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Pain In The Midst of The Storm

Just as... A week without prayer makes one weak. My body without treatment, makes it tweak.

My 75 Guides, 2-3 living souls and I gave my first bodyguard more than enough tries to pick me up. The dude is beyond shy. His first attempt at picking me up ended up with him, running off to vomit. So I heard. He's attempted other times, but somehow thinks my bite is bigger than my bark. Or he and another hired bodyguard got lost.

I've told them all, perhaps it's a sign. Whatever the reason or outcome, I do pray to all the gods and guides that their timing on this next pick up, be in real time.

As I've mentioned before, their timing, according to them, can be off 2 weeks to 4 months. And to them, "time is nothing."

I love driving big trucks. Not being a semi-permanent passenger. Anyhow, Dr. Gonzalez describes the main reason I want off a-l-r-e-a-d-yyyy! Me: that okay as an intro? Dr. Gonzalez: very good and funny. He goes on to say... Many people do not know thee extent of a Saint Carmen's injuries. She does not have a top rib or muscles that attach to it. She fought 8 years for deep massage.

Arizona is a right to work state. She tried to prevent injury, but her employer failed to listen. She is tough, but tired of being in pain. She does not take any kind of pain medication. She keeps her body clean thru diet and her formula. She continues to be grateful despite the pain she is in. She always wants the best for everyone. Young or old, nice or not. She gives freely. She asked me what bones were out of place. Here is my list:

Her 2nd & 3rd cervical vertebrae Her 7th thoracic vertebrae Her 2nd & 4th lumbar vertebrae Her 2nd coccyx vertebrae Her 3rd sacrum vertebrae Her right & left hip Her left & right knee Her left ankle and right big toe

With those come, her muscles being twisted. And muscle spasms from head to toe. She has been pleading to get off truck to see her Osteopath, but her first bodyguard did not follow thru.

She will be picked up soon by another. And darn near televac'd to therapy. Me: that's sounds like me talking 😆 Dr. Gonzalez: I know, but it isn't. You need your therapy. You know the trickle effect better than anyone. Your elbow is twisted. Me: yes. It screams often Dr. Gonzalez: yes. We are sorry Sam fell for you. He had his chance. Like you told him, if he cared, he would have picked you up. He may end up in your life. Time will tell. He now suffers the consequence. You need therapy badly. Me: yes. See how long I gotta wait to get appointment 😩 Dr. Gonzalez: you may need to see someone else. Me: that's fine. As long as they're as good as Dr. Tsai. That man is gifted! Dr. Gonzalez: yes. He says the same about you. Me: which confirms his ability to read people. Dr. Gonzalez: yes. Dr. Tsai is also a Medium Me: Ahhh. I love the huge crystal ball he has in office. Can't WAIT to set mine up (that you all wanted me to get) ☺️ Dr. Gonzalez: yes. We are excited for you. And know that metal plate in your wrist gives you trouble. But, it makes you a better Medium. Me: can't WAIT to tell Dr. Raven III Dr. Gonzalez: he will be delighted. You are so cute! Me: you want me to write that?

Dr. Gonzalez: yes. You tell us, "breakfast in bed, boys and girls." Then make that face when he opened your ginger beer. Me: this one, so readers know 😮 Actually, a combination of that and 😳 Dr. Gonzalez: yes. That is so funny!

**Brunch over Dr. Gonzalez: you are so funny with that song.

Me: I can seriously rewrite the lyrics. And WILL, in due time 😉 Perhaps my singer-songwriters up there will help 😁 Anyhow... Dr. Gonzalez: yes. You are good at writing lyrics. Me: I loved the song my team and I sang at our permaculture talent show. It was so much fun! Dr. Gonzalez: your mom told me Me: 😁 Dr. Gonzalez: she loved seeing you sing it. You are quite talented with much. Me: pain and all. Thee inventions also keep coming. Dr. Gonzalez: yes. That board game will be made. Me: 😊 by me? Dr. Gonzalez: yes Me: it was an honor to be asked to create. It is definitely needed!

Dr. Gonzalez: yes. You will see it come to fruition. Me: I hope so. For sanity sake. But not mine, as you know what game entail. Dr. Gonzalez: you are really creative Me: thank you. Bittersweet tho. People love picking my brain for it. And my hands are tied. But, don't wanna get too off track. Dr. Gonzalez: yes they do. That'll change. That elbow really bothers you. Me: yes 😩 the trickle effect. One doctor said its from my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Dr. Gonzalez: yes. The nerves cause burning.

Me: BINGO! I'm fine with regular treatment. But once out, down I go. Sort of. Dr. Gonzalez: yes. You don't allow yourself, to let it get to you. Me: nope! Not an option this point in the pain game. My mind is half the battle. Dr. Gonzalez: yes. You will be blessed soon. Me: thank you. And my 2nd book can help many. In due time, I shall finish. Dr. Gonzalez: yes. I like the title. Me: cool! Me too. It can empower people. Dr. Gonzalez: it will. Let's finish by saying... We all know what our body needs. Like Saint Carmen says, diet and detox help. As do a clear conscience. You are so intune. Me: thankyouverymuch.

Dr. Gonzalez: I like what you did to that other word. Me: 😁 shall I post on TruckHers Facebook or website? A snippet on protein 😉

**shhh... Meeting of the minds.

Dr. Gonzalez: website Me: I shall dust that puppy off. Dr. Gonzalez: funny. We see how much you love trucks and feel for driver's health. Me: breaks my heart, yes. Dr. Gonzalez: yes.

**as he hears my thoughts...

We can title this, "pain in the midst of a storm." Me: thank you. And to think, what you write doesn't include thee Ascension, upgrade stuff. However, the pain and medical bills are worth what I got in return. Dr. Gonzalez: you never cease to amaze us with your attitude. Me: thank you. And to think Lucifer said I needed, an "attitude adjustment." During one of his attempted attacks. That will be another post. Anyways! Dr. Gonzalez: yes. That was scary, but you rebuked him well. Me: whew! Dr. Gonzalez: yes. Let's edit and say goodbye. Me: ☺️ we did it! Finito!

We both failed to mention WHY I've got so many bones out of place. Muscle spasms are pulling them out. All caused from no top rib or muscles and other side trying to compensate. Which then led to screw in big left toe. So I've got that causing problems from bottom up. And rib, from top down. Oh, almost forgot... Dr. Gonzalez. Aside from my mom telling you some things, how do you know the rest? Is it thee Akashic Records?

Dr. Gonzalez: yes. You will learn to read them. YAY! He answers my thought. Then faded out.

As you can see, the feeling is mutual on, "cease to be amazed." Those Akashic Records, seem to be a diary of sorts. All about us, but not written by us. I cannot WAIT to get that gift. And the gift of some pain relief, of course. Ooh, forgot to ask if I'll get the gift of X-Ray vision like him. Something tells me, I will.

Dr. Gonzalez: you will get that gift. The rest is fine. I can SO, DIG it!!

May you be blessed to discover your gifts. With, the wellness to apply them.


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