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No AI Chip Needed If You Got The Jab

Unless you are one of the lucky ones who got a placebo, your body is like a computer. Good news is, you can help rid your body of the nanocircuitry running rampant in your cells. These nanobots have been referred to as a MAC address and Bluetooth in you. Perhaps not 100% removal, but better some than none. I mention because God knows it is not 100% reversible. As for the placebos, I’ve seen that many who got the first round of shots, may be the lucky ones. They are said to be placebos. All? Not sure. It was done show the world, “see, it’s safe.” Prompting more to take the clot shot. And for those foolish enough to want the mark of the beast, a chip, no chip needed if you got the jab. It appears. Certainly nothing to be proud of like the viral video of a lady scanning her internal AI chip to pay.

Should the video above be gone or not play, here's the link that explains the nanocircuitry in those who got the shot. This is the doctor's website. He has a free membership to buy kits to remove, and a whole lot more. Some remedies he sells can be as easy as buying ivermectin at your local pet/feed store and making your own MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)/Chlorine Dioxide. I made it last year, gave a lot away and still have plenty left. Meaning, a little goes a long way. It is also easy to make, but extreme caution needed to avoid breathing in fumes or spilling.

If you need the recipe, please ask. However, his kits don't look all that expensive for all they include. Yes, you won't have leftovers but best to have some than none. That doctor has been saving people for decades by sneaking actual medicine into hospitals. This is apparently what growing up on a farm has taught him. I do know my Bachelor's in Holistic Nutrition has allowed me to be somewhat of a vet to my four boys and four girls. What works for one has a way of working for all. What pharmacy can say that? Only the FARMacy.

God-ahh be your own doctor to survive much these days. May all be blessed to learn all you can, especially too when it comes to your diet.


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