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Raise Your Standards

Authentic respect for others is only possible when you respect yourself. A journey that includes the high road.

"It’s okay for all of us to do what we do. It’s okay—All choices help you. But when you are rooted in the high road, you treat your body with kindness. You treat your heart with care. You treat your organs with mindful nurturing, attention and nutritionally relevant choices.” ~Matt Kahn~

**brother Matt, thee oh so cool and hilarious dude that “chose" me in a dream. (as written/channeled on About Page).

One of the quickest ways I’ve found to attain and maintain respect for myself is thru diet and detox. It’s also turned my belief in religion to the high world of spirit. While one can be riddled with guilt, “backsliding” and comfort zones, thee other is always taking inventory. On what is and isn’t working. Which has a trickle effect.

"And you treat others with exquisite respect no matter how they treat you because you know, their disrespect towards you is showing you how often they make choices to disrespect themselves." ~Matt Kahn~

I’ve so missed catching up on brother Matt’s wisdom. A high road worthy of effort on your part.

Yes, there’s such a thing as, "the devil made me do it." It’s the reason I check in on my channeling. Dark side pretends to be anyone and everyone North of planet earth (Heaven/Universe/Galaxy).

However, while some equate, “raise your standards” only to the world of dating or material goods. That can be part of equation, but it starts with you being yourself. Like brother Matt says...

"Spiritual ego has no poker face.”

YEP! In order to play the hand God has for your life, you need to leave the Jokers out of your deck.

May you be blessed to be true to yourself.


Me: would anyone like to chime in?

“We love it Di” Me: is this everyone? “Yes. There’s only one thing missing.” Me: yes, I’m all ears! “Where you wrote, "Heaven/Universe/Galaxy.” You can just leave it as, "the Heavens.” Me: would you like me to change it on this one or future? “Future posts” Me: cool! Will do!

**In channeling my grandfather, he mentioned how I prayed to all. He was right, and in doing so, I got all as my Guides. However, in being spiritually correct, it’ll be, “the Heaven’s” from now on.

Me: anything else? “No”

And so it is…

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