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Persecute And Be Persecuted

"Saint Carmen now has 30 guides. She has so much fun that everyone wants to join, what she calls, "the fun bus." She even calls us boys and girls. She is in pain right now, but nothing stops her. She needs you to accept that she is a Medium.

Me: but that's you talking, not me.

Them: will you let us talk?

Me: yes

Them: she is in dire need of rest, but she doesn't stop. And that's why her team keeps growing. She always wants to channel for someone. She is so funny. Everyone gets a kick out of her. Especially when she laughs at herself.

She has so many guides, she misnumbered some. She feels badly about not getting thru these yet, and wanted us to explain. She loves all of us equally. She gets in the craziest positions, just to channel. She laughs and tells us... she also has to hold up her, 'ten point thixth pound brain.'

Many will not like what we are about to say, as Saint Carmen brace herself. But, you need to stop treating her like she did something wrong. She is a child of God. Treat her as such. She has feelings too.

Why she was selected to be persecuted, we have yet to understand. We do know, the punishment outweighs the reward. There will be judgement. Especially with her now as an Ascended Master.

People think she's kidding, but she knows what she went thru to get here. It is something very few survive, let alone endure.

She gets it from every angle. Only those with good intentions will ride in the wake of her wave. It's not a very big list either. For now, just about everybody can count themselves out.

It'll happen soon. You'll wished you had been the person God created you to be. She is somber as we write this. Yet, an hour hardly goes by without her wanting to channel.

For those given specific instructions, it may be too late. Had you taken us serious, it would feel like you've won the lottery. For those that wanted nothing to do with our Saint, we wish you well.

God did not put you on earth to persecute. He also didn't mean for it to be a popularity contest. May you go about your business without her, because that's what most have done anyways. Only difference now is, she will be the one on top.

Any other person would be be eccstatic, not Saint Carmen. Her heart is heavy. She only wants the best for everyone. She doesn't just write about the Golden Rule, she lives it.

May you all be blessed to be nicer people." ~mom with wings and Yuta, her masseuse on call and Pleiadian pal~

I'll always love my momma! Icing on m cake are the rest!


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