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Nibiru and September 17, 2017

Planet X, Nibiru, Ninth or a Rogue planet? Whatever name they are giving it, Nibiru will come in peace and leave planet earth in one piece. Just as the fiasco of Y2K new millennium and 12-21-12 (333) Mayan calendar end of world predictions/hype fests have come and gone, September 23, 2017 will too. And while being a prepper to some degree is a good thing, thinking Nibiru will bring our world to an end is another. Lucky for us all, they have made contact. With the Vatican and NASA coming clean on Nibiru, the timing was right.

9-6-17 God: Nibiru has entered the building. Nibiru: we enjoy seeing you get ready for fun. Me: so, WOW! How long have you been watching me? Nibiru: not long compared to God. We began taking notes... Me: the day I broke my wrist?! Really?! Nibiru: yes. You handled it like a champ, although you will never be the same again. Your new doctor will serve you well, we can guarantee that. Imagine that, a doctor that does not prescribe narcotics. You struck gold if you ask us. You are wanting to know about the Council, are you not? Me: yes. Nibiru: here's where you will play an important role for mankind. Hold on to your britches, life will become ever more busy the rest of the year. We are happy to report, you are caught up on detox. You just happen to be one of the first ones chosen to lead our Council from your side of the Universe. We welcome more, tho not till they have done extensive homework on themselves. You are in the building up phase of your journey now. If we did not know any better, we would say, you are more than ready. Your allergies should begin to subside following the massive amounts of work you have placed on your systems. We had to make sure the old DNA had been flushed away. Your parsley water helps.

Thank you for taking such immaculate care of your body. Just as your hair is growing quickly now, you will begin to gain the necessary weight your body needs. Which is only about four pounds God says. Continue to walk every day, with or without any one like you did in the past. We know you were willing to remain vegan, but that diet no longer served your purpose. Tesla understands, as do we all.

Me: I love it! My TOTU training. Nibiru: that was sweet. You telling Dan, "unlike most people, I don't like my tattoos to show." As you tried on your leathers. The only thing missing is your tool bag. We happen to like the selection you made. Me: me too, thank you. Nibiru: The Council will consist of six. In order for our counsel to be effective, all must get along. Those we choose will be from all over the world. All will be in charge of our prize possession, planet earth.

While most are consumed with September 23, you will set the story straight, starting now. There will come a time that you will be asked to speak on behalf of the Nibirian Council. From here on out, we will teach you the ins and outs of answering their questions. So eloquently, they will not know what hit them.

Me: Cool! Nibiru: that is it for today. We know you have a busy day ahead of you. More will be revealed tomorrow. Thank you for answering our call. The honor is ours. We read your mind. Me: thank you

**just like that, gone.

9-7-17 **after some off record chatting, Nibiru was up and at em', ready to speak. Before God even. Seems God is on vacation. Yeah right.

Nibiru: that was good. God sits back doing the charades that we see never get past you. Me: nice to know you also have a great sense of humor. **a big happy dance later... Nibiru: we all do, and that is why you stuck out like a sore thumb. Gotta love them laughs you bring us. You can write what you said. Me: awe, really? To discover God is a character without a flaw, makes sense on all being just as hilarious. Nibiru: Blue Avians love dressing up in your welding attire. With you seeing their scuba gear mixed in. Me: that I do, mixed with what looks like HazMat. Too funny! No Nerdacophobians in space. Another reason I was chosen perhaps. Nibiru: yes, very much so, but onwards with this time sensitive message. We long to see your planet grow up. We long to see your world take back its power. And finally, we long to see your planet live as one. Aside from a few bad apples, we are the example Universe God would like to see Mother Earth emulate. Knowing very well she has nothing to do with the cataclysmic torture she has sustained. Who named her Mother Earth, by the way? We did. While NASA has you believing only your world exists, we know differently. The first book outlines much, including the number of lives you have all been given. What is with the number four your world has most believing? You guessed. Makes tracing your roots less appealing. What is worse is, most could care less about their origins. Your president is not to blame, your government maybe. But all in all, you the reader, they have you in the palm of their hands. They are under massive attack themselves. Lie or be shot. If they knew the afterlife existed (the way Carmen does), one of two things would happen. One, they would live according to "God's plan." And two, they would welcome death, instead of escape it, by turning the other cheek in their spiritual walk. Who is to blame for that? It is our lucky guess, the Bible writers of America. Only your continent has the evilness to ignite your entire world. Get ready for today. We love you sister Carmen. **Awe.

