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Now Hear This

Prophetic words, with a message from God and my mother in Heaven.

Mom and God: There comes a time in everyone's life that their story must end. For, it saddens us on the falling of another angel. Only this one hadn't yet grown her wings. And by that I mean, was still very young on thee earth plane. And so the story begins.

To be told what you think might happen is one thing. To know is another. To hear the confirmation of what God your father in Heaven tells you, is not only written in stone, it's a fact. My timeline may be a bit off, but it's nothing to write home about. Remembering the times of some forewarnings many of us gave our Saint? The time has come for some to be revealed. As our Saint say, UGH.

Only this time we will not name names. For, what purpose would it serve? The truth don't lie, but lies are revealed. And by that I mean, in time everyone will know. And that time is quickly approaching. As our Saint say, wow with a heavy heart. You know the ending to that story dear one, and it's a good one. A really reallygood one I might add. but on with today's message.

We all want to give a shout out to Oscarito, better known as Oscar. Dude, you amaze us with your uncanning ability to hear more and more of what's being said from us to you. While proud is an understatement, that we are! You best believe folks, he hears like we were right there in front of him. And I say we because it's not all his grandmother talking. No Siree young man. I am especially pleased that you don't hide the fact that you talk to us. Yes folks. How do you think it is that we continue the conversation? Oscar was in search of answers, so we answered the call. Did he go to church to get them? No Siree again. He spoke from the heart, in the privacy of his own home. He's also got quite the talent. While our Saint ain't thee only one with a set of lungs, homeboy has a set of pipes on him too. Singing from the heart is what we like boys and girls. Perhaps a duet is in order? Yes you heard me right, as our Saint giggle with giddiness. To hear them both sing, is better than the fat lady singing. As our Saint say, "you want me to write that?!" Yes dear, follow along. You've all seen a depiction of thee opera. What do you see? A rotund woman singing her heart out. Ahh yes, and WHEW! I rest my case. God your father in Heaven still talking. With Ms. Carmen's mom siting shotgun.

(**that she does! Having seen them both in a parked beauty of a Silverado truck one day in the state of Washington.)

We know the accusations some have had against you, in saying that you hate fat people. That could not be further from the truth. For, your heart aches at the site of some. Wanting very much to help them all. We'll leave that for another post on another day.

For some, the day may have just started. For our Saint, she lives every minute of everyday. Up before the crack of dawn with oomph in her step along the way. Just yesterday it was Paul Walker. Yes, Mr. Fast & Furious, in a bit of a somber mood. And not only did our Saint sense it, she saw him. And why you might ask? Because he sees the beauty of life thru her eyes, and realized he wasn't living to full capacity. To see our Saint so in love with her Mother Earth, warms our heart each and every day. As her clothes hang out on the clothesline. Something else she wished for in a house. And you know what folks? She loves it so much, that she'll often snap a photo and send it to someone. Isn't that right our beloved Saint?

Me: a breath of blessed air of a big, YES!! I love my home sweet home. God and mother: well said Di. And it is for that reason you will continue to get more. Your sense of gratitude continues to leave us all in awe. With your singing, icing on the cake! You heard Jenni ("Rivera," folks) when you belted out that first song not knowing we were all listening? You had us at thee edge of our make-believe seat. And now you've got Tupac wanting you to sing his songs. In moderation of course, knowing very well some of those words, your heart and soul cannot bear repeating. As we say that jokingly, but with all seriousness. In due time, you too will be singing your heart out. And you know what follows that? Fame and fortune. But let's not get off track from today's message. For, it's what you do or don't do that will make or break either of you. Well done my Child.

(**that in reference to channeling)

Your sense of style is another topic we will be revealing. Again, you had us all in awe as you sorted thru that wardrobe box of yours. At one point Jenni gasped in utter disbelief. You heard her yourself, and had to laugh. Soon very soon, those clothes will come in very handy. As we've been telling you all along. Mark my word. Thee earthcraft that you're on is about to take off. In so many ways, we've lost count.

But it would behoove us to terminate the topic of our dearly beloved Saint. And finish with this. Thee end of that story you're all dying to know? Well, I'm here to tell you, and it goes like this. You'll just have to wait and see, won't you? You who thrive in reality television, for what? To entertain your flesh? Is that what you think I created you for? Answer me that, my children of this world? For, in doing so, you've won half your battle. One compromised of the desires of your flesh and blood, in favor of your heart and soul.

By GOLLY, we did it! We managed to finish this message of a post, just in the nick of time. For soon it will make sense and be as real as real gets. But I must bid you farewell on the eve of what's to come. As our Saint go about tending to her casa. A mighty fine job she's doing. Complete with music and dancing. Talk about entertainment. She continues to be bashful. A humble and funnier than Hell, Saint. As she continues to check in between calling God (yes me), her father in Heaven, a Dork and Nerd Alert at times.

Why you might ask? Because I used that name calling on her first. Knowing very well, she'd get a kick out of it. Her response, aside from her usual, Oh. My. GOD! (and laughing)? Takes one to know one! Then goes so far to say... Don't all your knees get sore? Why? Because she sees us slapping them in hysteria. To say I've met my match, would be a huge, darn near catastrophic misword. And we leave it at that. I do believe she wrote the book on funny. Amen and Amen. As she says, Oh My God, you're too funny!!" ~God, your father in the Heavens with your green eyed beauty of an angel, momma~

**as I hear, for title, Now Hear This

To know things and not be able to say. The bittersweetness of MediumHood. But on thee UPSIDE? Never a dull moment with God in Da' house! As others line up to talk. Woo Hoo! Life is indeed good.

May you all be blessed to live yours like there's no tomorrow.


**as I hear... "Woo Hoo Di, we love it!" Then given those words to use as tags. And now as I get ready to post, I hear, "Di, we forgot something."

What does it take to win your love for me?

** that, in reference to a song we all heard earlier. Which makes Mr. Berry Gordy Jr. mighty proud to hear some of his Motown. Another expert Guide, I might add. Thankyouverymuch! As I hear, "good one Di." To which I sign off with, God had me a long time ago.

The love and fun just never end...

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