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My Twelfth Guide

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Sunday night, guides 11 & 12 introduced themselves. No words can describe how I have felt from the get go. Especially when mother came thru first. My 11th guide, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer left me speechless. Then came guide #12 intro. Before I introduce her, I just wanna say... I am a huge fan of keeping your liver clean. Not just to help keep your blood clean, cravings away and you at optimal weight. It is great for intuition, anger mananagement, forgiveness and keeping you dis-ease free. In thee UPRIGHT position.

Well! When I asked this guide what took so long to choose someone. Her response was, I was waiting for the right person. I am honored to be a ChannelHer for the woman responsible for bringing a well-known, rather KICKASS liver flush to many (open-minded) in the world of detox. Hulda Clark, Doctor of Naturopathy. I will allow her to introduce herself...

"You have no idea how many times I tried getting someone to share thee importance of a clean liver. When I was living it was just as difficult. Now I find you. And only you have what I'm looking for. Liver is so important. I am appalled at the way society abuses their body. It was God given, but they treat it like a waste receptacle. The liver can make or break a person.

May you be blessed for bringing this information. Thank you for thee opportunity to share again. It means a lot to know there are believers on planet earth. You are a Saint for never losing hope. We are beyond ecstatic to have you. May you continue to make the world a healthier planet in body, mind and spirit. God loves you more than you know. We all do. Rest now." ~Hulda Clark, Doctor of Naturopathy with wings~

I was so tired, she knew it.

With cancer being near and dear to me on helping others, her books spoke to me. I am happy to continue to share her information.

Illness or not, you owe it to yourself to give your body a tune-up every now and then. It'll run smoother and last you longer. Question is... With more life to your years and years to your life? Or merely a slow suicide?

So many choices, so little time? Hardly. But it starts with you.

May you be blessed,


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