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New Earth

New Earth awaits you.

So very exciting to be connected to the Master of thee entire Universe. And have her tell me last night, "we have a special announcement." And not have a CLUE what it was about. Don't bother me none that I had to wait till this morning to get it.

Here she is to reveal it...

"We are gathered here to disclose the plans God has for the New Earth. Plans of enlightenment, fulfillment, truth, justice, peace and harmony. A beautiful world that most will survive.

When the New Earth takes hold of your surroundings, you may not know what hit you. Talk about thee after effects. WHOA is an understatement. Talk about the changes you will see and feel, and you will forever be in awe of God.

We welcome feedback with Saint Carmen. As she has been selected to help bring forth the New Earth. That's it for today." ~UTOT, Master of The Milky Way~

No wonder my BFF (God) is on bed rest. WOW!

Should this be news to anyone, you may wanna cross check with what your fellow Earthlings have to say. There's a ton of info about it online. Tho, I for one prefer to get my info directly from Source. May you all be blessed to be ready in body, mind, spirit and surroundings. Because it will happen, and for all the right reasons.


Me: my before and after good to go? UTOT: great!

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