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Professor Will Lives On

Arkansas has done me well. Getting grounded yesterday. Barefoot by the lake, I am ready to channel, without holding onto my crutch/pendulum.

This next Guide is a man I knew for a mere 8 weeks. Before he and I had to leave. It was the beginning of a very cool farming class then. And here we begin now...

3-18-16 That is pretty amazing you found me William: yes. You are really a lot of fun. Me: can you imagine once I get my permanent, "get out of jail" card? 😁 William: we like watching you. You have the world record on Guides. Me: that's crazy cool! Did you hear me ask WHY aren't all watching Fluffy or Jim Carrey?

Anyhow, I'm honored. I find it really amazing, you remembered me. William: you stood out in my class. Me: it was gonna be a fun semester. I loved that group, or was it a club I joined. And the material you taught. As you know, I left for good reason. William: I liked your idea for kombucha. Me: not sure how long you've been up there, or watching me. But, when I make it again, I will toast you 😉 William: I've been here 12 years. Me: as long as my mom. WOW! You were gone shortly after I left. William: yes. We met shortly after. Me: so, have you been watching me since 2004? William: yes. You have come a long way in your teaching natural healing and disease prevention. Me: thank you. When I was there at ASU, I had to bite my tongue on what conventional nutrition/dietitians learn. William: yes. We get a kick out of watching you. Me: I probably laugh at myself as much as you all do me. William: you do. And that's what makes it funny. Me: not to change mood, but... What got you there? You didn't look sick. William: I was struck by a drunk driver. Me: your poor family. I can't imagine a sudden death. But I am happy you met the Angel I quit school for. William: my family is okay. Me: I'm glad to hear. Is there anything you want to say for your intro? Or messages you wanna give? William: yes. We are happy to have you channel for us. We are excited to see you get your blessing. Me: I'm happy and excited too. Just wish we were on same time line 😉 William: soon Me: that's what all keep telling me. Is there anything you want to share. Something you may have wished you'd done, and/or you see needs to be practiced. To help make the world a better place? And each a better person? William: yes. If only people would be more like you. Me: thank you William. It's a choice I made years ago. William: yes. You are really amazing. You are such a nice person. We are stumped on why so many are not respectful towards you. Me: beats me too! But I do look forward when you all find the reason. William: we will and it'll shock us all. -- doesn't understand either. Me: I was shocked to hear the names a certain public figure has for me. Of course, she's not alone, but that's a separate post. William: that was mean hearted of both. Me: As you can see, I'm at a loss for words. Other than, took ME by surprise. William: we are all appalled. It is uncalled for. Me: I for one, wouldn't like myself a whole lot. William: we see your heart and love what we see. Me: thank you. It's a darn good thing I'm strong, but I'm still human. William: yes. Anybody else might've tried to end their life. Me: what is so mind boggling, is I have less than anyone I know, or in their case, don't know. Yet, I'm happier. And I don't mean all the things money can buy. I dream of a kitchen, bathtub, real bed. Just simple pleasures and comfort. My freedom! William: yes. Freedom is a big one for you. Me: You can tell? 😉 William: we love seeing you get out of the truck and take a deep breath of fresh air. Me: thus my always asking for windows to be cracked. WHAT most take for granted has become a treat for me! William: yes. A lifesaving one. We enjoy having you channel for us. Me: my pleasure. Will be much easier off truck! William: you are really good without pendulum. Me: thank you. I can see I'm becoming more trusting of "the voices in my head." Give em' something to talk about😆 William: funny and true. Me: it'll be another post, but I HAD to stop taking notes on all the names I've been given. William: we are disgusted

