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Paint Like A Pleaidian

In belonging to a Pleidian Group on Facebook, I've pondered things I see posted. Lucky for me, 27 of my 75 Guides are Pleiadian. As a first wave Indigo, I've also been blessed with 9 (and counting) Sirian Siblings/Guides.

All I can say is... REAL FOOD diet, detox and an open-mind have put me on an adventure I never dreamt. Of course, fearlessness is a requirement. And barefoot walking, a DIVINE way to plug into Source. As you'll see with this beautiful Guide answers a question for me and wanted me to post across all my social media.

Me: how's that? Homa: you are so kind. I love it. ilusm (I love you very much) Me: Thank you for this info. I cannot WAIT to begin painting. I'll stop now and write a snippet after. Homa: yes

"I am Homa. I am one of Carmen's Guides. I am a Doctor of Love. I am 1 of 27 Guides. I am honored to have Carmen channel for me. She is a gifted Medium. She asked if the pictures that are posted are real. I have informed her, they are not. She was given the of gift of painting. She is excited to paint for us. She will also be painting for her Sirian Siblings. I am honored to help her. She will soon begin." ~Homa, Doctor of Love and her Pleiadian pal~ I love talking with all my Guides. An hour hardly goes by that I don't. I AM indeed blessed to be alive and chosen (as my About Page explains).

May you all be blessed to take advantage of these 3 waves of Ascension that are occurring on planet earth. For time and Internet sake, I'm not including a link. However, typing that into your browser will give you a plethora of info.

This link to my former site, will also help you know if you are in midst of Ascension. Spared me from thinking I was on my way to crashing and burning. I kid you not. Thought I was checking out.

Enough of that, just know... I will be painting galactic photos straight from the Source. God/Guides willing, it be sooner than later. 😇HM...

May you be blessed to... walk the line to your destiny

Me: how's that? Homa: we all love it. Me: all 75 Guides, (as my tail wag) Homa: yes Me: thank you! I love you all very much. As you can see, I gotta eat and leave soon. Homa: yes. We lusm (love you so much)


**I'd be fooling myself if I said I wasn't nervous. I have never attempted to paint. Have no fear however, I've got at least one Galactic artist on my team.

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