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SINister To Say The Least

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

From Northern California wildfires to the devastating ones in Maui, and pollution of waterways throughout, what is happening to our planet is sinister to say the least.

very laser beam looking

Sinister control knows no boundaries. From both Haiti and Hurricane Katrina man made disasters to blaming climate change. All our done as a form of population control. Same with the PLANdemic, and now Maui. What do these and the near 100,000 children crossing the border have in common? They are missing. Question is, are they truly missing? Trafficked? Or dead?

When will they stop? Poisoning of our food, and killing of animals, topped with shrinkflation too are not enough. Send in good ol' laser beams to do the trick. Whether it was due to laser beams, untrimmed trees, or exploding transformers, does not matter. I believe it is all three.

Yesterday was a great sampling of ten days of darkness where I live. And while I do have my phone set to shut off from midnight to 5am, emergency calls only for a good twelve hours was felt by many. There's been talk of three to ten days of darkness. The length does not matter in our high tech world. No amount of smart devices will help during a blackout of any kind. And while I have not bought into anything "smart" other than phone and TV, I know what all are capable of, spying on us.

It is time to get comfortable without technology and the conveniences of life. It will make down time easier. Six months solo on a mountain taught me much. Cell phone and internet outage yesterday was a nice wake up, even for me. I decided to send my HAM radio call sign to a select few, knowing none have a license. Nonetheless, I did in the event of an emergency knowing someone somewhere will have access. Sadly, I was ignored by two, others said nothing, and one "tried" taking Ham test. Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. Ignorance remains bliss for many.

If Hawaii and Northern California (among other places can be attacked), who's next? Truth is hidden in plain site. These direct energy weapons (DEW) are very real. Worse are the police "following orders" to not allow cars through. Local after local are telling the truth, To the police holding cars back, wouldn't losing your job be better than having hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of deaths on your soul? $!CKENING and sinister. I mean look at the many who took the shot in fear of losing their jobs. Health over wealth will always win in the end. May the Maui attack wake every single person up once and for all. It's quite obvious. Kids told to stay home. No sirens. Water cut off four hours prior, power kept on, and no one allowed out. And while I do believe water to be sacred, no one owns it. Even worse, how can an island run out of water when they are surrounded by it. If there's a will, there is always a way.

Not even supplies were allowed in. That from companies we are supposed to trust? This is why all donations should be sent to locals, not government or federal agencies like Red Cross or FEMA.

Maui Burst - Mtn D.E.W.

Pain and silence have a way of getting our attention. If not, that 2nd link above should. In answering a question on digital detox not too long ago, it is something every single person should consider trying. It is great for the soul, even better for productivity, but more importantly teaches you how to survive without it. Bare minimum, consider a CB radio or long range walkie talkies. Satellite phones remain high priced on service, tho I'm sure not for long.

I do know, had it not been for my multiple dis-abilities due to birth defect, I would be offgrid surrounded by my food forest by now. I have not lost all hope because I know that soon much be revealed, making life better for those left standing.

Till then, I leave you with a few snapshots from the link above. If real news is what you want, start with a search engine like Duckduckgo or alternative news sites. Don't be taken by surprise because lately, not even natural disasters are natural. Hawaii wasn't green enough for some, so it and so many are what seem a testing ground. For what? A smart city? A land grab, with Oprah being investigated? I find it very sad that many native Hawaiians have been priced out of their paradise. Yet celebrities living there remain standing. Where does it end?

Blessings to all those affected. Those responsible will pay. "Climate change," my ARSE! I do believe the upside to this will be the many souls that will awaken. I also know that those who die end up the lucky ones. However, no one had a right to take their lives. I cannot imagine burning to death in or out of a car.

May all be blessed to show God what you're made of, whomever your god may be. Meaning, it is not what happens to us that matter, but how we respond that get us on their radar. Two wrongs will never make a right. My heart and soul ache for all left behind. Whatever you do, resist the urge to react.

Timeline of the Universe may not be the same as ours, but with patience you will be blessed. One example? In 2008 I got custody of four nieces and nephews (ages 1, 5, 8, & 10) for a year. It was literally harder than seven years concrete construction in Arizona heat. I'll never forget someone telling me, "you will be blessed." Only now, am I seeing light at the end of my journey's tunnel. No worries however, you will not have to wait that long. Help of Biblical proportion is on the way. As I see God give me a thumbs up.

Peace, love and hugs to all,


magnetic vaccines

7 trumpets, aka EBS system

10 days of darkness

peace and prosperity

quantum internet

backup food and supplies, and Starlink

out with the old currency

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