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New Kids On The Universal Block

I can't help but think... Being on the ugly side of an aftermath leads to an even uglier after life. You gotta be really oblivious (or is it ignorant) to think my Universal family does not know who says what. Tho, some things are a gimme.

Anyhow, yes! Not just one kid, an entire planet has stepped forward. Woo Hoo!

"First off, I want to say we congratulate you on that post. You were like, nervous what? Time flies when you're having fun. We get an absolute kick out of you and your multitasking capabilities.

Mainly the reason for this post is, the aftermath to our last post. Seems ------et and ---ie don't have anything better to do with their time than poke fun at our Saint. We know it doesn't stop there, but we're keeping it light with these heavy hitters. However, hardly a newsflash to Saint Carmen. She's known all along who says what and when. Time for some serious talk because life does not revolve around gossip, rumors and lies.Next on the agenda is this video. Taken by whom, when? Uranus, Pluto and Venus were all hit, yes. But from Reptilians?! Where do you people get your stories from? Are you serious? We, need I say again? Are defenseless! We do not pose a threat to anyone anywhere. Quite the contrary. It is Earthlings who live in a dog eat dog world. You expect us to go on being blamed for your nonsense? Answer me that. Those posting such hideous replicating footage need to be stopped. And when did the earth become flat? We missed that memo. We have had enough of your shenanigans. More like, outrageous accusations. We can only tolerate so much before planet earth needs to be in combustion mode. Get my drift?

What we have here is, failure to communicate. Paul Newman movie may have said it, but we mean it! Want to know what's happening on our planets? Then talk to the person that channels us. And do it while you can still afford it. Think your missiles are the only thing that can skyrocket? Saint Carmen's fees go up by the minute. A genius herself, chosen for her ability to perform on the spot. And we do mean, channeling anyone in the entire Universe. With the Sun, being her latest newcomers. New Kids On The Universal Block, you might say. Way to go Di!

Let's end by saying, we did not start this. This so-called "Battle Galactica" series you're concocting in your heads, PLURAL. If it weren't for us, you wouldn't even be alive. That's the end of that story! This is UTOT by the way. Master of the Milky Way, in case you forgot. The End. God wants to chime in." God: hi darling. You are too much with your non-stop learning. You had us in tears, with the new song of yours. How does it go?"

"Who put the dip in the dipty dipty dip? Who put the ram in the Rama lama Ling long?

We think it was Tesla, The brainiac. With Tonka following suit."

"Then we gave you the next verse..."

My momma told me,

You better shop around."

"The way you sang it was classic!"

Me: you're all messin' with my neurons, ay? God: Di, we couldn't have picked a better person. Comedy Central never ends onboard your ship. The Love Boat it is, full of fun. And now, with the Sun. "That is AMAZING!" Carmen says after talking with them last night. "Them," being the Sun Risers. Little did our baby girl know, they've been watching her for three decades. Which is about the time, her skin became more sensitive to the sun. A light worker she is!

Just this morning, in the wee hours, she hears Tonka hiccuping. What does she do? Starts sending her doggy love, light and healing. And BAM, Tonka was fast asleep. Didn't even know what "hit" him. That's the power she's been granted. Now mind you, she has been "practicing" medicine her entire life. It is for that reason, she was also chosen. What would the world do without her? But I must bid you farewell, so that our Saint can rest up before our next session of Biblical Writings.

It would behoove some of you, to keep your mouths shut. Those in agreement, you will be blessed when that day comes. Just know, it's not far away. The End. For title use, "New Kids On The Universal Block."

In all due respect and seriousness, I could not agree more with what they've shared. That video alone was like, disco meets Sci-Fi. We had to cut it short since keeping busy going nowhere is not our thing.

Meanwhile, on earth as it is beyond. Ego is an ugly thing that could follow anyone anywhere. There's an ego in every clique--only, in thee afterlife it doesn't last for longer than a blink of an eye.

Anyhow, not gonna waste my time or energy on whatchyamacallits! May you be blessed to (at the very minimum) likeyourselves (and your life) enough, to be respectful of both.

I can't help but say. Fear is what got me here. Funny thing is... Fear and/or anxiety go away so fast now, that I truly don't recall them ever being an issue.

My personal life remains somewhat private. My life as an Ascended Master and Medium, not. I'm past the worst of many things. Therefore. Ain't nothin' or nobody gonna interfere with this worldly mission I've been given. If predictions are a part of this public journey, bring em' on!

In the meantime...

Om.. Shaka laka!

As I hear, "Di, the Sun wants to chime in."

Me: giddy UP! Sun Risers: you are so funny! Your humor will take you far. It's not like you haven't already made the sky your limit, you've succeeded to go beyond it. With Moon Daddy as your guide and me as your light, there's no telling how much farther you will go. Thank you for accepting us into your domain. You will make the world a better place. Come Hell or high water, only the strong survive. That's it for now." ~Sun Risers~

WOW! When I think my Heaven on Earth can't get any grander, it does!

Me: good to go with all my tidbits? "Yes Di." As I see and hear, "hands down!" MUAH! We love you so much!"

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