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Spirit Guides Have Your Back

Shortly after, what my guides refer to as a massive MASSIVE Ascension, they began alerting me. On Yays and Nays on this path. First was in a restaurant. I was sharing that finale of an entrance into my anointing. When they began moving inside my head. I wanna say my head, but it is so subtle from thee outside. Once I acknowledged them, they said, "don't share here," and pretty much any public place. There is much I can share, but there's also plenty I can't. Yet.

Following day while using public WiFi, they get my attention again. Saying, be careful what you search for. Now mind you, it's a trucking terminal that barely allows us to open anything. Unless we use our super duper Big Brother Blocker, that is. Gotta get better at switching over. My point? Spirits guides have your back and Big Brother is real.

That same day, I was sent to a specific Macy's for purple camisole. I ask how many. 2. I get there, and sure enough. There are 2 left in my size. I literally do not need to try clothes on anymore. They also pick out thee BEST PRODUCE for me.

Next, a trip to El Baño there in Macy's. Their restroom stalls had doors, like some elevators. They are somewhat graffiti proof. For etched in type markings anyways. They've got 2" circle like buff marks from top to bottom. Like those while waxing a vehicle.

They tend to talk while on commode. So, I lift my merkaba to see. YEP! When they want me to look or go in a certain direction, or pick the perfect piece of produce or brand, they move merkaba in that direction. Like a magnet being drawn to it. They were pointing at door. I say what, I don't see anything. In my thoughts of course. They keep at it. What appears? A gold Angel on the door. About 5" in height. Warmed my heart and soul. I asked if I could snap photo. Nope.

I was happy to honor their request. I could not MAKE this stuff up. Miracles ARE everywhere. And spirit guides have your back where others are needed. This evening on the commode, they begin pointing once again. So I start looking for an Angel again. Nothing. Then I hear 2 rather loud noises from upper half of restroom. I asked if it was them. Yep. I look up and someone is spying. Assholes! I mean. Lovely. They wanted me to file complaint. I did. But lady manager on duty didn't believe. DESPITE going in and seeing.

I get back to truck and they say, she was wrong and I did the right thing. But, to file this. Guides wanted me to add last part.

"There is somebody spying from up above. In the stall furthest from the door. As you walk in and face them, it's furthest one on right. There is a hatch. It is partially open and light is on. I told manager about it. She says it's nothing. "Thinks" it's light from vent. It's not. There is someone spying. And it must be checked out. If you don't, I will call the police and have them do it."

I have a feeling this won't be first time I try to get someone to believe me. But I can't exactly say, my guides told me. Sadly, I have yet to have most believe any and all that is happening. Not my loss. So sad. But it is, what it is until more ascend. I just happened to be on the first wave of it. Of course, mine came complete with Ascended Master anointing. A life long bonus to say the least. If there's anything you can learn from this. I'd say, BELIEVE. And always listen to your gut. Detox will help.

May you be blessed to see, spirit guides have your back too.


**pre full moon pic snapped right after my meek attempt to have her believe me. That bubble to the bottom right is at least one spirit guide.

Meanwhile, the stairs leading up from outside the building? Apparently too much for someone to climb. I've vented enough. But as a fellow woman, I'd have given her the benefit of the doubt. Especially looking as distraught as I was. 😇hm... **UPDATE already. Corporate sends very same manager my complaint. She just called. Says she looked and will snap photos and send me. Whether something shows up or not, I know NOT to prove guides wrong. See if corporate have cojones to call themselves. The END. Time to say 5 Hail Mary's.

I end with a laugh. Guides approved all I wrote, including prayer part.

***UPDATE--I give her credit for sending pics. Guide/my mother does see camera to left of a pipe. I was told to tell her I'm a Medium and guides see it. I did, then told her, I'll leave it at that, but someone with trained eye should look.

****FINAL UPDATE-- following morning I used their bathroom one last time, with guides picking stall. Fine and dandy until I go to wash hands. A camera behind one of the mirrors. My merkaba once again alerted me to move away. The average person might believe I've lost my mind, or am hallucinating. So be it. But a lie is like stabbing a knife thru your heart and soul. And judgement? In the words of my Pleiadian pal Yuta...

"Ridicule ridicules the riddler."

Misunderstood is an understatement. And since that darkness is from higher ups, my complaint ends there. But, knowing I did the right thing, I'm cool.

You want spirit guides to help you? Then do what they say.


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