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New Earth

"Time will tell when all others hop onboard the magical mystery ride, or choose to ride the tide." ~God~

"When was the last time you took inventory of your story? If you don't like the chapter you're on, rip the DAMN page out. Are you ready to shout or run about? With your mouth open wide, as you ride the tide? The End." ~Puya, your 1st Galactic sister~

"Get out of your head, and do instead. The moment of dread, will leave you dead. Ride the tide, or take it in stride. You are not invincible, and by the looks of it, convincible. Do or die." ~Jesus~

**that for anyone who knows what they should be doing. But, instead thinks they can trade themselves in for a newer model. Or have their engine rebuilt. Go figure?

Is that okay? "Splendid and factual. Thank you Di." ~Jesus~

"Good tidings are near, to those without fear. Ride the wave of compassion, or be left in the worst of fashion. A New Earth is upon us, won't you join us?" ~Moon Daddy, Creator of light~

Really?! Do you think I need to explain that to anyone?

"Yes. When you look at the Moon, what do you see? Light. When you look to the Stars, what do you see? Light. Here's UTOT...

"When Earth was created, we gave you life. This is your 12th go around. The Covenant will tell you more. Suffice to say, Moon Daddy is right about the light. When you go to bed at night, what do you see? Stars and the Moon. When you wake, what do you see? The Sun in all her glory. Think that's a coincidence? It wasn't God who created the Earth, how could that be? Where did his mother Mary come from? I didn't think so. That's enough for today. Some things you'll need to read when we publish the new Covenant of The Ark. And other things, you'll have to wait and see. Bye my loves." ~UTOT, Creator of the Universe~

"Here's Moon Daddy"

"I just want to say, have a wonderful day. If things don't go your way (you the reader), who's calling the shots? If life gets you down, will you be left with a permanent frown? When the going gets tough, don't say you've had enough. That's all for today, we're excited about The Covenant. Thank you Di. MUAH." ~Moon Daddy~

"Who's side are you on when Earth rumbles on? The tide is no joke. That's all, rest today. Soon your schedule will ease up. Meanwhile, your classes await you. We love you Mija, and we see your heart with love for the gazillions of us. It is no wonder your eyes continue to change color. For now, that grey-brown suits you. Bye my love. One more today then rest." ~Mary, Mother of God~

Me: Oh no. Did I hear a, "Yoo Hoo... "

"Yes. Your BFF, better known as God. Me, myself and I, just want to say, today is your day. Treat it as such. No more public channeling or Covenant writing today. You need rest. Bye my loves. Yes, you the readers included. We are gathered here, in this thing called life. Respect in what matters will see you thru, but that's all for now." ~God your Father in Heaven~

Something tells me, those Tsunami signs along our Santa Monica coast are no joke.

In wanting to comment on God's sense of humor, I hear, "God in all his goofy glory," from UTOT.

Never a dull moment, as I breathe some mighty blessed air.

May you too be blessed to heed thee ongoing heads UP, of warnings.

Om.... Shaka Laka


Me: good to go? "Woo Hoo from us all!"

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