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My Sixth Guide


A woman whose work I knew of, and my lil sis a fan of. A public figure that some bash publicly. Those who like to find the bad in people before the good, that is. The glass half empty sort of person.

Anyhow, sure there are scammers out there. And it doesn't end with Psychics/Mediums. I mean, if it started and stopped with us, then why the term, "snake oil salesmen?" Must I continue to repeat... "Finger pointing has 3 pointing back at you?" Obviousely I do.

As a medium with 27 guides now, I can tell you, it can be very tiring and frustrating. Much of what we get, are predictions. Other messages can be what a certain person really wants (even tho it won't happen). Those tend to be the shallow wishes of things. Like money. Not an honest way either, I'm talking in, waiting for a person to die.

Then, I get the, what is happening now. Minor details can be a bit off. Like, the name of a street, but general area, spot on.

And then there's the, bittersweetness. Knowing things and not being able to tell anyone. Let alone, the person it'll effect. I've shed tears over this one. And I'm new to this (2+ months). I run everything past them and often times, TRIPLE and QUADRUPLE check before I post what they want me to. Yet, it can feel like I'm opening up a can of worms. But I always do what my guides say. Even if it makes me uncomfortable.

With that said, my next guide is Sylvia Browne, spiritual teacher and psychic. She came thru less than a week or so after I began channeling. She congratulated me on solving a murder. Hadn't heard from her much since then. But know all are there. And all attend what seems rather frequent meetings. On behalf of lil ol' me.

Here she is...

"Me: you there Sylvia?

Sylvia: yes

Me: what would you like to say for your intro?

Sylvia: you are really good

Me: thank you

Sylvia: that was incredible, you telling Kent who killed his dad.

Me: I can thank my mom for that. However, evidence is gone.

Sylvia: big yes. You will be blessed for all the people you help.

Me: what would you like to say to readers?

Sylvia: Stop making your life to be something it's not. Your ego separates you from your happiness. Take responsibility for your actions. You aren't exactly making yourself a very nice bed. Carmen has been without one for 3 years, and she continues to be nice to everyone. She is exhausted but she plugs away. She is on the verge of much. Her true friends and family will be blessed. This is something Carmen has known, without anyone telling her. She told one sister today. She now has 27 team members. We are delighted to have her. She works tirelessly on behalf of many. Yet her work goes unappreciated by most.

Carmen has given year after year of her time and gift of natural healing. She is beyond ready to ride the greatest adventure of her life. One that will be minus many.

**a pause, as I wait...

Me: is that it for your intro and message?

Sylvia: yes

Me: thank you very much. Quick question... Do you have a message for my lil sis?

Sylvia: tell Leann to listen to you and your mom. She will be blessed when she does. Tell -- he lost a great lady. Tell Irma, get ready for Omar. She needs to tell -- to get lost. Tell Sam, I am proud of him for taking care of you. Tell Rosalie to stop before it's too late. Tell Mike to stop procrastinating. Tell Joe to thank his lucky stars he sold his home. Tell Josie, she will be fine. She just needed a good kick in thee ass. Tell Jesse to get off his high horse. And everybody else too.

Me: WOW, thank you for all those. When you say everyone else. You mean, those who read my posts?

Sylvia: yes.

Me: Except for those not too proud to acknowledge my posts, correct?

Sylvia: yes

Me: thank you. Any final thoughts?

Sylvia: no

Me: how would you like me to sign your name?" ~Sylvia Browne, her psychic in heaven~

WHEW! At last, another intro. Hard to do on the truck. But like all, she was a trooper, and beyond patient. Considering she came thru tail end of November.

I am grateful for her message. I also know not to count my chicks before they hatch. But I'd be honored, should their plans for me come to fruition. I'm just in dire need of some R n' R (rest and relaxation) before certain things happen 😁


When would you like me to post this?

Sylvia: (thinking... ) Sunday.

Me: February 14th?

Sylvia: yes.

May you all be blessed to BELIEVE. In yourself that is. Unless mistaken, you did not sign up to be a cookie cutter. You are unique. Embrace it. Once you do, your world will forever be a much happier place. You've also gotta have faith. Faith = Patience.

Take the easy way out and you may find your life difficult. Allow some discomfort and growing pains. You'll be happy you did.

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master


**she wanted me to tell you she approved of everything I wrote (outside her message). I run everything past them. They edit, approve and even give me titles. When we were done editing this, she was soooo happy. Very heartwarming for me. She now says, "tell everyone my Medium is now Carmen.

Tell them to accept you as a Medium. Tell them just because I am gone doesn't mean I can't do readings thru you. Sylvia lives on whether they like it or not.

That's it."

Me: wow, thank you.

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