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Schizophrenia In A Nutshell

Think you know Schizophrenia? Since connecting beyond what I knew possible, I've come to realize Schizophrenia is just another label that affects many, including their circle of friends and family. A cruel diagnosis for a spiritual matter, made worse by accepting it.

It is time for schizophrenia to be noted as a spiritual matter. No amount of medication will "fix" them. There is nothing to be corrected. The only correction is in your head. 'Your,' meaning doctors. Schizophrenia in a nutshell is not to say they are crazy, far from it. They are in a sense, possessed, but in all actuality, we all are at one time or another.

How so? Do you find yourself being mean to people for no reason or someone you may not even know? That there is the dark energies having their way with you. They love tormenting people. Show fear and they love you even more. Like Bruce Almighty, the voices sometimes don't stop. You can see things that others don't. Does it make you crazy? NOPE. It means you're connected. Like a child with their "make believe" friends. Not all are make believe, children see a lot of what most adults don't, but only to a certain age.

"Schizophrenia, thanks to the FDA will forever be money in their pocket. The nonsense can end if you really want it to. It is a matter of letting them know who is boss. Them, as in the dark side, or me, UTOT Creator of the magnificent Universe? We all talk, but seldom do you listen to the light, which makes it easier to be beaten up by your own thoughts. Problem is, they are not all yours, and that's where the problem lies. Until you can decipher who's saying what, doctors will continue to medicate instead of educate.

It takes a strong individual to beat their odds, but the first step is breaking away from the chains that bind you. We know you can do it, it's time you start believing it yourself. We rest our case. In God we trust. Amen." ~UTOT, Creator of the Universe~

It wasn’t until I connected that I discovered our thoughts are like a bubble with words over our head, they hear e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. "They" being God, The Universe and spirit world (good or bad). And just as they hear your thoughts, you can hear theirs, as in any number of sources. The not-so-nice spirits don’t stop there, they enjoy using you as their puppet. Have you ever wondered where thee old you went at times? They can make your life a living Hell to the point of yes, being diagnosed with Schizophrenia or having Bipolar Disorder.

However, if you are the "glass is half full" type of person, first of all, you wouldn’t run to the doctors. You would instead consider yourself blessed and ahead of the game. Already connected. Your only job now is to decipher who's thoughts are whose, then learn how to get rid of the bad ones once and for all. You need to show them you will not be intimidated, frightened, or back down from working with God and the Universe. Done enough, they will leave you alone. In the meantime, go on your merry way to becoming the new and improved you. A journey that includes Heaven on Earth.

The current three waves of Ascension can be blamed for much chaos on planet Earth, but only if you let it. Any dis-ease, big or small is your wake up call. Your “check engine” warning light telling you a major tune-up is in order. If thoughts continue to get the best of you, don’t let them rain on your parade. **Ascension link above gives example on rewards that await you. Meanwhile, here's a link to a guy that bailed on what could have been the greatest adventure of his life, ASCENSION.

Like giving your body a deep down detox, many jump in without enough Know How. Then abandon it, thinking they are getting worse. When in reality, those hellacious symptoms are part of the process. Ascension can feel the same. There’s no way around it, other than get past what hasn’t served your highest purpose. Garbage in, garbage out. Mind, body and soul are no different. Respect for one and thee others reciprocate—body, mind and spirit will make you proud, when you do them. It is what God intended.

No matter the ailment or dis-ease, your diet will help. Your FARMacy not the pHARMacy. The last thing a sick and/or ascending body need is their poi$on. Also beware, Ascension can include rage. That feeling like you’ve lost your mind can be part of Ascension/getting connected. Debilitating headaches aside, that can be one of the worst parts (of many). Whether Ascension/Awakening or detox, you can expect signs, symptoms, discomfort and benefits, all that will vary from person to person.

By now you know, waking up to your God given self may include you being labeled, for none other than to put money in their pocket, and/or give them a false sense of ego. Should any of this ring a bell, you may want to wait before ringing theirs. They may just be a phone call away, but that could very well have you put away. Seems Kanye West got a taste of what it feels like to be connected (and share publicly). Who doesn't hear thoughts or remember a person's voice (in their head). Takes a confident person to admit it.

"According to the new issue of Life & Style magazine, Kanye West told doctors and medical staff that he was a “starseed” sent on a mission to help Earth.

“When he first went to the psych ward, he was hearing voices,” notes an insider."

How dare they! Tho perhaps this may be a blessing in disguise, with he in the public eye. Everyone has thoughts. Tho these days it seems the dark ones are more widely accepted. But a psych ward?!

Meanwhile, anyone teaching the word of God can and should step forth to shed light on any and all spiritual matters, diagnosed or not. Have they or will they, and if not, why not? Either they (and physicians) don't get it, or don't care to get to the heart and soul of any matter. Also, to say you are a Starseed simply means where you reincarnated from (long story short). Until western medicine understand the spirit side of health, they too can become Puppeteers and legal drug dealers. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved ones. With understanding comes evolution. We are here to learn, even if that means from a “crazy” person, we are all children of the Universe. May you be blessed with knowing the ins and outs of Awakening during these three waves of Ascension. Better late than never.

As for thoughts, just as sadness can lead to depression, yours can get the best of you. Think bullies and hate crimes on Earth are bad? Dark side of spirit world makes them look like angels. They are masters of tormenting. Especially if you've rubbed them the wrong way. Or anyone in their circle of friends or family (pre-afterlife). When that happens, they multiply quickly. There are other ways these mean souls can get to you however. Have you dabbled in spirit world of any sort (Ouiji board, Wickens, etc)? Those too can open the door to the dark side, if you don't know what you are doing.

