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Scent of A Woman - Menopause and Deodorant

Sweat happens, odor is a choice. If a connection with God and/or lost loved ones are what you want, it can be as easily as gettng right with yourself. Which includes, eating many of your favorite foods, provided they are real. When it comes to the law of attraction, a little self-respect goes a long way. Once awakened, you become scentative to much, and less becomes more. Which is why, we must then imagine how all our Higher Ups feel. If they see you putting in the necessary work, spiritual awakening can include DNA upgrades. When that happens, detox and constant inventory of an impeccable diet will become your saving grace, on any and all symptoms and side effects. Decades of work on myself are partly why I was chosen for what I have been given today. However, detox mentoring will always be a part of my life, as is, learning all I can when it comes to body friendly products. Which is why I am happy to bring you an update to this article that was originally posted on my former site, Detox Mentor. Only this time, research has been done for us. Thanks to Out of one hundred fifty-five brands of deodorant, six made the grade. And aside from the Paleo one, all seem worthy of trying.

“I saw that you mention some really fantastic natural beauty resources on your site and I just had to reach out. I work for and we recently published a comprehensive guide to natural deodorant I thought you might really find helpful!

So many deodorants on the market have unnecessary and harmful ingredients. We outline which ones are cruelty-free, safe to use, and still effective:

I have recently become a big fan of natural beauty so I really loved seeing all your recommendations, I think our research would complement your site really nicely! Would you consider mentioning our work as an additional resource for your readers?” ~Liz~

And so it is! With the following post being what she was referring to. Only now, not only am I past all symptoms, little did I know many over lap those of spiritual awakening. YAY was all I could say. May the Source be with you to see the good, the bad, and the ugly as a potential blessing.

Posted February 2013 As I approach the half century mark, the time has come. And although I welcome "the change" into menopause, I do long for it to be over. In seeing my mother go through it and reading an excellent book by Christiane Northurp, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (a 960-page, rather quick read) on the changes girls and women go through, I've known what to expect. I had also come across a list of 34 possible signs, symptoms, or side effects, some of which I do not remember listed in that book, but... some that I happen to have, and never expected to be peri/menopausal related. Thankfully I don't have nearly half the symptoms, but what I do have, may they go away just as quickly as they came on.

What exactly does deodorant have to do with peri/menopause? This list (link above) includes a change in body odor. Since my diet is better than most, not only do I not suffer from hot flashes, I have not needed to use deodorant for more than a decade. The last time I did buy a leading brand, it lasted over a year - I threw it away since it fell apart (and I became keen and clean). Prior to reading that list of 34 side effects, I thought... hmmmm, I must be going through another layer of detox because there was a change in bodily scent. Well, little did I know that scent may actually be hormone related. And... lucky for me, I had already experimented with natural deodorants for those "just in case" special event moments. Thus, discovering how to avoid unpleasant scents naturally.

Deodorize Without Deodorant With or without changes in bodily scent, deodorant or perfume for that matter, are not the answer - they are a quick fix that can wreak havoc on your health. You are smothering your lymph nodes. Faulty diet and environmental toxins are harmful enough, we do not need to slow our lymph fluid down further by daily application of chemicals.

To avoid negative scents and health hazardous chemicals, I have found these DIY alternatives work just as well:

  • apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg's) - I've read to dilute with water and apply 2 minutes before shower, but I prefer to rub on after shower. It can be used full strength, just know it could sting after shaving.

  • lime juice works very well - I squeeze juice into my water bottle then rub a squeezed half under arm. This is my current favorite with limes in season.

  • coconut oil (raw, organic) is anti-viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic - it is wonderful post shower, but must be rubbed in completely to avoid staining clothes. Also know, could cause hair to grow.

  • others I've tried are baking soda or corn starch rubbed into damp skin, and a himalayan salt rock.

What I may try come summertime is coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil. I've used it as a moisturizer and LOVE the smell.

Fast forward to today, and HELLO-oh menopause! Whatever you do, don't mask what needs to come out. And finally. Know. Horses sweat and men perspire, but women will always glow.

"I smell of sweat. I don't like people smelling of all these weird things. I think deodorant is disgusting." ~Rupert Everett~

Cheers and well wishes,


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