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Move Over Aladdin's Lamp

Being on the road has some rewards, lifestyle isn't one of them. No complaints tho. Warm bed, well fed and not-so-daily hot showers, I'm cool! This is the 2nd request my guides have granted me this week on 18-wheels. First was to be sent near Kent, WA to see family. It wasn't just near, it was THAT city to deliver. What a joy! Trish, Donnis, Adrian, Nathan and Carmendee. I love you all.

Second is this smoked salmon straight from the dock. Guide approved--they love it (upon testing). They even said who NOT to ask. A tip was offered for these. Not accepted, they're samples. Like twice the size of store bought, HUGE samples. They offered more too 😳 No fridge on here big enough 😩

The less we eat, the better food tastes

I may only be allowed the serving size of a 5 y/o, but experience eating store bought variety has shown me, it is more than enough. Icing on this cake of a week? They turned my $50 into a crisp $100.

I may not be the captain of this ship, but my guides are indeed the co-pilot. I AM thankful they did finally allow me to get my Class A license last month. Only attempted it 4 times in last 4 years. They had a better plan. And I stopped asking for that 30-year Bucket List wish, of driving cross country just ONE year.

In time I do believe I'll be allowed to drive under prime conditions. Perhaps here and there, not as a job. Tickles MY fancy!

For now, as a ChannelHer, I've discovered they have full reign of my head and body. I'm more than happy to oblige too.

I DO love the power behind the wheel! And always will. But NOTHING compares to the power and gifts they've given me. Only a select few know all that I got. Extraordinary is an understatement. And to think more are on the way. OMGoodness! Can't say it enough. Best Fairy tale ever.

I share to show you, yours is within reach. My, "May You Be Blessed" post will tell you how to get there. As can their many messages under "quotes."

May you all be blessed the way they continue to bless me.


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