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My Seventh Guide

2-10-16 What a roller coaster ride last week was. Or more like me feeling like a human yo-yo. Turns out my bodyguard that was supposed to pick me up, has, what my next guide said... "Fallen for me."

This next beauty was happy to channel thru me. I remember her as always being quiet. Well, she is still very soft spoken, and oh so sensitive too. But, she had lots to say. My great grandmother Carmen, whom we were lucky to have a 5 generations photo taken with her. If I wasn't on truck, I'd post it.

Anyhow, it is heartwarming that she so loves that I'm the Medium in the family. She was quite generous with her time, information and patience. Enjoy the queen of Golden Rule, my very wise Nana...

Hi Nana Carmen! How are you? Nana: I'm great Me: such sweet lil response (she was a quiet one) Nana: yes Me: thank you for choosing me to channel thru. Nana: big yes. You are a Saint. Me: thank you Nana. What is your reason for saying that?

Nana: you never stop Me: I love channeling. I just wish I could post what I've channeled already. Nana: soon you will have a beautiful life. Me: I look very forward to it Nana: you are funny Me: I'm glad I can make all of you laugh. Even if I have to ZIP IT myself. Nana: you can make the most serious things funny. Me: thank you and thank God. Far too much uprightness around me. Nana: long yes Me: what would you like to say for your intro? Nana: you will be blessed for all this. Me: I see and feel it already. Of course, more is great too. Like when I had custody of 4 lil ones that year. Someone told me, you'll be blessed. Never thought that day would ever come. Nana: you gave them a great home and environment. Me: thank you. It was not easy, but once again, I survived. Nana: yes, and Aliana is thee only one that appreciates. Me: sad but true. Nana: yes. You are in for big surprises Me: ☺️ you've seen my frustrations, but I know you all understand. Nana: you will get more than we've told you. You are very beautiful. Me: that's very sweet Nana, thank you. How do you like that "Saint" before our name ☺️ Nana: I love it. It fits you. Me: thank you, tho it's really OUR name. Any messages for anyone and/or people in general? Nana: yes. We are so proud to have a Medium in the family. Me: me too! 😆 even tho it's become full time, I wouldn't trade it, for NADA! Nana: it'll get easier once you are off truck. Me: WHEW, tho I knew it would for various reasons. Nana: yes. You can start making all your goodies soon. Me: my body, mind and spirt look forward to that. Nana: long yes. You have more than earned all you will get. Soon it will begin. Me: you're very sensitive, huh Nana? I can tell. Nana: yes Me: no wonder you've kinda just remained in the background. Tho I know you attend every meeting and watch over me. Nana: yes. You can tell? Me: yes. I guess it's another one of my gifts. I feel thee emotions and mood. You are by far the most sensitive. Nana: yes. Me: that speaks volumes on what each generation has become accustomed to. How old are you up there? Nana: yes. 39 Me. Ahhh. You mind telling me why 39? Nana: no. That was the year I graduated high school. Me: you were 39 y/o? That's very exciting! Nana: yes. We had to work in the cotton fields. Me: my mom told us about that. That had to be difficult, especially in Arizona! Nana: yes. We had no choice. Me: and kids think THEY have it bad these days. Of course, many parents coddle/paralyze them. Protection has taken on a whole new meaning. Nana: you are so wise. Me: thank you Nana. As you know, everyone can be. They just gotta tend to their body, mind and spirit like they do their 4-leggeds and 4-wheels. Those can be replaced. I'm sure you've heard my opinion on all that. Nana: big long yes. You don't look your age because you keep your spirit happy. Me: oooh... Thanks for connecting the 2. Thank you. Nana: thank you for being our Medium Me: that's very sweet, but really it is ME who is thankful. Nana: you earned it.

Me: I feel like I did. I do know I earned my stripes (grey hairs) 😁 Nana: you are very talented. Me: wow Nana--you're full of compliments. Thank you. I take them very serious, coming from your generation. I've said many times that I was born in the wrong era. But really, mother did a fine job. How do you like my... "Momma didn't raise no fool. And poppa didn't raise no wimp!" saying?

