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Spinning Portal Looking Tsunami and Other Visions

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Sometimes it takes awhile for visions that I draw to make sense, let alone happen. Today I am simply sharing two that God gave me. The spinning portal looking tsunami on the horizon was shown to me over a week ago, so it has yet to happen. The disturbing blue barrels (below) I was shown several years ago and are included in my book, Visions From Outer Space. A compilation of over 250 hand drawn (on cell phone) visions over a two+ year period. I knew the barrels were of sinister nature, but this is truly horrible.

In watching this short video earlier, God confirmed that they were the barrels he was showing me. He has also shown me the serving of adrenochrome and the trafficking of infants years before the Sound of Freedom came out. I've posted them before in previous posts.

portal looking tsunami over horizon

God's been giving me glimpses of my future, which I am quite excited about. The chicken legs (notes on left) I was shown more than once. More than one meaning, this one good. However, I post that page of my notes from the wee hours to show God was wanting me to see this tsunami possibly coming our way. Thankful I live far and high enough away.

spinning portal looking tsunami

Question is, will it be a man made tsunami like Katrina or a missile of sorts headed towards our west coast? Time will tell.

missile attack on west coast?

And lastly, the blue barrels. Image on right I took from the short video link above. Left is a drawing from a vision in 2019. I now try to use AI for most of my visions. Saves time, energy and my aching neck.

blue barrels God showed me

blue barrels of "stew"

Blue barrels are one man's way of cleaning up after the cartel. He is considered the "Stew Maker," or in Spanish, El Pozolero. UGH, a stew of body parts. If not being consumed or organs sold, they are being destroyed beyond recognition.

May God help us all by putting an end to this demonic nonsense sooner than later. No sweat off my soul when he does return. May all be ready.

Since we reap what we sow, make it light yet grand, minus the grandiose.



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