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Oh Elon, Where Are You"

In getting more expert guides, and losing some, God and all have a message. And not all about Guides or Elon Musk.

"It has come to our attention once again (from the nonbelievers of the world) that our very own Princess Di is being ridiculed. For what you might ask? Because she is now plugged in/connected to my son Jesus Christ.

My oh my, what a cardinal sin you are bestowing upon yourselves. Plural. Why, and more importantly howwould she make up such a thing? Do you think our Saint is a storyteller by nature? That couldn't be further from the truth dear ones. Yes you, the readers I'm talking to you. You know who you are. Our Saint may be a writer, and author to be exact, but a science-fiction writer?! You've got to be kidding! Our saint who has never watched a sci-fi movie in all of her life, a writer of it? Who's the storyteller?

For starters, why would you make up stories you know nothing about? What she shares is only a fraction of what she knows. The gifts she's been given are plentiful. In fact, so many that we've had to take two away. Too many too soon you might say. For inquiring minds, she was given the gift of seeing in 3D and hearing from other dimensions. Well, she still has both, we've just blocked those that didn't serve her purpose. How might you ask? We'll save that for a later date.

For now, and on a brighter note, where do we begin? We, as in God your father in Heaven, and my only beloved son Jesus Christ. Along with 162 others on St. Carmen's Fire team. Should we tell them you lost 10 recently, but gained 8 baby girl?

Me: as long as with it does not cause more ridiculousness on their part. Them: okay, here it goes. Saint Carmen has experienced more of thee afterlife than most anyone on your side of planet earth. How and why? It started with her seeing all of us, then my son Jesus. After that came her former bodyguards parents, and they weren't nice at first. She's tamed them rather well, rather fast. So if you wonder where she's been the last few days, that's where. Dealing with, what most never see.

Does this mean "they" don't visit you? Hardly my friends and family! You are surrounded by more than you know. Why? You just are. You think once a person "crosses over" they're gone? POOF! Never to be seen or heard? We're here to tell you that is not the case. To those who think their shit don't stink, we are here to tell you, it wreaks! Yes, we said that. And we'll tell you this. You are the worst offenders and most visited. Don't get us wrong, they're not all bad. Many are there to remind you of things. Except your diet and lifestyle prevent many of you from hearing. You can forget seeing. Seeing is not a bad thing, right my Saint?

Me: not at all. Them: and for all those that think our Saint is whining, STOP. She's not. She goes about her day like it's nobody's business. Not even knowing what's being said. Unless she cared to know, she'd simply tune in. And by that we mean Clairsentience. Yes, she can hear the thoughts of others from afar, without trying at times. Isn't that right Ms. Carmen Diana? Me: oh yeah... And I usually confirm it with you. Them: thanks for telling them that. But, you know something else about our Saint? Of course you do. Tonight our dearly beloved Saint will be having her head shaved. The first of many "ceremonies" she has coming. Just last week she had her nose repierced, per Ms. Lady T. Teena Marie to be exact. While Tupac wanted it too, he's one of the fallen ones we spoke of earlier. The first of five. With five others in blocked mode per our Saint. Sadly, one being her mother. But we'll put a lid on that for now. However, our Saint does check in on her several times a day. Right my Saint? Me: yes. So much I've learned and could say. Crazy yet fascinating. Them: we know darling, but suffice to say it was for the best. And won't last long, will it? Me: no and YAY! I miss talking to her. Them: we know you do dearly beloved Saint Carmen. But why don't we finish on a grand note? We know you've got things to do. This wasn't the post you wanted. In case you're wondering... She asked for something with you, the reader in mind. Short, sweet and uplifting she said. That's our Saint. Always wanting the best for all and their well being. But let's end by saying, we could not be more proud on what she continues to do in her new abode. Home sweet home it is. Our fearless Saint has made it a safe haven for herself and any and all that care to visit. Notice I did not say "dare?" There was nothing there for anyone but her. Ahhh, as some of you breath a sigh of relief.

Don't forget your before and after photos. Well, sort of. Photos will be of her hair on her head and off, nada mas. Yes, it's God your father in Heaven leading the conversation. And for those that "follow" our Saint know, this is how I talk. Which is why she calls my son Jesus, mini me at times. We do get a KICK out of her! So funny our Saint. Let's just say, she taught us well. I may have written the book on comedy, but she has us beat by light years. Which brings up one final point. Between yesterday and today, she's gotten EIGHT more Martian guides. They're all hopping onboard because of her heart and ingenuity. In fact, they're DYING, well, maybe not literally. But, suffice to say, they want Mr. Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson to have at it. Pick their brains! That's what they're coming for. To shed light on technology, so you humans don't mess it up. It's not like we're giving you a lot of chances to get to Mars, or put thee ultimate automobile on the road. And now with the likes of Ford, Tesla, Einstein and Napoleon Hill joining the team. The sky is no longer your limit. As our Saint say, "wow." You've got it all at your fingertips. For those that read (and continue to read) , Mr. Napoleon Hill's best selling novel, Think & Grow Rich. Even He had meetings with the late great masterminds that graced planet earth before him. Well, did anyone doubt him? No they didn't, did they? And our Saint is no different. So do yourselves a favor--She's as real as real gets. As she saw me give my stamp of approval. Signed, sealed and delivered. Our Saint will change the world as you know it.

That's it my darling. For title why don't we call it, "Oh Elon, Where Are You?" That's it baby girl. By the way, we like your new fish and the name you gave her. Amen and Amen." ~God your father in Heaven and Jesus with 162 "entities" riding shotgun~ God: you can tell them what that means.

**Entities" is a term someone used to describe my channeling Luther Vandross when he had a message for many. It's no doubt what many others believe. All I can say is, don't bother me none! Besides, I do all that is asked of me. Transparent doesn't get more real than that. And so be it with the spiritual immaturity that it somehow provoke.

I continue to be blessed. May you all find your calling, because it's a HELLUVA lot more grand than you think.

Peace and well wishes all ways,


**as they all high five each other and say, we DID IT!

Almost forgot. The "they visit you more than you know." I'll just add, the "beer, wine & spirits" signage at many liquor stores, is just that. Spirits. So, if alcohol is your thing, you're inviting them more. A post we wrote about here. And not to exclude other forms of stimulating abuse. There's a time for ceremony, and regularly is NOT it. Whew!

Me: good to go? Them: Di, that was a brilliant ending. Thank you baby girl. MUAH, we love you. Bye Di. Oh wait, I forgot something. i just wanted to tell them (your readers). Saint Carmen has been working closely with my son Jesus on a post that continues to grow. So, soon you’ll hear it from the horses mouth. My son, one who our princess describes as a cross between Nikola Tesla, Mr. Swag/JFK Jr. and the great (and far from late) Michael Jackson. For the pose/stances he does and good looks about him. He cracks her up when he does his Mini Me pinky to mouth to let her know when it’s him versus me talking. That’s it. Twiddle dee (if I may borrow that from Mr. Henry Ford).” signed, sealed and delivered, God. I do like signing that way."

**as God fade knowing I see the stamp of approval every time.

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