As for talented, I've been referred to as a jack of all trades and a master of one at a time. But... are there talents I don't know I have? DO tell! Nana: yes. You can sing and dance. Me: ☺️ sorry to interrupt, but I LOVE doing both. I'm way over due on dancing. I believe had I not lost all confidence after my dad passed when I was 9. I'd have pursued both. Anyways... Not to boast, are there more? Nana: yes. You can paint and draw cartoons. Me: one of my guides said I should take a painting class. Nana: yes. You should.

Me: will I be taking watercolor? (as I listen to music and cry) Nana: yes. You are crying because you miss Ali. Me: and thee old DNA being washed away burns like heck! Nana: yes. You will see her again. Me: ☺️

Nana: you are such a good person Me: thank you Nana: -- needs to know your bodyguard has fallen for you Me: I do believe honesty hurts less Nana: it does. Me: I just don't understand how a man I never met can do that. Amazing. Nana: He sees you from a distance and thinks you are beautiful and funny and happy-go-lucky. Me: wow. How can he tell I'm funny? Cuz I laugh at myself? Often. Nana: yes. He sees your aura. Me: sounds like I can learn a thing or two from him.

Nana: you already see them.

**as I sing and channel...

Nana: you sing so well. Don't hide it. Me: I do prefer to sing when/like nobody's watching 😉 Nana: you should not care.

Me: thank you Nana. I will work on it. It's the next best thing to dancing. When I settle, I'm gonna dance!

**as I wait on her very big long yes

Me: wow Nana. Don't fall over 😆 Nana: too funny mija Me: I love that I can see thee emotions of my team/guides/cheerleaders. Nana: yes. You are in for more surprise gifts. Me: giddy UP! Nana, do you have message for anyone and/or general info? I can keep talking about us. Just don't wanna bore anyone. Or piss em' off 😉 Nana: yes. You aren't. You would be surprised to find out how many people find you interesting. You are so many things. Me: thank you Nana. I will let you direct conversation from now on. Nana: yes. I will give messages when I'm ready. Me: 👍🏼 I'm glad you've/we've gotten rest between this, cuz I'm LOVIN' talking to you. Nana: good. Me too. Me: YAY! Nana: you are a lady to the core Me: wow, kinda funny, but thankyouverymuch! How do you like my britches? I love them, even if they are makeshift for now. Nana: we love your creativity. Me: thank you. So many ideas just come to me and my ten point thixth pound brain 😆 (a Jerry Maguire movie thing) Nana: yes. You are funny. Me: you like when I say it with a lisps? 😆

*as I rock out

Nana: yes. You can sing to me anytime. Me: very sweet Nana. I will keep that in mind. Mother and I sang all the time. She has a beautiful voice. Nana: yes. She sings here... Me: all the TIME?! What a joy! What does she sing? Nana: everything Me: awe. Warms my heart. I will do darndest to hear her one day ☺️ Nana: you will Me: now THAT'S beautiful! Can't wait! Nana: yes. She loves Ritchie Valens Me: yep! Her high school classmate. Silly him! He should've been singing about Carmen, not Donna 😉 Nana: yes. Me: do you see him up there? Nana: no Me: he already reincarnated? Nana: yes. You make us so proud Me: thank you . Wouldn't want it any other way.

