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My Third Guide

A woman whose path I was blessed to cross. What started out as her husband being referred to me, turned into a beautiful friendship with her. Being that, he chose western medicine instead. And while I'm not blaming it entirely, he did leave planet earth fairly quick, meaning... why prolong? A sad day indeed.

However, the friendship that did blossom was a soul felt one. My friend and guide, Kate has been BEYOND patient in waiting to introduce herself. But, knew very well why all intros have been on hold. I thank you for your patience Kate. At last, it is your turn...

Kate: I know Tai does not believe I am talking thru you. Most are skeptical. Only those with a pure heart can grasp this. I am not saying my daughter is unpure, she just continues to hurt. She is upset you never came to visit. Me: I sensed that. Kate: She did not know your circumstances. Everyone must know. Before we can judge, we must walk a mile in their shoes. Edward says, "Hi." Me: (as I smile)... please tell him hello for me. "Will do." Also tell him, I WISH I had let him teach me guitar. Kate: yes. Carmen, or should I say Saint Carmen. You are a wonderful person. I will never forget the 5 star smoothies you made for me. You were a godsend. Only, I did not participate in all that was asked of me. You gave me more years to my life and life to my years. Those baths were a TRIP! Me: yeah. Out of all the people I've helped, you were the toughest when it came time for those baths. You were always game for more. Kate: they were quite lovely actually. Me: that's so you! Kate: they were intense, but truly a gift. Me: care to elaborate for readers? Kate: they open chakras. Remember I'd sit and watch all the cool designs before me? Me: YEP! Kate: like an acid trip, really. Except they unblock what's blocking you. Me: I love those baths. Did them twice myself. Tho second time not so easy doing solo. But precisely why I want to visit detox centers around the world. Kate: you will. Me: I want more hydrotherapy and beyond. Kate: we will be giving you many ancient beauty secrets that not even the most exclusive centers know about. Me: WOW! Kate: yeah... Me: is there anything else you'd like to say for your intro? Kate: Don't give up. I know it can be difficult feeling like you're swimming upstream in a world of negativity. You will make a difference whether all like it or not. As for Thaïs, give her time. My sweet baby girl. I miss her so much, but she is always with me. In time, she'll allow even me to enter.

May you continue to be blessed dear Carmen. God, or as you say, "the gods" know it did not come easy. But that's what happens when we push ourselves instead of taking the easy way out. Taking the easy way out only prolongs happiness. Or what you refer to your life now as... The best fairy tale ever. Wait'll you see what they've/we've got planned."

Me: I'm excited (as I see your eyes sparkle). Kate: you should see your mom. Very Zen-like right now. At last her $10 baby has earned her wings. Only difference is... your life is heaven on earth. Even if it is in a big rig for now.

May you be blessed (as she close her eyes and sign off)." ~Kate Woodville, my friend without end~

**this first portion was channeled over a week ago. However, for security reasons, I was offline and hand writing all.

In finalizing this, I asked if she had anything else she'd like to add. Her humble "no" quickly turned into a yes, yes, yes! So here it is from today...

Kate: Thaïs Carmen is thinking of you. Me: would you like me to include this? Kate: yes. She and John want to talk with you. They got your Christmas message. Me: from you thru me Kate: yes Me: did they get on time? Kate: yes, but they were skeptical. Me: like most everybody else? Kate: they stayed in bed. Me: so they didn't see you? Kate: no Me: would you like me to include all this? Kate: yes. She will contact you soon. That's it for now.

***please notes, many things they see are in the future.

Me: are you going to rest? Kate: Yes Me: you've been waiting to talk Kate: yes. Me: is there anything you want to say about that? Kate: yes. You have been very busy. You are chanelling a lot of necessary information. Me: I know you're tired. I just want to finish and post this today. Kate: yes. Other than that, you are undergoing major transformation. Me: EXHAUSTING transformation, upgrades and downloads. Kate: yes Me: I just wanted everyone to understand why I haven't introduced everyone yet. And now there's SIXTEEN. Kate: yes (as she begin fading) Me: any final words? Kate: may you be blessed. Me: thank you Kate. I love you Kate: ilu

A beautiful lady inside and out. Her eyes continue to sparkle and her face light up like it were yesterday. I was hoping she'd be a Guide. Sure enough! She began talking shortly after I discovered I was a ChannelHer (barely 2 months ago).

May you all be blessed to be surrounded by beautiful souls. Should you not appreciate them while on planet earth, may you do what is necessary so you can afterwards.

It is in living the Golden Rule while they were alive, that I've been selected (among other things). As for my guides I never met in person, but did follow their work? HUGE BONUS. I've also got some rather high profile guides on the team now. And more on the way.

I AM truly blessed and will never take any of this for granted. Time to ride the wave. Carmen

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