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Poor memory To Blame?

Like the branches on a tree that need nutrition, your brain does too. Only way is with a good root system, that being your belly. With excess mucus being a cause of cysts and tumors, grown out of dire straights to protect you. Perhaps the amyloid plaque, blamed for memory problems, is no different. By getting to the root cause/your immune system via your gut, every branch of vein and artery can supply all the necessary nutrients your brain and body need. Two crucial ones being water and good fat. Aside from genes, there is no one cause to Alzheimer’s, but inflammation is a huge culprit, which is why it has been referred to as Type 3 Diabetes. No better way to treat that than stopping the sugary foods that cause it, and the trickle effect, pain. Doctors will have you believe anything just to give you pHARMaceutical$, seems the truth is catching up to them…

“Conversely, autopsies of some individuals who were free of completely free of Alzheimer’s disease when they died show the undeniable presence of the plaque. A study conducted at Harvard Medical School showed that beta amyloid is part of a normal immune response, notes Dr. Lewis. And, it is entirely possible that – rather than causing Alzheimer’s disease – amyloid deposits may actually play a beneficial and protective role.” ~NaturalHealth365~

YEP! Dis-ease prevention and natural healing are so easy, problem is, you do not appear to be worth your time and effort. If what you and/or your doctor are doing are not bringing the results you want, time to take serious inventory and switch it up a bit. Just be prepared to include diet and lifestyle, detox and some extreme Spring cleaning of what goes in and on your body. By doing so, your spirit will sing on high, as it open your third eye. Gotta learn to see beyond the bullshit most are force feeding you to believe and regurgitating it. If opening your third eye is of interest, stop the fluoride in your water and toothpaste. It is there for that reason. So much more you can do to not just awaken to your true self, but look and feel better than you have in years. Age is just a number, it’s how you roll that dice that matter.

Getting well takes getting past the worst of physical, spiritual and emotional signs and symptoms. These links give a glimpse of what you can expect in the form of potential side effects and benefits should you give your body, mind and spirit the proper fuel God intended. You may also not want to rule out the symptoms of Ascension. Hellacious at times, but sure beats a living Hell on Earth. Better to be miserable for a short time (in the scheme of things) and get thru it, than the rest of your life living a slow suicide in the hands of others. Final food for thought... if you cut down the trunk of a tree, where does that leave the branches? Dead. Your brain is no different, feed it life. Whatever analogy it takes to get you to think, use it. If looking in the mirror before contemplating what you are about to eat or drink will leave you looking and feeling for better or worse, do it. A healthy hack before you snack.

Cheers to your tree of life!

Me: anyone wanna chime in? "No" Me: good to go? "Is it ever. Use it or lose it, your brain that is. Follow and you become hollow." ~God~

May you be blessed by the hand that feed you,


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