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From my mom in Heaven...

"When somebody says, they get it. Do they really? People are all talk unless it involves them. Yes it can go both ways. Mean what you say and say what you mean. A phrase my daughter uses to describe integrity.

Go with the masses or set the pavers yourself. God did not intend for anyone to be fearful of thee unknown. Where would you be if fear held everyone back? You would not have a cell phone to use, a match to burn your candle, or a car to drive. Even Kentucky Fried Chicken's founder failed miserably. Did he give up? No. And look who's still reaping what he sowed?

You do not gain wisdom in being ordinary. You get it thru trial and error. To say you've arrived only means you don't know where you're going yet. For it is in believing that you will arrive. Arrive at what some ask. Well, I'm here to tell you.

Since when does spiritual mean psycho? Never in God's eyes. I regret calling my daughter a Holy Roller when she invited me to her church. I regret treating my one son like his shit didn't stink. Yes I said that, and I'm gonna say this. I regret giving up. My daughter said and did all she could to keep me and others up here alive, only we didn't take her serious. Turns out, not too many do. Do I regret being the "norm?" I do now.

Not to quote the bible, since we know it needs to be rewritten. But, nowhere in the bible was talking to God a crime. Nowhere in the bible was using plants as medicine a sin. And nowhere in the bible was anyone judged for for doing what was asked of them. My daughter posts what we tell her to, and it's not everything she likes. Including this. But it has come to our attention, the closer she gets to us, the farther others move away. Mija I'm crying. I need a break.

While I did not know what today's post would be about, I am thankful for the messages I get. Even when they come in the form of a song. Like the one that popped in my HEAD this morning, Another One Bites The Dust. Seems certain posts have some dropping like flies. Yet, no integrity to speak the truth as to why. Is it because I've been gifted to talk to God? Or the medication I choose to take? Prescribed by the one who created me (God)?

There are many reasons why some flee like a bat out of Hell. I mean, judge.

  1. Low self-esteem

  2. Some believe I might read them

  3. Most believe I've lost it.

Yet, people pick and choose what they want to believe. Astrology, horoscopes or psychics.

**as I continue to check in...

Me: are you okay mom? Mom: no

She, God and all see and hear things we don't. If you were connected, they'd tell you about it. Today's one of those days for my mom. They are often like... WTH happened to planet earth?!

**hours and several check-in's later Me: you ready now mom? Mom: yes, we gotta do while your Matcha is in you. Now, where were we? Ahh yes.

**they LOVE my brain Matcha

To all those that live with regret, now's the time to change the course of history. How you ask?

Right every wrong. You can do that by asking God for forgiveness. You don't need a church or a Priest to do this. All you need is you and God. God hears every word you say and thought you think. God also knows where you've sold your soul.

If you could change a past mistake, what would it be? Is there a class you've been wanting to take? By all means, take it! Wanting to lose those extra 10 pounds? Then why don't you? Think your doctor knows better than you? Try going without one. Only then will you know if what they say is true. To look you in the eye, and not give a DAMN is not a license to practice medicine.

My daughter had the decency to look me in thee eye and tell me that what they were giving me was poison. I respect her for that. There are people alive because of her, I am not one of them. Then there are those whose life she prolonged, until they stopped doing what they should have done all along. Then, there are those who did and continue to do. And they aren't only alive, they thrive.

My daughter always checks in when she's channeling. Why? Because she doesn't want Lucifer or her thoughts to enter the picture. Very wise, considering many who channel don't. It doesn't take much for the dark side to enter. It's also easy to confuse her thoughts with ours, but that's why she "edits" everything she channels. We always correct where she may be wrong, which isn't very often. As she asks, "this is still you?"

Yes Mija it is. There is so much I've wanted to say to everyone. Good and bad, but I'll leave that for a private post. And I will go down the list, starting with Mike. Just as we don't leave a single stone unturned for you, it is time they hear what I have to say. Yes, you bought me that beautiful journal to write to all 7 of you. Only, I was afraid. Then I got too weak.

For all those that are alive and well. Say what you've got to say. I knew I was dying. Some don't and many won't even see it coming. My daughter knows what lies ahead for some, and it's not all nice. You win some, you lose some. And some get tossed in the shuffle. However your card may fall, you can play an honest game. Because what you reap now you sow for eternity.

Life was not meant to be played with your head in the sand, eyes shut or mouth closed. Play it like you mean it or get out of the game. Yes I said that too. And yes, I'm almost angry. But that wouldn't do me any good, would it? Well, it works both ways. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Golden Rule was not meant to be broken. Judge, lest you be judged.

Nowhere in history does, do unto others mean to harm them. And if I have to spell it out, then here it is. Treat everyone you meet with the same respect you would, let's see... Your dog. Or on a good day, your spouse. Make everyday Valentine's Day or a special occasion. Whatever it takes to look and feel good. Then, see the same in everyone you meet.

Life goes on and then you die. Yes, it's me talking, Saint Carmen's mom. To each their own name. Yes, she goes by a lot of names. Yes, she did not like going by that one, or her Ascended Master one, but, she does what we tell her. And for that, we have much respect for her. Almost as much as she has for herself. As crazy or boastful as it sounds, she does. And we commend her for that.

How she got here wasn't easy. How she's handling it, even harder to do. But she masters every test we give her. Even thee unexpected ones. And there were too many to count. Tell them what you say Mija.

