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Sleep Sound

This morning's conversation started with, "we don't like to see you in pain." That, after I asked how all my Guides, and now God are doing. Blessed is an understatement. I have begun great conversation with God. What is so unbelievable is... It feels so darn natural! And, beyond easy to hear.

Anyhow, many more posts with God and all 87 Guides to come. For now, they give a message on sleep, and children of God...

People sleep, not to rest. But to repair the damage they do to their bodies. Saint Carmen asked, "how much sleep do we get up here." We don't. Just a few minutes of rest at a time. She then asked, what about, "in the bible?" A term which means, before Christ. Our response, 3 hours.

When a person needs anymore than that, their body is toxic. Few these days, know the purpose of sleep. Carmen may not have known, but does know, not much is needed. Her body is free of thee amount of waste, most people carry in their bodies.

It's no coincidence she's arrived where she's at. Her body was clear to accept it. She is operating on 3 hours of sleep right now. Thee amount in the bible (BC). She is by far one of our best students. And for that, she is being crucified. Hung to dry and sent to the pasture.

She asks, "this is no joke?" Only because, Lucifer pretended to be somebody he's not. Causing her doubt, at times. Then there's the fallen angel. One who let her down in more than one way. And one she'll be writing about soon.

She worries what some will think. Some who see themselves as children of God. Children of God are humble. Children of God, do not post selfies. Children of God, watch what they say. Children of God don't need attention.

Children of God, know when to fold them. Know when to hold them. And know when to run, when the deeds are done." ~God, Fusi my Sirian sibling and Puya my Pleiadian pal~

Me: Do you think they're gonna wonder what you're doing with my Galactic Guides? God: Doesn't matter. We will write about it soon.

God is no longer, the "big man upstairs." Why? Because God is neither She nor He.

And so much more I'm learning. Some of which, was left out of the bible.

Me: how's my before and after? Them: perfect Me: thank you. I love youuuuu. Them: we see your heart. We lusm (love you so much) **as they fade.

Thee attacks do not end. Following that conversation was more off the record chatting. Which led to 3 more paragraphs of information here. That I not only wrote once, but TWICE. Lucifer, won't allow 😔

I'll just say, more info on sleep, rest, circadian rhythms and thee ideal number of hours to be in bed. We will post that at another time.

May you be blessed to hear any and all speak and give your body only what it needs.

Me: any thoughts? God: Lucifer is attacking you, and that's why thee increased pain. And words being put in your mouth. Words that aren't of you. Me: so readers know, they're unpleasant words directed at people in my thoughts. God: well said Child. Post now.

✌🏼️❤️ and a breath of blessed air nobody can take away!


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