Nana: you took good care of yourself Me: it hasn't been easy, but thank you. When I see myself in photos or in mirror, I think I look so tired. I know "it" will get better once I'm off truck. Nana: yes. Wait till you see what's in store for you. Me: some pampering and world class detox spa centers around the world, I hope. Hmmm... No emoticon to show eyelashes batting. Darn! Nana: you are so funny! Sam is funny too. Me: thank GOD! Some people, I swear their face would crack if they smiled. Nana: yes. You out do yourself time and time again. Me: it's so much easier to be happy and humorous than angry and anally uptight. Very sad many don't enjoy just being. They try so hard and miss so much. Nana: yes. And funny. I see you wanting to clap to that song. Me: yes! That and dance to many of these songs. I think I'd make a good choreographer. I see what these songs need. If that makes sense? Nana: yes. You are right on choreographer. Me: thank you. Can't WAIT to dance, NON nightclub. Nana: you will. Sam loves dancing salsa and swing. Me: OMG! Too good to be true. I LOVE those. Nana: yes. His mom told him you do too. Me: she is sweet, and don't WE love her name? Nana: yes Carmen, like us. She really likes you.

Me: whew! First test, PASSED ✔️ Nana: yes. Funny and true. You are too much with your humor. Me: thank you Nana Nana: tell -- you need to eat. Me: I know. He's all about... Hollah for a Dollah! Nana: yes. True and sad. Me: it's his priority as life pass him by, but I'm thankful for warm bed and hot showers 😔 Nana: yes. You will be off soon Me: thank you. So, what's the NEXT topic of conversation? Nana: you are very patient. Me: thank you. No more hot tamale with pilot of this ship. Thanks to Brother Matts's 4 magic words... "May you be blessed." Nana: yes. We are so happy he selected you. Me: it all seems so unreal Nana. I cannot believe it. I will do my darndest to make him and everyone proud. Fallen Angel is not in my vocabulary. Nana: yes. You do make us very proud. Me: ☺️ happy to hear that from you again. I am so blessed. Nana: yes. And so much to come. Me: a breath of fresh air, as I remember to breathe deeply per Nana Angie

**Dinner break

Nana: you are so proper. Me: oh Nana, that is sweet. Your generation knows! Like, "lady to the core." I can DIG it! **interuption ended that conversation


Hi Nana, you there? Nana: yes. I'm better knowing you're okay Me: thank you. I don't like myself mad. That's why I repeat those 4 magic words. I'm happy with no expectations. You've all heard my requests. I'm good for now, but would like to get off truck. I NEED to get passport and so much more. I love you very much and appreciate you taking the lead on this. Nana: yes. Don't cry. Me: I just want to be alone a good week to cry, rest, recoup and write. And have a life already! Nana: yes. You will soon. Me: thank you. Tho it's better to just be surprised. Can't handle another let down Nana: yes. We won't let you down. Me: 27 of you

Nana: yes. That was very cruel. Me: I'm glad you see that. Nana: you are a Saint. Me: tho some don't take it serious. My sense of humor helps with much, but I agree on cruel. Nana: yes. You will be blessed. Me: thank you. I know I'm doing my part. Especially when you said, OBEY! 😁 Nana: yes. You are too much with wanting to channel. Me: can't help it 😳

**wheels start turning and I begin channeling w/o pendulum

Nana: yes. You even know what we're gonna say. Me: yes. Imagine once I'm off truck. Woo Hoo! Nana: yes. Just keep singing. Me: (as I giggle). Did you hear me repeat, "may you be blessed" quickly because I heard you. I just don't wanna feel like I direct your responses. Nana: yes. You are good. Trust it. Me: it certainly makes channeling quicker. And since I want to post all you want me to, I've gotta stop and write. I look forward to my Dragon Naturally Speaking to type for me. Nana: yes. Plus, you don't strain your neck. Me: yeah, cuz the ten point thixth pound brain gets heavy 😆 Nana: that is so funny when you say it. Me: I get a kick out of saying it too. Nana: yes. We can tell. Me: ☺️ Nana: you are so good to people. Me: thank you. Just a lil more patience, huh? Nana: yes. Soon mija. Me: I'll take soon any day, over this entire week. Nana: yes. Your skin itches from thee upgrades. Me: OMG! It gets crazy, quick! Had to grab hat too. Will it go away? Nana: yes. Me: whew! Sorry for noise around me. Nana: yes.

