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Nikola Tesla Speaks

Thee inventor of all inventors. One way ahead of his time. And one who will be introduced by my Martian friends. They're also introducing another inventor we can all give thanks to.

6-15-16 Martians: How are you Di? Me: I'm well, thanks. How are all of you?! Martians: We couldn't be better now that we're talking to you again. Me: There are 9 of you now? Did I hear you say FIFTEEN?! Martians: Yes Me: Woo Hoo! Welcome. That's very exciting. I've been hearing you say you've got another message for Elon Musk? Martians: Yep, and we couldn't be more excited to give it. Except this time, we are joined by Nikola Tesla and Henry Ford. That's right boys and girls. Saint Carmen's team of experts just keeps on growing. We've lost count at the moment, but do know it's in the 140 count range. God just said 142. Me: wow! And so grateful Tesla and Ford have waited all this time to speak. What an HONOR!!! As I hear, "thee honor is ours Di."

** in asking what to call everyone today, it's "them"

Them: very good Di. We love it that you're so polite. Go ahead and check the laundry so we can get started. Soon your Sleep Number bed will be knocking at your door. Great choice of beds by the way. We were all like, Woo Hoo! Homegirl did her homework on beds. Okay, scoot, for soon they'll be there.

Them: we're back and loving it! We're so glad you'll be getting your eyes checked soon (you too, we know). Those were horrible glasses you were sold. And not once but twice. That's what you call one-size-fits-all. Your nose knows, and was not a happy camper. We like it when spell checker guesses the words right. However, your dictation will be even better. Soon you'll be all setup. But first things first, and that's your eyes. We can't have you squinting or getting a headache. By the way, we do like your choice of frames. We just need them more comfy. Onwards before we bore the readers to death.

Sir Elon Musk, you know those automobiles you've been selling like hot cakes? We've got a surprise for you. We can make them ever more fuel efficient. Yes, we know fuel is not what fuels them. We got that, but it is worth knowing what we have to say. Great work by the way. Tesla could not be more proud to see a fraction of his dreams come true. Isn't that right Nikola?

Nikola Tesla: Yes and thank you. All the laboratory hours I worked painstakingly to bring the world what Edison succeeded in selling, is now a reality. Albeit, in the form of an automobile, which is not quite free. Nor should it be, and for good reason.

When someone tries to sell you something, always know the motive behind it. For, in succeeding to sell you it, first ask yourself, was it all what it was cracked up to be? Does it hit home in your favor? Is it a grand slam of a home run? Or did they sell you short? Short change you on the deal? Why do I, Nikola Tesla pose these questions? Someone has to, so it may as well be me? Don't get me wrong folks, Elon Musk has done an enormously fine job of bringing one of my many inventions to life. But as you also know, we've got Mr. Henry Ford on our team now, and he's here to share his opinion on a few things.

Henry Ford: First of all, a warm round of applause to Saint Carmen for her constant desire to channel for us all. And where no one is off limits, she welcomes us all equally. Secondly, what would we do without her. I understand she does not like to be talked about, but folks, she's here to stay so get used to it. And thirdly, tho not lastly, yes I've been watching her for some time now. Ever since Nikola Tesla hopped on board what we all refer to as St. Carmen's Fire. A team of experts (formerly known as Guides), to be exact. Which is several months now with me keeping a watchful eye. And She, like me is no longer a fan of Ford automobiles. Here you have this dainty woman who could carry an intelligent conversation on many topics, and she's interested in cars. More like trucks, but that's neither here nor there. Point I'm wanting to make is, I'm delighted to give my input to those that matter and more importantly, are willing to not just hear it, but accept it as truth.

