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Our Father Who Art In Heaven

God wishes all fathers and those head of household a Happy Father's Day. Losing my earth father in 1973, I know what this day can mean for some. However, becoming a Medium, and more importantly, a ChannelHer for God, my father in Heaven, is the gift that just keeps on giving. As our father who art in Heaven explains...

As the father of all fathers, I would like to wish all the fathers a Happy Father's Day.

One complete with friends, family, and of course your children. Biological or not. The children of this world.

For, it has come to my attention that today is not only a day of celebration, but also the day of sadness and tears. Which is why I want each and everyone to know, you are never alone. It would be, an injustice to see I have abandoned you. Never, no way, no how! But what I'd really like to say, goes like this…

Once upon a time, there was this little girl named Carmen Diana. One who has already become riled at the fact that I am talking about her. Not even knowing where this story is going to end. But as she already knows, not only is there no end in sight, (being that she has been equipped with 12 crystal strands of DNA), her life just keeps getting better. That's right boys and girls, but enough about our Saint.

It is Mini Me that I want to share about today. A child who our Saint worries about on this day, all about fathers. For, our Saint was everything to that child. The father, a mother, a godmother and her friend. But, we've got to finish this while she still can. For the lump in her throat has taken away the dictation of this post for now. And the tears are almost making it impossible to see. Why? Because my daughter, Ms. Carmen Diana, wants nothing more than to be reunited with that child and see her happy. For years she's tried to find Father's Day events for the "fatherless" child of hers.

Meanwhile, that child's mother go on having children from other absent fathers. As in, plural. Yes I am mad. And I'll say whatever I need to, to get thee attention of anyone and everyone out there having children without a single thought in mind. Do you honestly think it's fair to the children to grow up without earthly parents? To those this speaks to, you're a bunch of ignorant selfish children having children. Yes, I want to keep this post light and celebratory. However, how can I ignore what is going on with the children of this world today?

Do you think that's nice?! To go on having children without any regard for their well-being, disciplining, or education? Are these the children of the world you want taking care of you when you get old and decrepit? Answer me that? Then you go on paralyzing them further, for what? All in the name of love? Love does not consist of money or come out of the box. It does not include a digital screen handheld or wide, DAMN IT! Do you realize what you're doing to these children by giving them everything they want? Answer me that boys and girls. Life was not meant to be lived on a silver platter, tarnished or not. You know what I mean. And if you don't, it just goes to show you are more ignorant than I gave you credit for. And you can blame that on your own parents. Yes you have my permission, God your father in heaven.

But you know what boys and girls? I do want to end this post on a good note, so here it goes. A day does not go by that I, God your father in heaven, do not look down on each and everyone of you. And by that I mean, watch over you. I am proud of each and everyone of you, in different ways and to certain degrees. Having been born of the flesh and blood of my son Jesus Christ, how can I not love you? Of course I love you, but what kind of father would I be if I did not reprimand you? Yes, that's what's missing in today's world, but we'll leave that for another post and another day.

For, today is a beautiful one and we intend to keep it that way, right my saint?

Me: it sure is! God: we know there is more you would like to say, but suffice to say we see your heart. And although you are happy by nature, it is commonplace to miss certain individuals. And we'll leave it at that.

Let me wind down by saying we love you. We love all of you. We watch over you more than you know, and we couldn't be happier to see you get along with your lives. Sure the direction needs changing for many, but nonetheless, give it your all. Very good Di. Our Saint just keeps on getting better with her channeling abilities. Home sweet home has made an incredible difference, and for that, many newcomers are hopping on board.

Just yesterday she got another genius of a man. One many of you may be familiar with, but I'll save that for another post. And while she did have an epiphany earlier this morning as to why these great leaders have been watching her, it goes like this. I can tell you in one word. As JFK Jr. so eloquently stated in his intro awhile back. It is her, ingenuity. That's right boys and girls. Our Saint is one HELL of an inventor herself. What is it your patent attorney mentor friend referred to you as dear Carmen?

Me: A prolific inventor God: I couldn't agree more. Actually, or should I say, we all second that emotion. One day you will see your board game come to life. One our Saint was asked to create for a daughter of a woman who saw Ms. Carmen's capabilities and ingenuity. Basically and quite simply, her love for children. A game that not only helped this child with cerebral palsy, but will help anyone anywhere anytime. So be it my dear. On behalf of us all, we must bid you farewell. For the day may have just started for most, but our Saint his been up before the first rooster crowed. As our Saint check in throughout the entire post, and again in hearing she channeled that correctly. We love you Di. Amen and Amen. Go about your day without going overboard. You've done enough, it's time you take it easy. Ciao for now. And we'll leave it at that." ~God your father in heaven and all 149 expert guides~

So, for those that find this day not so bright, it can be. Knowing what I know now, with my daily conversations with God. God has been talking to me for forever. I just didn't know it.

I will say, if you suddenly find yourself a bit of a comedian (out of nowhere). It may not be you. It's God. Like the song says... Our God is an awesome God.

We leave you with the song and a few lyrics. And, per God, I tweaked 2nd verse a tad. Only because God is neither He nor She. And God isn't only awesome, God is HILARIOUS! And quite thee actor.

Our God is an awesome God He reigns from heaven above With wisdom, power, and love Our God is an awesome God Our God is an awesome God God reigns from heaven above With wisdom, power, and love Our God is a hilarious God"

With or without an earthly father, may you all be blessed to know, God our father who art in Heaven sees, hears and loves you!


Me: good to go? God and 150 expert guides: Woo Hoo Di! We love it and we love you. Now go enjoy your day sweetie pie!

**while channeling another came thru, only this one was a former earth family member. As for God mentioning thee other genius of a man, yes. He coined the term, Mastermind meetings. One who will soon be introduced.

Also, they're called "experts" for a reason. In the Heavens, they're all not only healthy as can be, they're also a genius! We refer to some specifically as "Genius" because that's what they were on earth. And most everyone who knew of them, knows it.

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