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Sound of Freedom Worldwide

Darkness has ruled our planet long enough. The sound of freedom awaits us all, not just those being trafficked as shown in the movie. The fact that this movie is surpassing Raiders of The Lost Ark speaks volumes. More so considering it is only in 2600 theatres versus the 4600 for the other movie. There is no doubt that the sound of freedom awaits our entire planet.

There's a reason many hate(d) President Trump. He continues to shed light on this and other darkness over Mother Earth on our behalf. Well, that and the fact he doesn't wear five year old gloves. Doesn't sugar coat anything, which I appreciate from any anyone, especially adults these days. Far too many have become soft, hurt grown up children who cannot fathom truth, let alone an adult conversation.

In watching The Sound of Freedom this past weekend, it is a beautifully made movie. This being "a picture is worth a thousand words" moment. Tastefully made. No shortage of tears, from men and women alike.

If you or anyone you know would like to watch, but finances are tight. Angel Studios has a pay it forward set up. This link will get you a free ticket.

I do feel God is near and will return soon. I for one am happy that much will be turned right side up and darkness will fall by the wayside. How so?

For over a month God has been giving me the word, "Tabernacle." Last week I heard, "Exodus 40." Having read the Bible once, I only remember a couple verses and the story of Moses. Verses memorized were during my seven years working construction in the Arizona heat. Being the only woman for awhile, and a woman of color, several men had a hard time accepting me, and were not shy to let me know.

More importantly, in looking up Exodus 40 it talks about the Tabernacle. Over the years God has shown me the Ark of The Covenant and horns blowing. I've also been shown blood being served in a cafeteria like setting. I've seen babies stacked in rows in the back of a truck that resembled an old produce truck. This short video has Mira Sorvino giving a brief description of the horrid crimes against children, including how they're trafficked 5-10 times a day. She too is in the movie.

Even more sad is, they are also allowing the young girls to get pregnant to repeat the vicious cycle. When done using these children, they are then used for organ transplants and adrenochrome. That being an intro in a nutshell.

All my posts of sharing, will lean on the intro side, simply because my brain cannot details. For me, less is more.

If a cartel from the movie can have a change of heart, and start helping, instead of being part of the problem, I truly believe any one can. Life was not meant to be easy. We choose our parents for the lessons we came to learn. Correcting our karma is our soul's mission.

May your soul be blessed to at least consider watching. Because "they" are truly hidden in plain site. If anything, do it for the next generation.

I wish you peace and well wishes all ways,


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