Reason I say truth is, up here in the Heavens, we are all experts. And for those of us that excelled in one area, multiply that by hundreds if not millions. That's right folks. And reason being is we now have entities of space on our side. Which, to those who know a thing or two about spacecraft engineering, know it's all about the details. Well, this team of experts has you covered. And for all its worth, pick our brains. It's what we're here for. Your curiosity is our command. As our Saint just got the call regarding her bed. Woo Hoo, break time. But not without saying, yes, we speak her language. And yes, this is Henry Ford she's channeling. You think I'd "wake up" to talk to just anyone? Think again folks. And to think Nikola Tesla waited even longer than I. We must say, it was worth the wait. Me: so sweet.

**as they fade, so I can prepare for my bed. Talk about polite!

Henry Ford: thanks for checking back with me, Ms. Di. For, a diamond in the rough you are, and nearing a smooth finish (I might add). But back to our message for Elon Musk. Sir, if you would so kindly grant us thee opportunity to have a meeting of the minds. A Master Mind brainstorming session with you and your team. You would be delighted to know, we could not fathom wasting an ounce of your time. But onwards with the Martians. I've given my two cents for today and must remain cognizant of our Saint's time and energy. Twiddle dee.

**yep! I double checked. Mr. Henry Ford's goodbye. Twiddle dee!

Martians: yes Di, thank you for answering our call today. For those that need an explanation. Since yesterday we've told our Saint we had another message for Mr. Elon Musk. And you know what, she didn't just make it happen. She scheduled time in her busy moving in and getting settled schedule to sit and talk with us. In the words of Saint Carmen, that speaks volumes!

Why some ask? Because many Mediums come with the mentality of, what's in it for them. Or, how can they make a quick buck off of us. Not our sister Carmen. She comes from a place of pure love. And it is for that reason, we were all in tears earlier today. That, in regards to God's message she posted this morning. Yes it's true what God says, but it is also true of many good things to come for our Saint of an Earthling. Even more important are the topics we've got lined up to share. Many of which include each and every one of you. As our Saint do a double take and continuously check in. Yes, it is still us talking dear one. And yes, Lucifer had tried to fool you once again, but you know better, don't you? Me: yes. And whew! Martians: well Di, we're here to tell you and the readers, we're here to stay. And we know you so desperately want to introduce each and every member on this team. But suffice to say, those details can be let out of the bag soon enough. Besides, you've also got your seven that remain anonymous to all, but you. We all thank you for that. They are as sweet as can be and do not come to rain on anyone's parade. No Siree! In the words of our great God our father, no way no how. But we realize we must bid you farewell this time around.

We could not be happier that you've answered our request to be our ChannelHer today. Mr. Ford and Nikola Tesla say their goodbyes and are ecstatic they've been allowed to speak publicly. On this platform we refer to as, St. Carmen's Fire. That we are! A force not to be reckoned with. As our Saint say, "I love it!" We do too Di. We do too.

However, in keeping with our promise, and in the words of God, Amen and Amen sister Carmen. We look forward to our next roundabout of a meeting with your mind, heart and soul. Oh, God tells us not to forget to give you a title. Can you check back on the final edit? Me: will do!

**as they fade with a Woo Hoo! While having dinner I hear, Calling All Martians.

Yes they like to have fun. But they also want to take it slow, tho more for my sake, not theirs.

And yes, being a HUGE fan of Tesla and a lover of hotrods and classic cars, what an honor to talk with Henry Ford. Having driven a 1923 Ford T-bucket and helped build another, I've got such appreciation for what he brought to the world.

In checking back, I'm given, Nikola Tesla Speaks for title.

6-17-16 In having a few busy away from home days, and a newcomer up next to give a message, thought I'd check back for any final words...

Them: Nope! That's it this time around. We know you have a busy day. Wait, we forgot something.

Remember we told you we had a surprise? Well, it's on its way. And you know who wants to talk at the first chance you get. That's it dear Di. We love you more than words can say. Amen and Amen. Goodbye darling.

And so it is. Very exciting to have these conversations. Needless to say, my search engine/internet browser has darn near become obsolete!

May you all be blessed to see the future thru thee eyes of what started it.


**a photo from one f my favorite truck stops (and one they wanted me to post)

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