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Save Your Soul

"Think you know alcohol? Think again. In the words of a very wise Saint, spirits attach themselves to alcohol infused bodies. Something she learned a decade ago when paying $1000 to rid her grandmothers home of spirits. Not evil spirits per se, but spirits nonetheless.

There's a reason Liqour stores often display, "beer, wine & spirits." On yesterday's trek thru Georgia, where our Saint is at, she saw a liquor store sign that read, "good spirits," which is what prompted her to ask if this spirit and alcohol thing were true. To which I replied, "yes." Why might you ask? Legend has it that spirits prey on weak souls. Well guess what alcohol does? (Tho, it doesn't stop with your soul). Your entire immune system is weakened. And what does the dark side enjoy more than a weak soul? You guessed it, a weak body.

Knowing this, we will be DAMNED if those of you that partake on a regular basis don't quit. If you think this doesn't apply to you, may you be blessed. Because a rude awakening may be around the corner.

You think you can go on sipping that spirit filled juice? The one that acts like a magnet to the dark side. That can very well, leave you a different person? You see, when some souls attach themselves, they invade your privacy to the point of you, wanting to switch genders. That being one of several examples.

Then there's others who wake speaking another language. As our Saint shake her head in confirmation of what that wise woman told her. Let us end by saying, if not for your soul, do it for your body. Because, unless we are mistaken, you only get one this time around. Not all will be as lucky as Saint Carmen. To have a team of experts work on her as she sleep and rest. She feels it when we begin, but has yet to realize the extent of "work" that is being done on her.

From her structure to every piece of food and drink she ingest. We decide where it goes. And for that, she remains afloat of worsening symptoms. We are happy she took us serious from the get go. It's not like she was a drinker. But wine did help relax her, but not help her sleep. And beer took thee edge off her pain, but again, that was few and far between. We are lucky our Saint had no interest in alcohol other than for pain relief.

We are happy to say her medicine in the form of medical marijuana, is thee only pain medicine she needs. Four months and counting on no alcohol, and just shy of 3 weeks, with what she calls "ganja."

It makes us proud to have our Saint embrace our every request. Including the ganja one. Call it what you will because she's not stopping any time soon. And to say it sure beats alcohol, would be incorrect. Why? Because alcohol destroys your brain cells, ferments your body to the point of putrefaction, and leaves you a babbling idiot.

Unless you're the type that fight or cry. Even more pathetic. We are happy Saint Carmen was none of thee above. Because her 1 -2 drinks were hardly enough. Not even her once in a blue moon Grey Goose martini could do the damage we're talking about.

This doesn't mean you can go on drinking one drink a day or a few on the weekends, and not expect souls to attach themselves. Quite the contrary. You get what you give. You give your body poison and you can expect your soul to be poisoned. And your body to follow suit.

This is no joke and it's something even Liqour stores have known since the beginning of time. So if you think you can outsmart my/God's creation, think again. For thee only person you'll be fooling is yourself.

Before closing, this is God. I just want to do a quick intro on a few of Saint Carmen's guides that gave their two cents on this post. Her Tia Belen is her grandmother Angie's sister. Next is Tia Josie, Tia Belen's sister-in-law (and our Saint's Aunt). Then there's Helen, Saint Carmen's ex mother-in-law, turned friend.

And finally, on guides you have yet to meet. Thee one and only, John F. Kennedy Jr. The man Saint Carmen tease for the SWAG he exude. A man who, by his very nature wreaks thee epitome of impeccable style, grace and passion.

A passion for keeping an eye on our Saint when she's not making us all laugh. Why you might ask? Because, not only does he adore her, he knows high level security. As do 2 of her other guides she has yet to introduce. So, with or without a bodyguard, they've got her covered.

I just want to add, he's also part of her "fashion police" she's come to love. Obviously we can go on, but that'll be an entirely separate post. That good Carmen?"

Me: yes **as God fade.

Post and title contributors ... ~God, mom, Tia Belen, Tia Josie, Helen, Kate, JFK Jr and Hulda Clark~

God's, "that good?" In reference to me saying I hadn't introduced several of the guides. And, as much as I wanted to snap a pic of that "good spirits" sign or any liquor store marquee that says, "spirits." Not easy from the freeways. However, may this post help you now put two and two together.

Because, even if you become a funny happy drunk. Doesn't matter. Keep fermenting your body and it'll begin to produce its own alcohol. Which is why Hulda Clark is adamant in staying away from it. And that includes different types of alcohol, as told in many of her books.

Bottom line on much? External stimulation of any form (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping) cannot buy happiness. They may numb the pain temporarily, but with it come lasting effects. As God and my Guides have shared.

May you all be blessed to entertain your spirit, and not your taste buds. And/or ot rely on a bit of the wrong ooomph for fun.

Peace and well wishes all ways...


Me: how's that? Them: great! We lusm (love you so much And I them!

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