If connecting with God and the Universe are what you want, start by being a good person. Next, always ask for the bright side to reveal themselves. And whatever you do, don't show up at their podium medicated, high or drunk. You are a target for the dark side. Does the liquor store tagline, "beer, wine & spirits" ring a bell? Next, when you do connect check in regularly. Interception happens. There are many giving messages on what's to come for planet Earth. Just know, not all is channeled from the light. Also know, on a good day, they (dark souls) may go to great lengths pretending to be God. That's the time to nip it in the butt. Stop them before they stop you.

And finally, why this post? In meeting someone recently and hearing of his past, he shared a scary incident of what happened without medication. One that included knives. That confirmed what I knew to be true. Schizophrenia is the dark side coming thru. In wanting these diagnoses to stop, God shared this...

"Once upon a time there was a guy named ----. A young boy who's connection to the Universe brought out the dark side. Sadly he was not able to shut the door on them. Their multiplying drove him mad, to the point of no return, according to doctors.

There are too many labeled Schizophrenia and Bipolar when all they really are is plugged in. Had Carmen not deciphered the dark from the light from her own thoughts, doctors would have had a field day medicating her. Instead she has connected beyond anyone's wildest dreams. So much so, she knows she was but a split second from going overboard into the deep dark abyss. For ---- that did happen.

There will be more diagnosed with one thing or another, for what? To prove yourself a loon? Lunatics are those who gave in to every system known to man. Life was not meant to be lived in a box. But you know something? That's what the majority of planet Earth does. They go on pretending to be somebody they are not. Why? To win a popularity contest? To drive themselves more mad? Life was not meant to be played. You can have fun, but you owe it to yourself to find out who you are. Take the time to take yourself serious, even if that means going it alone. Distractions and interceptions are a good sign you are on the right track. The dark side can only win if you let them.

When was the last time you meant what you said? For most, they are too busy appeasing people that they lose track of who they are. Then there are those whose entire persona thrives on self centeredness. Don't think we don't know what goes on between your ears?

Schizophrenia is a made up word. And "bipolar," what's that? How dare you label my children. If Schizophrenia has a hold on you, consider yourself blessed. Your only job now is to kick it to the curb. The saying, "the devil made me do it" is true. Still, a very poor excuse for any child of mine. Wait till you hear what has happened during the writing of The Book of Truth. We ourselves still have a difficult time believing. That's it for now. Schizophrenia has taken the life of too many. It needs to stop, but it starts with you.

When the New Earth is set into motion, those of you practicing thee art of deception will perish first. Those with unforgiving hearts need not apply. Those whose maker starts and stops with themselves, I pity your soul. Those who thought they never stood a chance, come see me. When your world as you know it comes crumbling down, don't say we didn't warn you. That's all for now. Please title this, Schizophrenia In A Nutshell. Thank you Di." ~God your Father in Heaven~

AMEN to the dark side only winning if you let them. I do want to say, a crumbling life is meant to be rebuilt. Schizophrenia is a hoax to sell pHARMaceuticals. Bipolar, perhaps, just another name for it. Either way, should those include voices, they're very much real. Just know, you can put them in their place, and do so fearlessly.

One analogy I can give is... some live in the virtual reality of killing people in video games. The dark side has their own game. Except, you are their target. And you don't die in an instant. A slow tormenting murder is more their style. One that can include driving you crazy, and/or to the point of ending the torture yourself. Thee afterlife is very real. They can also die again, never to return. Such has been the case of many I've spoken with in Heaven. They were scared to death. Schizophrenia can do the same.

If you know anyone that hasn't quite mastered thee art of Spiritualism due to hearing voices or even seeing things, including spiders and snakes, please don't ignore them. They'd be crazy to make that stuff up. Like you, they are children of the Universe/God. Only difference is, they're connected and you're not. They also haven't quite figured out how to navigate spirit world. Earth or spirit bound, bullies exist. If they see you afraid and helpless, more reason to bully you. For them, it is fun. For you, you may begin to believe whatever name doctors have given it. Best thing you can do is eat real food. Here's why, one, to balance out any potential chemical imbalance. And two, to rule out the effects man made chemical laden foods can have on you and your nervous system. Just know, it doesn't end with Schizophrenia. Mood swings can also be caused by your diet, with MSG (Mood Swings Galore/monosodium glutamate) and Aspartame topping the list of excititoxins. Like crack cocaine, they can excite your brain to death. Topped with "schizophrenia?" Bad combination, but one you have control over. A hand that bites, serves up life, or dig your grave?

Don't believe everything doctors tell you, thee only thing written in stone was from our Celestial Beings, or what the History channel refers to as "Ancient Aliens." You are not a number, refuse to be treated like one.

May you be blessed to connect, and have the power to deflect what doesn't serve your highest purpose. Don't let your growing pains get the best of you. Like a diamond in the rough, why settle for cubic zirconia? Go the distance. Only then can you see what you are made of, and for. As God ends with, "choice matters."

In spirit, with love,


Me: good to go—got your approval? "WOW Di, do you ever! Thank you. May the truth set them free. Amen and Amen.” ~The Universe~ **yesterday was an entire day of all my technology being intercepted. What does that tell you? Their secret is out?

"She's right boys and girls, and never gives up." ~God~

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