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Shroud of Torin - God or Jesus?

Many have seen what they believe to be the outline of Jesus in the liniment that covered him. What many now refer to as the Shroud of Torin. But is it really Jesus? I for one do not think it is, I believe it is his father God. While most use those names interchangeably, I don’t believe them to be the same person. Here’s why…

Jesus died at 33, God was over three hundred years of age. Jesus may be a spitting image of God, but he is not as tall or muscular as God. That image looks like someone taller and much older than Jesus.

There are many who take every word of the Bible to be 100% true. Not me, especially since it has been rewritten many times. The fact that the book of Enoch was removed should raise a red flag.

While I don’t claim to know all, I do know that was not Jesus who was crucified. It was God. In the beginning of my Mediumship, I thought they were one then I realized no. Next, I thought God died then Jesus rose in his place, but I don’t think that is true either.

There are some who believe there are two of Jesus. I know there’s more than one of me because we both tend to answer God at the same time. Except I call him father or padre and my twin soul calls him dad. It is the soul that left my body as a child, I’m told. Are God and Jesus also twin souls? I don’t think so, but instead I believe them to be father and son. With God being quite the drama queen with nonstop charades, and Jesus ever so humbly waiting his turn.

I will say, comedy runs in the family. Mother Mary is also a hoot. Tiny lil thang, yet oh so mightily adorable. I do God-ahh be careful what I say and do, padre/God has a way of enrolling many in his Bully Boot Camp. Mother Mary included. As far fetched as this may all seem, it is true. They are all so much fun! Besides, I did not connect by telling tall tales or lying. Plus, everything I do write gets a yay or nay before I post. On certain topics, I more than quadruple check, with this post given their confirmation.

What are your thoughts on God and Jesus? I’d love to know. Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two. Only when we share can we put the missing pieces of the puzzle together on where and from who are our origins. Bright side of Universe confirms and shares much, but they also force me to spread my wings to connect the dots, which I have being doing since dying in 2015.

May you be blessed to know, help and/or share your thoughts,


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