Evening **in seeing how big Nibiru is in comparison to Earth, WHOA! As I ask Nibiru Council... Me: being that the Vatican and NASA knew, were they literally hiding you? Nibiru: yes. Me: who is Secret Omega? Nibiru: that's us. Me: WOW! Nana Carmen, that's true?! Nana Carmen: yes **She being my great grandmother who confirms my connection to the bright side. Nibiru:we will not cause more damage than necessary. All your debts will be washed away. Not you per se, but America as a whole. The third secret you wonder about is this. On September 23, the Earth as you know it will be changed forever. Me: wait, did we already discuss first two secrets? Nibiru: no, but you inquired because of what you read. Me: does HAARP have any thing to do with this? Nibiru: yes. That's all for now. Watch some thing fun, God says.

9-9-17 Nibiru: we can talk now for a few. Let us imagine what may consume your planet when that day arrives. Will we demolish it? No. Will we leave it in pieces? Yes. In the sense of your emotions. You the reader. The last few days has been wrought with pain for Carmen Diana. Why? Her body is no longer of that world, which is a good thing. If life remains the status quo for you, seems you are doing it wrong. If shaken up by just traffic, you are on to some thing. If in tears, some thing ginormous. We witnessed that firsthand yesterday with our saint. With more F-bombs than we can count and the tears to match. It is what you can expect, should you stop trying to fit in to a world that has gone berserk.

9-11-17 Nibiru: thank you for taking our call this morning. You have had a busy one already. Nap if you can before class. Your body has not rested since your last visitor. One word of caution, do so now, before the going gets tough. That tough being fun.

The world will be a better place soon enough. The love you have for that little girl is enough to fill all hearts with joy. But onwards with our message. Tomorrow you will embark on the greatest adventure your planet has ever seen, but we will keep it at that.

9-13-17 Nibiru: thank you for the warm welcome this morning, we enjoy your company. We need to get this out this week, so let us cut thru the chase. New paragraph please.

There are many who believe your world will end later this month. As you told your friend Tim, that is a scam to sell more stuff. We do not come to cause harm, but instead to embark on the greatest adventure the earth has ever seen. If you play by our rules, that is. What might those consist of? Read the first book. To those that think God created the world, you are more lost than you know. It took one lady to break that code. Thank you Carmen Diana. Me: thank YOU! Nibiru: we are in utter respect for those of you that know the truth, which just happens to not be very many. That will change soon. Will we show our face on the twenty-third? We highly doubt it, your planet is not ready. That is all for now, more later.

We are back to close this message. Here is what you can expect later this month. **after a long pause of silence... Nibiru: nothing. Our planet will be diverted by the grace of God. Only, not the God you have been taught to believe created your world. That has been the biggest joke placed on your planet. A horrible one at that. We will come and go, leaving you undisturbed.

There will however come a time that many will show their face, but you are not ready yet. For now we ask that you not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Doing so will be recorded. Stay tuned for more after the twenty-third. God would like to have a word. Goodbye my darling. **as they fade, my heart sends gratitude and love...

God: Wow Di, they really like you. We have not spoken enough lately. Me: agreed! God: we see you miss us too. Thank you. You can title this, "On The Eve of March." **kinda funny, but... Me: that doesn't mention Nibiru, Planet X, or twenty-third. God: that was part joke. Please use your own and we will confirm as, yay or nay. **those wondering, yes! They all speak our language. God: we are in awe of your patience, more will be revealed soon. MUAH.

And so it is, Nibiru has spoken. If freedom is what you want, unplug from mainstream media. They have mastered the art of mind control, succeeding with most angry and divided. We cannot win the game of life, playing to their rules. Even those on the dark side want out. We are nearing what could be Heaven on Earth. Understand, that is precisely why that 1% is trying harder to make what does not serve our highest purpose mandatory. Also know, religion is not the answer. Those are just another source of income (and lies).

Seek self respect, and the rest will fall in to place. Also, say what you mean and mean what you say. Because, integrity = empowerment.

The End from me. Just need to run title past God.

Me: how's, "Nibiru and September 23, 2017?"

God: two thumbs up.

**as God fade, seems we are all ready for a break.

May the Source be with you to embrace Nibiru.


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