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On The Other Side of Ascension

In looking to post something non-channeled (yesterday), God suggested I watch a few videos Liam sent. I'm glad I did. **Liam being a fellow Ascend-ee sharing his experience on the other side of ascension.

God: Di, you're a Nerd. Me: I know. That guy got me all fired up! God: you are blessed. You hear that song and cry because you know it. Nerd Alert one minute and to your knees the next. You're right, that guy gave up too soon. You have my permission to include what you wrote. No more tears. You are one blessed woman. That's it baby girl." ~God~

Whew! One of my many beautiful expert guides had me in tears. Whitney Houston and this beautiful song (sung with Mariah Carey).

When You Believe (snippet) There can be miracles When you believe Though hope is frail It's hard to kill Who knows what miracles You can achieve When you believe somehow you will You will when you believe **LyricsFreaks

Earlier, one of Whitney's songs was too painful for she and Bobbi (daughter) to hear. Something I always ask on any one of my musician, actor, or artist guides (on their works I hear or watch).

Back to this "vigilant Christian." I feel for this guy. I wonder which pulpit he stands behind? Oh no, it's behind a computer screen. His issue is, he didn't ride "it" thru. He does show a pretty thorough list of symptoms. Some, any one or all who Ascend may experience during their awakening.

Many doubts will arise. Perhaps even doctor visit after doctor visit. And a terminal illness diagnosis. No ifs, ands or buts. Ascension can feel like Hell.

If God has selected you to help others, you will be hit hard. Because this guy was hit hard, he not only threw in the towel. He is "exposing" it as a Satanic New Age Movement. A self imposed label (COUGH!)

We've written bits and pieces several times on what I went thru. I too came close to giving up. It's a matter of, how badly do you want it? A connection with God. Or lost loved ones? Like anything, there are growing pains. A learning curve and a lot of getting out of your comfort zone.

There comes a time when analysis becomes paralysis.

Because he gave up too soon, he is bashing it left and right. For shame. For shame! Dark night of the soul is meant to be ridden till you see the light.

He talks about doing mediation, yada yada yada. Last time I meditated was 2006-ish, and it was a Pranic Healing weekend seminar. No one size fits all. I can literally count the number of times I've meditated. Not many.

To call it a Satanic New Age Movement might feel correct, when chosen to lead others. Satan can disguise ITself as an Angel, but that's why I check in on WHO I'm channeling. Besides, had this "vigilant Christian" have persevered, he'd on be thee other side of the worst. Resting in peace.

There will be no religion in the New World. Not only has he become ANTI Ascension, he's become a bit self righteous. Dude? You gave up too soon. If "the Bible" is what you believe, look at the paintings. Deep into the paintings. Put two and two together.

Believe what you want. God and Jesus commend you for regurgitating falsehood. You were chosen, except you didn't run with it. Meanwhile, he refers to those of us that have ascended as being in a cult. Not even God or Jesus are religious. They aren't in any system, and they sure as HELL do not agree with the "written word."

Call what you like. If HIPPY WITCHCRAFT is it, sign me UP!


Me: Yoo-hoo, my BFF, got any closing words? Or title? God: yes. We can't help but love you so much! Call it, On Thee Other Side of Ascension." That's all."

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