Me: it's not what happens to us, it's how we respond that matter. Mom: You think it's easy to channel? My daughter is heating up as she type this. But that's what happens to true Lightworkers. A not so pleasant side effect that has had her running for relief. How you ask? Any one of several ways.

  1. It feels like her head is on fire

  2. She can't sit still

  3. She begins to itch all over, and

  4. She begins to shed clothes, within reason. But that's where spraying herself with a mist of water comes in handy.

Soon she will be shaving her head. That will come in handy this summer. Yes Mija, soon. And you know who wants thee "honor" of taking you. But I know you don't want me to tell just yet.

That's all for now. I know it's not what you wanted but sometimes we've got to say what's on our mind too. God says it's good for us, now that we have a channel to do it. If it wasn't for you, thee only ones that would hear me is Ethan and ---. We won't pull the lid on that one yet. But I'm here to tell you, we are all so happy to have you channel for us.

Even Ronny is happy he got to talk to his wife. It's times like that when people who don't believe become believers. How else do you know the things we're going to say? That's right, you don't. Aside from Tupac, Teena Marie and Jenni Rivera, most of us do sound a lot alike. It blows us away when you see us and hear some of the accents. Good job Mija. I wouldn't believe it either. Soon others will.

That's it. I know you've got to get ready. We love you more than words could say. And if we had it our way, we'd be there with you. Well, maybe. Most days we love it up here. But then there are days we wish we could turn back the clock. For some, we'd do things differently. For others, they wouldn't change a thing. But for most, we'd right every wrong, ask for forgiveness and live knowing God really is watching. But I must go before I cry again. For title please use, Regret.

Me: anything else (after regret)? Mom: no. Amen and Amen. I love you.

Wow. I didn't realize regrets still kinda haunt them in Heaven. Which reminds me of one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs, If Tomorrow Never Comes. In the big picture, life is short. Question is, how are we gonna paint our canvas?

Interesting points my mom brought up. I know very well, my choice of medication has put yet another wedge between others (certain friends) and myself.

I'm proud to refer to God and my Guides as my Doctor. They also confirm the doctor within. Just as I wasn't afraid to write about living on the mountain to grow medicine for cancer, I don't hide that it helps my pain. Although, until I settle, I'm not able to take my medicine. Not even on an, "as needed "basis." It's a spirit energy thing.

Just as my mom had to speak her mind, I will too when it comes to my form of pain relief. What I find so interesting, yet COMICAL, is, what gives a person the right to judge? Forget friends don't let friends drive drunk (or fill in that blank). But, since when are people judged by the medication they take? Like... I can't be their friend because they take heart medication, insulin or even CHEMO. Are you SERIOUS?!

I don't mention as a pity party, HELL no! Just true colors shining thru.

FARMacy or pHARMacy? Forget that your body does not have the receptors for the chemicals your doctor prescribes. Mine does. Last thing I'm gonna be is somebody's guinea pig. It is in guesstimating that drug dealers hand out samples and prescribe. If anyone knows your body, it's God.

To persecute without reason is cause for persecution. So I'm told.

I refuse to put poison in my body. So, if that makes me a Stoner or drug addict. I'll take it over being a cookie cutter. Or, one in the growing herd of Sheeple. God gave me a brain. It is in using it, and my voice that I became their Medium.

In a perfect world, I'd be eating my medicine before bed. No different than a kid who eats a Gummie vitamin (only those ingredients can also be scary).

But, since I'm still mobile, I can't bake or make my raw truffles yet. So, I must smoke before bed (when environment allow).

How do I know my medication isn't poisonous? For starters, God prescribed it. It comes from Mother Earth, not a lab. And more importantly, my body recognizes it. Therefore, no need for anything else. How many doctors can say that?

Like probiotics or enzymes that can be taken to help boost those in your body, my Ganja does the same.

Ignorance is taking a drug without reading the fine print. Ignorance is putting poison in an already sick body. Ignorance is pointing a finger when there are 3 pointing back at you. And ignorance is judging something you've never tried (for the right reasons).

But... thee EPITOME, Humdinger, Bonehead Award of all ignorance? Trying to be somebody you're not. If you gotta put on a facade, you may as well be, or stay on drugs. Like body, mind & spirit. Integrity goes hand in hand with transparency and Golden Rule.

God, please help those who choose to believe a doctor knows better than you. Who take what a doctor says as written in stone. Who fail to do their homework on anything they ingest. And, who prefer being at the mercy of man.

7 days without prayer makes one weak. But to be preyed on, makes life bleak.

God did not create vaccines, man did. And it continues to be man that try to poison you further. From the food you eat, to the drugs they say you need, to the Chem Trails and brain destroying antennas that look like trees. You are a number. Like a cow with their number pierced on them before slaughter. They've got your number. And your time will be up.

But, unlike thee animals that die in a heartbeat, at the hand of the 2-legged. It is man who go on living a slow suicide.

I may not be for drugs. But I sure as HELL don't hold them against others. Or stop talking to those that use them. Self righteousness, apparently knows no boundaries.

Never in my life would I believe separation and prejudice would include healthcare (or being connected to the spirit world). But it does.

May you all be blessed to live free of regret and prejudice. And know without a doubt, the plan God has for your body, mind and spirit.


Me: by golly, I think I'm done! Okay to post? My GOODNESS Di, you had a lot to say. Me: is that you mom? No. It's all of us. You have our stamp of approval. We love you. Be careful driving tonight. That's it Mija.

That was last night. Had somewhere I had to be.

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