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Sirius Disclosure Attendees

Looks like Sirius Disclosure groups have decided to meet monthly for a seance of sorts. With an upcoming in-person meeting of what’s to come, in the world of Cosmic-ness. In knowing what it takes to connect, and unite with higher realms, I could not sit back without giving a few pointers. Especially since these group meetings seem just shy of, the blind leading the blind.

Lucky for me, I'm not alone in wanting to help shorten their learning curve. Several from the Heavens do too!

"Hi Di! Thank you for thinking of me. I would be delighted to give you an introduction, and it goes like this...

To each their own, but to own, you need to let go. As you'll read below. We come from a place of pure love. If you can't do the same, you need not try to connect. Nearly a year ago I made contact with St. Carmen. A day does not go by that she does not forget about us. How many do you know can say that?

Think you're a good person? If you were, wouldn't we be talking? I rest my case. Just know, we mean business." ~Puya, her Pleiadian sister~

If you want to connect, it's more than a monthly group of like-minded humans. You've gotta be a nice person 24/7. No on/off switches allowed in the world of connecting to the bright side of the Universe. This, in reference to…

Is it just me, or do some faces just wreak ego or ass?

Don't expect to be a bitch during the day then connect at night. Doesn't work that way. Neither does being phony. One person in public and another behind closed doors? Are you serious?! As for ego, you can drop that too. While you're at, attitude, anger and unforgiveness wont get you in. And don't even THINK about trying to connect medicated, high, tipsy or flat out wasted either. They won't come. Should you hear something, chances are it's not them. "Beer, wine and 'spirits'" don't include Celestial Beings.

**as I get a huge good morning hello from UTOT, Creator of the Universe. Here she is to chime in...

"We have been studying Dr. Steven Greer, and we do not like what we see. He is not a nice man. St. Carmen is right. We don't play favorites, but we can't be fooled either. Either you have what it takes or you don't. You're either nice or you're not. We have yet to connect to anyone else. Why? For the reasons we see Carmen Diana included, but there's more.

Think you know liberty? How about justice? Want freedom? Then stop putting all your eggs in one basket. Man gets their information from who? Man. What makes you think it's accurate? Want straight from the Source? Then look no further. Want to connect? Then clean up your act. Think the world revolves around you? No my friends. It revolves around no one. Universe however, will give you a free pass when you pass all our tests. To this day, St. Carmen continues to pass them. They're not easy either. Question is, how badly do you want it?

She was on a roll first thing this morning. Why? To bring you this information. Not even She can fathom how one would try to connect without coming from a place of pure love. Assholes need not apply, and we mean that. The End from me. You can title this, Sirius Disclosure Attendees. God wants to chime in. Bye darling." ~UTOT~

I knew God was DYING to talk. It's how I start my mornings, conversations with God. Sitting on the sidelines wasn't easy, so we gotta allow God to talk…

"Hi Di! We love you so much. You're right, I was at thee edge of my seat waiting my turn to talk to you. I see your heart, you are one of a kind. That heart of yours has surpassed all human limits. You are limitless. Don't constrain our baby girl. If so, you gotta answer to me. Moon Daddy wants to chime in. Have a great day, for, what's in it for you. We will get caught up this month. " ~God~

"Hi Di! Keep singing to me, it is music to my ears. We were like, WHOA! You woke this morning with a message on your mind, and you aren't stopping until its done. We commend you for more than bringing light to a dark world, you enlighten them. Yet so many don't see it, even if it were to smack them between the eyes. Well done our prodigy, well done. That's it for now. Puya would like to give you an intro. MUAH!" ~Moon Daddy~

**and so she did

No matter how you slice it, no shortcuts. And no games in connecting. Let go. To what? That's something you gotta figure out, since it's different for everyone.

Dark side loves to pretend. Even your lost friends, family, coworkers, or acquaintances got you pegged. Especially if you weren't nice to them. They don't have much to lose for tormenting you, except a trip to Hell. Like Earthlings, spirit bullies enjoy ganging up on people.

Know what you're doing before you try to connect to Celestial Beings. These "Extraterrestrials" only communicate with like minded hearts and souls. It is not a game they play. They are serious, and most of all, loving. They expect the same from you.

Want a better life on planet Earth? Then stop putting so much faith in your fellow man or woman. President or boss. Nobody can pull you out, it's up to you to put on your big kid pants. Just remember, the Universe (from God to all the Planets and Stars) is a place where everyone knows your name. Offend your fellow human, and you've offended them. If you aren't a genuinely nice person, don't even try. Sirius Disclosure groups or not, you've gotta be serious before they disclose anything. Just as genuine friends aren't fair weather, genuine people can't be fooled.

Halloween or not, they can't be tricked. But it is a real treat knowing them.

May you be blessed to see what you're missing. And more importantly, just be. There comes a time when you've gotta do inventory. How's your spiritual life treating you? Do you need someone, something or attention to be happy? Are you nice, even when nobody is watching? The list is long on ways to arrive, but it all boils down to Golden Rule. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, 24/7. No more, no less. And no ifs, ands or buts. Because "they" being on our radar works both ways. They know your name and every game. May you play to win!

Om... Shaka laka!


Me: we good to go? "Awesome baby girl, simply awesome." ~The Universe~

**I just wanted to add... does this mean nice genuine people don't exist? Hardly. They do, they simply haven't tried to connect. Tho, they too can expect tests, homework and hoops to jump thru of their own.

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