Me: yeah. It's disturbing to just SEE them on my notepad. Can't imagine how you all feel HEARING them. William. Not good. We literally have to cover our ears. Me: well, I'm glad we can kinda sorta balance it out with laughing. I LOVE the name "our team" has been given. Dr. Gonzalez probably didn't expect it to be this big when he referred to you all that way. I'll be writing a post on the name and team. William: yes. You are good at bringing light to a dark world. Me: great way to put it, thank you. William: shall we finish tomorrow? Me: Thank you. You see the schedule we keep and accommodations. So yes. Need to see if these legs still know how to walk 😁 William: we lusm (love you so much) **as he fade Me: I love you all

3-19-16 Me: are you readyyyy? William: yes Me: thanks for this morning's message. William: you're welcome. It breaks our heart to see you in pain. Your remedy sounds like the best option right now. You need to see your osteopath. You will be off truck soon. We promise you that. Me: thank you. Chai tea's helping 😉 William: you never cease to amaze us with your attitude. Me: thanks again. It really does help. As does my diet. More sleep will be nice too. Thus the chai 😁 William: yes. You will be off soon. Me: nothing compared to mountain on weariness, but I DO look forward to it. William: yes. Make sure you rest between channeling.

4-6-16 Me: okay! We're caught up on quick edit of thee above. Long time no talk! How are you?! William: great! We love seeing how far you've come along. No pendulum--check you OUT! You're funny on asking about the punctuation. Me: just trying to convey all thee expressions , now that no more emoticons. According to God, I've gotten better at writing. Okay, please continue. Direct the conversation... William: that was amazing you saw, "you know who" cry.

**for readers, that being in reference to a Guide I began introducing this morning. This Guide needed a time out.

William: that chai tea doesn't agree with you. Me: you noticed. And I thought it was just yesterday's TWO cups. Hmmm... You think it's the brand? Too strong? The sweetener? William: or all thee above. Me: yeah, with my ever changing sensitivities. I'm gonna munch on some chia to soak it up. Thanks on the resounding yes from all.

Okay, back and feeling better!

William: you had us all laughing at what God was telling you. And you telling Theo. Okay, where were we? Me: no direction yet, other than thee amazement on what I see now. William: ahh, yes. Check YOU out, catching every little detail, with the, "ahh." In all seriousness, I will keep this short because I know you've got so much you want to write about and others to introduce. Could you be getting attacked? Me: I'm beginning to think so. May not be the tea after all. As God says, "maybe, maybe not." If I can channel that deep conversation while being under massive attack, this'll be a piece of cake. Let me just take a huge swig of my Crystal Light. William: we won't talk about that yet. God wants thee honors. Me: okay, cool! William: yes. I just want to say, we are so proud of you. To see this little girl from Simi Valley become a GIANT in the world of Mediums. We are all in awe of the power you've, not only stepped into, but embraced, taken, and ran with. Yes, I'm a bit emotional. We all are--that's how proud you make us.

Let me finish by saying, the world will become a better place because of you. They just don't know it yet. Well, some do. We just can't let THAT cat out of the bag yet. Very good on how you maneuver your cell, like you're on a computer. If readers only knew.

You don't call yourself a channeling machine for nothing. That you are! I'll say as God says, I will bid you farewell for now. It has been a real pleasure to chat with you. And as you know, we know you love us. Goodbye for now darling." ~William, her ASU Professor turned friend~

This dear friend, professor of a Guide is proof. We never know who our Guides will be. Let alone whose life we will leave a mark on.

It may have been an abrupt ending and goodbye when I packed up and left to care for my mom back in 2003. But, fast forward to today, I'm happy we've reunited. William, I might add, has been there from the get go with my mom. He just happened to wait nearly 12 years to tell me. Or... 3+ months into my Mediumhood to come thru. I'm just happy he did. Better late than never!

May you be blessed to touch the heart and soul of those whose path you cross.


Me: how's that William? William: very good my dear, now post it. Yes, we lusm (love you so much)

**while posting William chimed in with...

"I forgot to mention it. Robin Williams was spot on with why you're being persecuted. There, now you can post. And as you say, peace OUT!"

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