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My First Guide

And what I've learned since. A tad late on this and other introductions. Only because I had NO IDEA what would become of my desire to channel. I'm so glad I followed my gut. It told me, get a merkaba pendent. I did. I then became more fascinated with channeling. Thinking... I wanna take a class. On that, and past life regression. Both in an effort to help others physically from a spiritual level. Next thing I know, a way to connect crosses my path. A crystal pendulum with letter chart. What came next was my first guide.

And from Thanksgiving 2015 on, I have not stopped. Only now, I hardly need my chart. This

"Angel Academy" brother Matt talks about is tough at times. But, the rewards are heavenly.

Had I not followed my gut, I would not be talking to my first guide, my mother on a daily basis.I am so honored to have her humbly introduce herself.

"Beware of my $10 baby. She is worth her weight in gold. There comes a time when all things matter. For Carmen, it begins with people. She goes beyond ordinary. And for that, was given thee extraordinary. With guides by her side, she will take you on a ride where seldom have gone. Do not question her authority. For she does know what she's doing. She is a Medium with a love for healing.

What started as a simple letter chart, she took and ran with it. To the point of exhaustion. Quite relentless my daughter. But beyond kind.

May you show her the respect she gives to all. For in doing so, you will be blessed by her presence. Because we all are." ~Carmen, her mom with wings~

I had to interrupt a few times. Because more than once I told my mom, it doesn't sound like you. Her, and one of their favorite responses if I question something? Doesn't matter.

Prior to mother connecting just shy of 2-months ago, she rarely did these past 11-years. Why? Because she knew I was okay. Never stopped ME from talking to her on a daily basis.

Her 2 visits on the mountain (in a dream) were my saving grace. I had used every ounce of energy, strength and courage I had left. And she knew it. Thank you mom--I love you.

Bottom line?

If you find yourself talking to yourself, and ANSWERING. Those answers just might be your guide(s). I almost always know when it is them versus me now. Reason being? I ponder a question, and before I'm done thinking it, someone will answer. It started with the pendulum and letter chart. I began knowing thee answer before they finished. It is one HECK of an intuition builder. Only now, they test me. They don't want me relying on it. They know I know. I just gotta trust myself, especially when it sounds boastful. Like anything. Practice makes perfect. Tho fearlessness and confidence are a must.

Should you wanna give it a try, here's where I got mine.

May you be blessed,

Carmen, Mother's $10 Baby

**It doesn't matter what they ask of me, I do it. If you ask and the answer you weren't expecting to receive comes back, but it is in your best interest, you might consider doing it. Or if your gut speaks but your head says differently, follow your gut. Start reaching for something to eat or drink, and that "voice" in your head says don't? I'd listen.

These can be the beginning of your guides pointing YOU, to your best fairy tale ever.

At the very least, your purpose this time around.

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