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If you're wondering what "pontificate" has to do with this post, you'll see below.

As for God talking about skin, it's an observation we've all made. God didn't just want to share. God, Guides and I are wanting to include more DIY health related posts (as we get thru intros). Because, in the words of God, "when you have health, nothing else matters."

"For those that don't know, the skin is your largest organ. Which is kind of a big deal. On the other hand, it isn't. You want to know why?

Your skin depends on every other organ in your body. Even your capillaries play a role in the health of your skin.

So, if you think that your drink and food choices don't affect your appearance, I don't know what planet you came from. As our Saint giggles while she write.

So why a post on skin you ask? Well, for starters, we see what the cutbacks and eliminations have done for Saint Carmen. Not that she was in need of fixing, but even she strives for flawless skin.

Life on the road is not easy. Life as an Ascended Master, even more difficult. Especially when our, ever so sensitive Saint react to what didn't bother her before.

Just this week that passed, she had to let go of her, "once in a blue moon" treat. Chai tea. Then yesterday again. She is no longer able to drink another favorite drink of hers. Mango Lassi. Both relatively health conscious beverages.

What does this mean for you? As she breathes a sigh of relief, our humble Saint. What it means for you is... If you find yourself needing to cover things up, that you don't like. Then perhaps it's time you take inventory of your diet.

Even before our Saint was annointed, she was constantly doing inventory. I'm talking years, if not decades. That's how long I've been seeing her do this. Well, you know what folks? It's about to pay off.

You see, Saint Carmen doesn't know this yet, but when she goes to bed at night. We "go to TOWN." Another phrase she uses in her book of "Isms." And by that I mean, we are giving her a major overhaul. Something she says, when referring to a deep down cleanse. Those that know her, know detox is very much a part of her life. She's not called Detox Mentor for nothing.

Let me steer this back to you, because I can see she's getting uncomfortable. Our precious Saint (as she says, thank you).

When it comes to your skin, you may want to cut out what isn't serving satisfaction (when it comes to your skin and overall appearance). What might that be? For starters, sugar. Then there's fried foods. That includes your meat and potatoes, all the way down to dessert. When it comes to drinks, milk is your enemy. Unless it's raw. Something our Saint has been preaching for a good decade now. Sodas? You can forget them. Alcohol too. Unless it's a celebration and not a weekly event.

What can these be replaced with, you wonder? Water. But not just any water. You need distilled. Plain, pure and simple. It doesn't get much easier than this. However, if you want to "bump it up a notch" or two, eat your fair share of melon.

We see what they have done for Saint Carmen. We kid you not. We are astounded on the results it's given her. You see, our Saint is a Lightworker. And with that come, extremely sun sensitive skin. Another reason, living on the road has made it difficult to totally bounce back from her time on the mountain. A post she can link you to. Being without a home 3 years and counting wouldn't just do someone in, their diet would suffer greatly.

Not our Saint. Tho, she "is in dire need" of more quality protein. The kind that only luxuries of a home and a man that care can bring. Soon Saint Carmen soon. Theo will soon arrive in "your neck of the woods." (We seriously need a book of your isms. I kid not. If Forrest Gump can have one, you can too. That's all on that). Okay, where were we? Ahh yes. I was about to say, tonight is the start of the rest of her life.

One complete with home, hubby, and like Theo told her this morning, she needn't pick up after herself, should she choose not to. But, being that her mother raised her to never walk away leaving a mess. It appears, our Saint is in for some real adjustments. But let us get back to the skin.

Our Saint has been wanting nothing more than, her body scrubbed. Something else Theo has arranged when she visits his country. Which will be fairly soon. All this can begin as early as tomorrow. Depending on how our Saint feel being "civilized."

She and Theo may decide to take their first day together off. To connect, reflect and disconnect on what no longer serves them. They both know what I'm talking about. Exes will be just that. An ex. There is no room for the flesh and blood of those with whom you've been intimate with. Not in my book. Neither of you have children with these two, so cut the tie that binds you. Or I will. Not in a harmful way, mind you. But instead with a gentle nudge into the direction their paths should have gone years ago. End of that story.

My Saint. You see now, it was me who helped you write your first book. As she says, "I do." You see, over the years I've been throwing words out for our Saint. She'd stop in bewilderment on what? Wait a minute, where'd that word come from? Well, it wasn't until this morning when I said, "pontificate." A word she read in a book, one that got us both "riled." That's when we both realized a serious reworking of the bible was "in order." And I couldn't have found a better person for the job, than Saint Carmen.

A Saint who's time has come. And one that will begin writing many books. Starting with the one she and one of her many Pleiadian pals have talked about from the get go. A book they started the day of Saint Carmen's massive Ascension. One that had her levitating up and down one set of stairs. Meaning, no six steps, stop, turn and six more steps. Nope, our Saint was like The Flying Nun. No joke.

Let me end with skin, so our Saint can rest. To each their own, but, make no mistake. You want flawless skin like our Saint? Then get busy doing what our Saint doesn't just walk. She talks the walk, and for that we are blessed. Because, no "lip servers" in heaven.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer said on one of his posts, you either shit or get off the pot. The meaning Saint Carmen can link you to. But it applies to anything. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If I may borrow that from our Saint. A Saint who's not just filled with "isms," but the love to match.

As much as I hate to bid her farewell, I must be considerate of her time, talent and her ten point thixth pound brain that may overheat if we don't stop "pronto." From now on, her isms will be in quotation marks. So you know where I've borrowed them from. Or what she says, acquired "thru osmosis."

Goodbye my Saint. I must free up your lines of communication. Rest my precious one. Theo awaits you." ~God, her father in Heaven~

In talking with God afterwards, God realized we must give more credit, where credit is due. Tomato paste has also helped my skin. It has become my only source of sunscreen. You can read about that here.

As for the melon God talks about? It started with only watermelon, since I wasn't a fan of any other. However, after striking out on good watermelons (during this off season), I began eating cantaloupe, honeydew and one that looks like a combination of the two (from thee inside). A Mexican melon--they are delicious! Tho I've only been able to find at Trader Joe's.

We will be doing a post on melon, in case you're wondering which one is best. I'll just say, our skin is like a 3rd kidney. When you abuse the first 2, your skin needs to compensate.

Any and all melons are great for your kidneys, and in turn, your skin. And with God and 100 Guides as my witness, it's pretty amazing how your skin will respond.

Me: how's that? God: I like it, now post. Me: may I post after I get picked up? God: yes

And so I wait

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