**serious private talk

Nana: you are tough. Me: yes. Steel fist in a velvet glove. I feel like a worn out yo-yo that took its final up swing. Or like the feather in Forrest Gump, waiting for a place to land. Nana: yes. Me: (as I go to reach for iPod then decide not to. Difficult to sing and channel). She says... Nana: "why don't you sing?"

Me: I can read your mind so well. As you know, I have to stop channeling on some songs, just to sing. Nana: yes. But we love it. Me: any requests on artists? Nana: no. Anything. Me: maybe I'll shuffle, then I don't have to play DJ. Nana: yes. You sing so well. Me: thank you Nana. It's certainly therapeutic. Nana: yes. We know. And you needed it. Me: BOY did I! And it worked like a charm! Nana: yes. It certainly did. Me: thank God. Nana: I know mija. Me: (as I begin shuffle, Cat Stevens begins). How do you like them apples! Nana: yes. Much better. Why didn't you play your audiobook ? Me: (as I giggle). It's an older version. Nana: yes, but even -- said he loved your voice. Me: I take much with a grain of salt. Nana: you're too hard on yourself. Give yourself credit where credit is due. Me: thanks to you, I am singing more often and louder now 😉 Nana: we know, and like it. Me: maybe one day my mom and I can sing together again. Nana: she says yes Me: so sweet. She stopped singing too. Nana: yes, she regrets it. We must never stop doing what we love. Me: I agree, tho don't practice what I preach. I stopped dancing. Nana: you'll dance again. Me: can't WAIT! I just feel like it's all a hoax of some sort at times with such grand perks coming my way. Of course, we did not expect what happened to happen. Nana: yes. He is besides himself. Doesn't know how to make it up. Me: as you know, I'd rather not know. A week alone would be great. Some pampering, even better. Nana: do you want us to arrange that? Me: yes please. Nana: consider it done. Me: I'm sure you all know my desires. But, first things first. Mail and passport. Then I'm free a bit then HazMat stuff. Nana: yes mija, we know all you need to get done. Me: thank you. Nana: that's the lady that... Me: yes (in reference to who's talking on iPod). What do THEY think about it? Nana: in disbelief. They thought he would do what was asked of him. Me: yeah, considering the danger. Nana: especially that! You can rest assure it won't happen again. Me: thank you. And for taking charge. Nana: that's what Nana's are for. Me: ☺️ I love it. Nana: and I love seeing you smile. And sing. Me: me too! At least I'm not wiped out like yesterday. Nana: yes. That was rough. Me: and I didn't sleep enough, but I almost always wake up with a song. Nana: almost?! Me: funny. Most songs seem to come with a message. To self. Nana: yes. See, you don't need your pendulum. Me: I know, but that crutch just makes me 100% sure. Nana: we understand. You've come a long way so quickly. Me: yes. I look back and think, WOW! I look forward to posting at least once daily. Nana: you will. We just had to get past that nonsense. Me: sadly. Nana: yes, but no. Because great things ahead for you. Me: I just don't want to post anymore grand predictions until they happen. Nana: we got that. And it won't happen again. Me: I trust you. Nana: yes. You have every right to. You'll explain to readers. Me: yes. You