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Seeing From Both Sides, Now

I love it when God gives me songs. Woke this morning to, Both Sides, Now by Joni Mitchell. Having gone thru wormholes, seen the dome open, and like many who’ve flown, been on the other side of clouds, and while quite magical, nothing compares to my relationship with God, Mother Mary, Jesus and others on the bright side of the Universe.

That song seems very fitting from how far I’ve come to where I feel they’re taking me. It’s been a long journey of what feels like mostly downs and empty promises. What I need to always remind myself of is, their timeline is different. Only twice has God given me predictions that happened that day. One was, so and so hurt themself. Sure enough, this person text me a photo of a rather serious burn shortly after. From hot coffee mind you. The other prediction even worse. So and so is going to kill themself. Again, it happened. That night they shot themself. Worst of all, I saw it just before dark spirits tried tormenting me. Reason being, that person was supposed to be an integral part of my life. Growing pains got to them.

Speaking of growing pains. I was given the nickname TOTU, which stands for “to our temple university.” A name given to me by Grandmother Moon. With her name being the reverse, UTOT. I’ve discovered many Celestial Being names are four letters only. Like the first sweet soul that contacted me. Puya, the Pleiadian, along with Yuta, Wusa, and Tito.

Many more followed while others needed to be destroyed. They were not nice. Thank God I am no longer afraid and instead understand both sides, now.

Enjoy this beautiful song. May it inspire growth in you, especially in the area of freeing your soul and living in light over darkness. The latter is everywhere that most have come to see as the norm. Far from it. We need to call it for what it is, weakness, self hate and fear of stepping out of their cookie cutter comfort mold.

For those, it seems difficult to be happy for others or just be nice to people for no reason. And I don’t mean nice in the eyes of earthly people, but God’s true definition of nice. That to include a person emitting love, light, laughter, health, healing, happiness and help for all the right reasons. That without any regard to what they look like or how much money they make. Which sadly has also become the litmus test for most of humanity and is only getting worse.

Not to worry! My dear padre, God will be returning soon to set planet earth straight once and for all. The light will become the majority. Hallelujah! I long for that day because mean people get tiring. I have actually begun praying for a day of nothing but niceness. While not 100% yet, getting closer. Why? I stopped taking $#!T from all. Even if it means being alone and oftentimes lonely. I will take that any day over disrespect. It is what happens when you’ve been on both sides, now.

Cheers to the revealing of what’s to come!


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