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Osho Speaks

During my tarot card reading lately, the Universe has been giving me the questions to ask. On today's, I couldn't help but inquire. Just to hear the one and only Osho come thru.

Been watching me for 20 days he says. I can so DIG it!

No better way to master my OSHO Zen Tarot deck than with him by my side. Before he speaks however, I hear, "God gives a quick overcap," by God himself.

"In an instant, is all it takes before you're baked. For those taking life for granted, Osho speaks." ~God~

"If today is the day the Lord has made, who do you consider Lord? If tomorrow were not guaranteed, who would you answer to? If lonely tear drops filled your eyes, who are you missing? If rain made you feel special, why not dance? If carbon copy replaced typewriters, where did we go wrong?

What do all these have in common? Not a DAMN thing. What does this mean for you? Everything. How can that be you ask? If the sun stopped shining, would you go on whining? Not if your life depended on it. Where does that leave you today? A round of applause for HOORAY!

What do you get when you cross cumbersome with ordinary? Extraordinary. And now for the cliffhanger...

When Jesus arrives, will you behave? To be saved requires that you behaved. A carbon copy is you imitating your fellow man. Write your own story, or don't consider yourself a Chosen one. One by one you will go, but better you, the carbon copy than a true original. Life was not meant to cater to your fellow man. There's a difference in help and hindrance. To have help moves you along. To be hindered, gets you along. When was the last time you made your own bed? Or is it all in your head. A work of art or a piece of work?

Which one are you? There are no designer labels in the Universe. What you see is what you get. You win some and you lose some. No quick draw McGraw in the game of life. The End. Almost forgot, for title"Osho Speaks." ~Osho, your Zen Buddha Master~

So very cool to chat off record with Osho, and hear his accent. Many-a-quotes of his I've shared over the years, never heard him speak till today.

As I feel my breath of blessed air, I see a hand go up...

"Waiting to exhale in the movie meant, it took your breath away. That's you my darling. MUAH!" ~Whitney Houston with Bobbi Christina~

"Di, you are truly blessed. You've got some mighty heavy hitters in the world of spirit. We love you." ~God~

Indeed! And, while blessed may be an everyday thing these days, I wouldn't dare think of taking my spiritual life for granted. I've arrived beyond my wildest dreams! Then to talk to those whose work I admired?! M'm M'm good!

No pain no gain however. May you be blessed to arrive and see light at thee end of your tunnel. This side of Heaven that is.

Spiritually yours,


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