did mention part of it. Nana: yes. Like I said, you had to. Me: yes, even though that plan back fired. Nana: yes and no. There are no mistakes mija. Time will show you what we have planned for you. Just you wait and see. Me: did you just say... "She's good!" Nana: yes. Me: I'm getting better knowing my thoughts from yours. Nana: yes. It takes some a lifetime what you got in a couple months. Me: no wonder I'm exhausted. Nah Nana: you have every right to be. Me: nana, I know I said I'd let you lead conversation, and this is far from small talk. Nana: then? Me: don't wanna bore anyone. Nana: You're not. Stop worrying. Me: thank you. Of course, I edit/run entire message with whomever I'm channeling. Nana: yes you do and we appreciate that. Even your own words, you get our permission. Me: I have to. Don't wanna upset anyone, or think I know better. And it's helped. Even with titles, you're all writers up there. I love it! Nana: you're a writer too. Me: thank you. For English being my worst subject and never taking a day of typing, I DO enjoy it. Of course, the perfect writing space would be nice. Nana: you'll have that and more. Me: I guess the big rig is on hold? Nana: no Me: 😁 Nana: we see how much you enjoy being behind the wheel. Me: yes. Minus this lifestyle. Nana: soon you'll be off mija. Me: thank you, for so many reasons. Nana. Yes. Don't give up. You will be blessed soon. Me: I wanna say I won't hold my breath, but coming from you, after that, OBEY. I know you're serious. I know all are. My humor just got taken advantage of perhaps. Nana: something like that. Me: that and my thoughts. Being a Medium has some serious bittersweet moments. Nana: yes it does, but you're really good at it. Me: thank you. Even if I do have to leave out bits of the information here and there. Nana: yes, but not for long. You will see. You won't be so tired anymore either. Me: that'd be good. I get tired then can't sleep. This energy needs to be danced off 😁 Nana: yes Me: I still need to write all this. Nana: why wouldn't you? Me: just checking. Nana: you're very polite. Me: I love the words you use. Nana: why funny? It's true. This is our time, and my intro. Me: keep taking charge Nana. I love it. Nana: always mija. You deserve a break. It's coming. We know you get tired, but you keep plugging away. Me: that I do. I can't imagine life without plugging away at something. Especially this! Nana: that is music to our ears. Do you know how happy it makes us that you enjoy doing this for us? Me: you've told me, yes. Can you imagine if you were all still alive, you'd probably think I LOST it! Like others do. Nana: some are believing. Some are regretting. Me: regretting? Nana: yes. That they were nicer to you. Me: you know me. Last thing I don't need are fair weather friends. Nana: yes. Nobody deserves that, especially you! Me: thank you Nana: you are A beautiful lady with a beautiful soul. Why someone would want to hurt you, we don't understand. Me: either do I and that's what hurts. Nana: it's coming to fruition soon. That's a real bumpy ride. Me: yes, between the stops and starts. A pendulum would not be possible. Nana: glad you let it go. You don't need. You know how to go with your gut. So do it. Me: good way to put it. Nana: that's what it is. Send him that info.

