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Once Upon A Time A WishPond Gave People Hope Not Lies

This post is not about an actual wishpond, but instead about a company that approached me. THEY are why I've been missing in action. Wishpond is an absolute extreme opposite of a wish. As for the pond part, may they drown for the lies they tell. Can't say I didn't try. Patience may be a virtue, but so are healthy boundaries. For those who may have subscribed during my absence, thank you. They, Wishpond were supposed to send you an email on my behalf. But did they?

How I have missed writing publicly. Suffice to say my website has been held hostage. Not literally, but I did pay Wishpond $3,700 thus far and have gotten nothing in return. Unless you consider empty promises an actual service. And to think they actually expect me to make ten more payments of $600. That is literally $6K more, for what? I'm nice, not weak. People like this only make my voice louder, so I thank them for at least that.

They barked up the wrong tree!

I must say, I do feel for the gal taking the brunt of complaints, but if I were her, I'd run like Hell and find an honest company that actually cares. However, all around lies. She being somewhat of the captain of two people, NOT two teams.

Several ZOOM meetings of telling me they can only move twenty at a time. If there's one thing I can neither stand nor tolerate are lies.

As they continue to give me more fluff, hype and complain it has been difficult to move my blog posts from WIX to Wishpond, I tried to warn them that I wouldn't hesitate to let others know of their downright lies. Saying they can only move twenty posts at a time. Ha! I believed them at first. Let's see... My 250+/- posts ÷ 20/time, should not take more than a month. This simple math coming from someone who has never been trained to create websites, yet I have more than once, from TypePad, to Wordpress to Wix. Tech just isn't my cup-of-tea, and they knew that.

Wishpond bad reviews

Again I believed them. Here the man behind the lies.

Wishpond lies from the get go

I've begun doubting if Walmart and Lulumon are even actual clients. Don't know and don't care. Only thing I hate worse than wasting my time is having others waste it. I am officially DONE.

What exactly did the $3,700 include? New design with my verbiage. Nothing more nothing less. The $600/month for a year was to be used on a campaign every other month. In questioning, they paused it for two months. Two months later, nothing. Their solution? Pause two more months. As a person who loves to share via my blog, this has been beyond unprofessional, a borderline $CAM. Not to mention frustrating to wait and wait. IF they had their way, I'd still be waiting.

two teams turned into two people

I have literally had my hands tied since December 2022. Everything promised was a lie. This after they approached me. Repeatedly. My gut wasn't at ease, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt, not to mention Faizal, a man who should be fired. Especially since they promised to post on social media on my behalf. Knowing I HATE being on it. Six+ months later, they have not set up my page. This after me setting up a personal Facebook account last year for the sole purpose of them taking over. More lies from the get go.

website ready for viewing???

I won't ramble on over the crookedness of this company. A company that promised me two teams, as you'll see in the snapshot above the one here. One for website another for campaign. Ha! What a joke. Two people are all I met.

Thankfully I'm done waiting and having my hands tied. No more! I have asked my bank to revoke payments and contacted my lawyers.

If you've read this far, I thank you. I will begin posting regularly as I look to hire a real professional.

May you all be blessed to steer clear of shady people and companies. I am one for growing pains, however, not for being ripped off and being treated like a fool. Pardon my rant of exposing them, but it will make it easier for lawyers and bank to follow their lies. And warn any and all to avoid them like the worst plague.

Good RIDDANCE Wishpond!

And to think I asked for them to train me to take it over, letting them off the loose mind you. They chose not to. That's when I got my lawyer and bank involved.

Niceness will NEVER never equal Weakness

Until next time, have a blessed weekend! I cannot WAIT to begin sharing again.


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