 UPDATE: with this post having been brought to my attention again (for different reasons) slight editing done today for easier reading.

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