*had to email someone that was on my mind

Me: okay, I'll be back. Okay. Finito! Nana: that elbow really bothers you. Me: yes. I need my osteopath. And uninterrupted rest for Yuta to work her magic. Nana: soon. Everything will be better than nice. I have messages now. Me: you DO?! Cool, I'm ready. Nana: tell Tia Vicky, she should believe you. Because we are delighted to have a Medium in the family. Tell Tia Inez I love her. And you can help her. Tell Irma, Omar won't pursue if -- in picture. She'll be sorry. Tell Junior, we love the work he's doing. Tell Lencho, I love him. Tell Tio Andy, I love seeing him play. Tell Teresa you are related. Me: WOW! I sensed there was something about her from the get go. Nana: yes. You knew she was special Me: so how are we related? Nana: she is Tio Andy's daughter. Me: really?! Does his wife know? Nana: no Me: does Tio Andy know? Nana: yes. Me: OMG! You want me to post this? Nana: yes. Me: deep breathe, WOW! I will tag her when I do. Shall we continue with messages? Nana: yes.

2-15-16 Me: whew! I'm glad we're caught up and edited what needed to be. Are you ready to continue with messages Nana?

Nana: yes. Tell Louie, we are proud how he takes care of his wife. He also does beautiful work. Tell Leann, she is making her mom sad by not listening. Tell Mike, time waits for nobody. Tell Josie, I'm proud of her strength. Me: that's nice. Me too. Nana: yes. She just wanted a relationship with her daughter. Me: yes. That's why I didn't interfere, as much as it hurt. Nana: yes. We see your tears. Especially when songs remind you of Ali. Me: but My Ali Amor has grown from it too. Nana: yes. She loves you so very much. Me: and me, her. Nana: yes. Rosalie has been very mean to you both. Me: go figure? That had to be my greatest hurt, but it propelled me into knowing I was in midst of awakening. Or tail end of it, huh? Nana: yes. You will both be blessed. Me: Ali and I will celebrate! Nana: yes. And she knows it. Me: yes. My lil Ascended Master. I will never forget seeing her 3rd eye (also w/ long eyelashes) open in that dream. After she sank in water and disappeared. That's when I knew she'd be okay. Nana: yes. You're good at interpreting dreams. Me: Lord knows, I did all the research on me 😉 Nana: yes. You never stopped learning. Me: it's what helped keep me going. And talking to Ali here and there. Like I did all of you.Nana: yes. She hears you. Me: an Ascended Master in a past life, she ascended quickly in this one. I just can't imagine all the pain she's endured. On every level. Am I correct Nana? And probably feeling so alone. Nana: yes. You both are old souls. She is also Sirian like you. Me: and we both have the marking. Is she Indigo then too? Nana: yes. Me: (no words, just in awe) Nana: you can call her your baby. Me: no thoughts get past any of you, but yes. I've always called her that. Nana: no. Besides, she chose you. Me: I'm glad you agree with what I've been saying for decades... We choose our family for the lessons we need to learn. Or in Aliana's case, she taught me. Nana: yes. You are so smart. Me: thank you Nana. I guess that's one benefit of being a first wave Indigo. Many things, I just know. Of course, being Sirian is a bonus! Anyways... Nana: yes. We are so proud to have you channel for us. Me: me too ☺️ Nana: long yes Me: you ready for more messages? Nana: yes. Tell Jesse, the sooner he drop his ego, the sooner his life will have meaning. Tell Tio Smokey, you can help him. He needs you. Tell Mike, he needs you too. Tell Rosalie, if she doesn't stop, she will be stopped. Tell Joe, -- uses men. How dare she treat you (me) that way after you gave her kids and her a home. Me: yes, very shocking. God forbid I rain on her parade. Nana: yes. Talk about not appreciating. She will pay for that. Me: 😮 wow Nana: yes. You don't need faces, we see them. Me: as I laugh. I guess for the earthlings that can't see or feel. Nana: yes. Tell Tio Chris, you will visit him soon. Me: 😁 Nana: tell Monica to stop disrespecting her mom. Tell Nicole, get rid of --. He has too many girlfriends to count. She is not smart to put up with that.

**as names start popping in my head from hers, I start repeating... May you be blessed. To drown them out. Didn't work. Nana: let me direct conversation. Tell Melissa and Laura, thanks for leaving you out. Me: you mean 6 were invited to something, but not me? Nana: yes. You knew. Me: I don't get it Nana. I just don't. I DO KNOW, it was all their best kept secret. Nana: Yes. It's so sad. Me: and nobody tried to get me to go/be invited? Nana: no. They are all cruel. You will be blessed with a new family. Me: 😔 you read my mind on that last part. Nana: yes. Tell Rene, she needs to stop smoking. Tell Briana to believe you. Lisa too. Tell Sam thank you for getting bodyguard. Tell bodyguard, drive safe. Tell Louie (Pacheco) to get beds for Leann. Tell Aliana, I am so proud of her. Me: as I take breath of fresh air... Me too. Nana: that's it mija Me: wow Nana. I am so honored to be talking with you and have you taking the lead with much. The time you spent talking and waiting to talk is so appreciated. May it not fall on deaf ears. Nana: yes. We know it will for some, but that's their story. Me: I suppose I can run away now 😉 Nana: soon mija Me: I love you very much Nana: I love you ~Nana Carmen, her Angel in heaven~

And there you have it. Somewhere I forgot to enter date, but this took 4 different days to complete.

I'm taking the night off.

May you all be blessed


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