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My Fourth Guide

A woman who is near and dear to me. One that I am a lot alike in our love for gardening, natural remedies and importance of exercise. My Nana Angelita, an Angel indeed. I thank her and all my guides for their patience. Posting has been minimal simply because not easy to channel with 18 wheels turning. Being exhausted from the work on my crystal. And finally... I have 4 new guides. They've been talking up a storm.

I'll simply say, they're Sirian, from the Sirius Galaxy. A place, this first wave Indigo (me) is from. Thus, they tell me we're related 😁 All I know is... I'm one lucky gal! TWENTY guides now.

Okay. Here's my beautiful Nana Angie...

2-5-16 Me: Hello Nana Angie. Long time no talk! Nana: yes Me: how are you?! Nana: super! Me: no more asthma, huh? Nana: no Me: great Nana: yes Me: do you think Tia Vicky will believe this? Nana: no Me: What would you like to say to introduce yourself? Nana: you are a Saint Me: thank you Nana Nana: yes. Tell Tia Vicky that I love her. I don't like that people don't believe you. Me: me either. I put so much time and energy out to share this information. Not to boast. But to help others like I do with disease prevention and natural healing (as she say "Yes" entire time). Nana: you are a Saint Me: at first I thought you were all kidding because you said it so often. Nana: no. We are so delighted to have Sam watching out for you. Me: me too Nana: you will be bulletproof this weekend. Then you will be off truck (as she fade out). Me: are you resting? Nana: yes Me: okay. I'll check back in a few.

**never did that day because others were eager to talk.

2-6-16 Me: WOW! Yesterday was a busy day meeting 3 new guides. "Team members" as you've all been saying. How are you? You seem well rested. Nana: big yes Me: are you ready to finish your intro? Nana: you are a Saint Me: thank you. And you are my Angel (as she say yes). Me: is it because I slept at a Walmart distribution center? (Truth, but say jokingly). Nana: yes. We are all very happy for you. Me: thank you Nana: you and -- will be together soon (as my smile get bigger and wam fuzzies fill me. We both give big YAYS!) Me: Nana, I'm wanting to post these but there's some I can't because they are predictions. Will yours be okay to post if I take --'s name out? Leave blank? Nana: yes Me: thank you. Are you happy to have more family up there? Nana: yes Me: actually my mom got there before you. Nana: yes Me: is there anything you want to say that will help our family here on planet earth believe I'm talking to you? Nana: yes. Tell Louie he does great work. Tell Junior we are so proud of the work he does. Tell Tia Inez you think about her often. Me: yes I do. Nana... Tell Josie I am upset she had you take the blame. Me: Eeek! You want me to post this? Nana: yes. Tell Mike you can help him. Tell Irma you have gifts for her. Tell Leann she needs to listen to you.

Me: yes, the remedies you all and I have told her. Nana: yes. Tell Joe he needs to be alone awhile.

Me: yes, I'm glad he saw the light. Nana: yes. Tell Jesse to stop being so self righteous.

Me: yep, it's eating away at him. Nana: yes. Me: thank you Nana. Is there anything else you want to add? Would you like to finish up now? Nana: yes Me:: you said you were 47 years old up there, correct? And Tata too. Nana: yes Me: okay Nana, it's all yours on closing. Nana: you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

Me: thank you Nana. Is there a reason you fade if I I'm not taking deep breaths? Nana: yes. I want you to breathe deep always. Me: okay. Is that because of your life long chronic asthma? And/or because it's good for me? I try to remember, but I'm often beyond calm, I forget. Nana: big yes on all Me: maybe you and I can do a post on breathing? Nana: big yes Me: that would be wonderful. I've had classes and read different ways, but I prefer to get information from you. Nana: yes Me: any final words? Nana: you are a Medium with a heart of gold. Me: thank you Nana: that's it Me: I appreciate all thee info and messages. I love you Nana: I love you

** bulletproof is in regards to my 13th guide (I posted over a week ago).

Before posting this I asked if I could text this link to all she had info for. Her response, no. She wanted me to use social media. If it feels like shit may hit the fan (for some) because of this. I wanna say sorry. Tho, I know this can and/or will be the beginning of your awakening.

May you be blessed


AKA... Diana 😉

**2-7-16 In having a lil difficulty sleeping over this, I just wanted to add... I love you all. May we meet up sooner than later.

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