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Love them or leave them, should be an UNHEARD of thought. All I can say is, you gotta be really miserable to disrespect anyone, especially your parents. Those who brought you to life. But to do it to the person who gave you life?! YIKES!

In always seeing my heart and thee ongoing spiritual pollution of planet Earth, Jesus spoke.

"What do you get when you spell God backwards? Man's best friend. And what do you get when you spell dog backwards? Man's best friend. So what makes humans treat dogs with more respect than God? To tell you the truth, we don't know either.

Don't get me started on how children treat their parents. They gave you life, does that not mean anything to you? We gave you planet Earth, and you abuse it? The time will come that all will answer to me, my father, my mother or UTOT. And by the looks of it, the time is now for some. You treat my children like they're a dime a dozen, and you get tossed out with the leftovers. Pay respect to yourselves, your family and especially your parents. You did not come here to use and abuse them. They gave you life, show some respect. They cared for you until you were out of high school, it's time you do the same.

Institutions are for lazy people. Hospitals for brainless people, and the grave for ignorant people. You were all blessed with life to be lived more than a century. You squander it away doing what? Getting yourselves intoxicated? Eating to your taste buds content? It's time to make a change. Go with the flow, and down you go. Get right with my father, and He will befriend everyone of you. Get right with me, and it's double duty. Get right with UTOT, and the spiritual world is your oyster.

We are sick to our stomachs on the mistreatment many dish out. So much so, I need a break. That's all for public posting. Won't you title this, "Parents." That's all my love." ~Jesus Christ~

Beauty of being connected is, they feel what I feel. Talk about Empaths!

May the New Earth usher in respect and love from the inside out. In channeling The Covenant of The Ark, time and time again we're told, there will be no seat of judgement. They've got better things to do. No rehearsals of sorts--you mess up and your cut, but I'll let that book give the details.

Enough with the woe is me way of blame! Hurt people hurt people. Choose to make or break, whatever “generational curse” you believe life may have served you. May you all be blessed with Universal spiritually correct habits, because invincible only happens in the movies.

Om... Shaka laka


Me: good to go? "Wow! Bravo Di, bravo. We love you so much." ~the Universe~

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