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My Fifth Guide

At last I'm getting thru some intros. But not without more Sirian siblings hopping on the fun bus. 7 now. They are nothing like earthlings. My guides are so loving and kind to each other. No dog eat dog world. Or them thinking I've lost it. Just doing what's asked of me. And in doing so, more guides join the team.

My 5th guide, just happens to be thee other half of my fourth guide. He is my grandfather, whom many knew as Joe. I don't believe there wasn't anything he couldn't fix. Always tinkering. Perhaps that's where I got it from. Where Sears wanted to charge me $125 for a clothes dryer house call, I repaired for $13. Thanks to my 2nd guide/buddy Tombo coaching me over the phone one rainy night.

Anyhow, here's my wonderful and often times, hilarious Tata...

Me: you ready Tata? Tata: Yes. I'm here Me: hi Tata, how are you?! Tata: great now that I know you will be fine. Me: yeah, some pretty crazy moments. I felt like giving up. I'm glad you all heard my prayers to you. Tata: you were a trooper to live on property alone. Me: I look back and think how CRAZY. But, it was something my soul wanted. Plus, I couldn't get anyone to prepare themselves to go with me. Let alone interested. Tata: you tried getting -- Me: yes Tata: but he wasn't doing his part. Me: EXACTLY! How would you like to introduce yourself? Tata: You are so humble Me: thank you Tata Tata: yes. We were all cheering you on. Me: up there on the mountain. Tata: yes Me: and you know very well I prayed to each and everyone of you, and others. Tata: yes. You had quite the complete list Me: (as I giggle) yes. I believe I covered all bases, Angels, Saints, spirit guides, Lord Jesus AND the Universe. Aside from those I knew in person, like you. Tata: yes. You even prayed to the stars Me: no wonder they're my best buds now 😉 You are all so good to me! Do you hear me tell people your goodbyes? Tata: big yes. Me: it's classic! Did you come up with that yourself? Tata: yes. Me: gives me warm fuzzies. Tata: you are a Saint. Me: and what makes YOU say that Tata? Tata: you are so nice to everyone Me: thank you Tata Tata: you are funny Me: so are you Tata Tata: yes Me: what else would you like to say for your intro? Tata: tell Irma, her friend Dianna and her are related thru my adopted cousin. Me: cousins you were adopted into? I know they're you're family. Are they your first cousins? Tata: big yes Me: so she and Irma are 3rd cousins? Tata: huge yes Me: that's good they figured it out. They just weren't 100% sure. Tata: Irma is going to meet a really nice man soon. Me: (as I smile) yes. That's what all have been telling me a couple months now. Tata: yes. Irma is getting thru her Ascension thanks to you. Me: thank you. Makes me happy. My first student ? 😉 Tata: no. There are many. They're just too proud. Me: 😁 a darn shame they put such a wedge between themselves and true heaven on earth. Tata: yes. Just keep spreading your joy. Me: will do. Hard to contain, but that's what pisses people off. Double whammy of a shame. Tata: yes. They think you've lost it. Me: yes. When in reality, I've FOUND "it." Tata: exactly, yes. Me: anything else you want to add to your intro? Tata: yes. Watch out for the 2-legged wolves. Me: (As I laugh hearing his classic goodbye). Always Tata. Or at least I've tried. Tata: yes. Me: of course, they're both male and female. Tata: yes. Females are worse towards you. Me: you noticed? You know. Just now was the first time I realized. Wait! Women are wolves too. Tata: yes. Me: sad, but I'm used to it. Tata: big. Long. Yes

*as I twiddle thumbs...

Me: this is like a long standing ovation of a yes. As he continues..... Tata: yessssssss. You are a Saint Me: for not letting it bother me and continuing to be nice? Tata: yes. And for that you are blessed. Me: thank you Tata. Like I tell people, 2 wrongs don't make a right. Tata: yes. Rest now. Get ready for Sam to call. Me: my Sci-Fi bodyguard. I finally get to talk with him. Tata: yes. He is delightful. Me: Sigh. Okay Tata. I will rest until then. Thank you. Irma will also be delighted. I love you. Tata: I love you. Watch out for the 2-legged wolves.

**I will (as he fade out)

He never failed to tell me that as his goodbye. And although he's been gone just over 20 years, I still see and hear him like it was yesterday.

As much as I try to allow them to introduce themselves, they don't. And that's precisely what I mean on the difference between up there and planet earth. And he calls ME humble? And/or they refer to me as a Saint?! I guess it takes one to know one.

May you all be blessed for your patience. Soon we'll get to nitty gritty of DIY health, healing and happiness. And of course, some eye-opening info for those ready to take back their lives. And add more years to your life and life to your years.

Cheers and well wishes all ways Carmen

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