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Moon In Aries

With tomorrow's grand daddy of a full moon upon us, Moon Daddy speaks out on what it brings (in reference to this post).

"Tomorrow's full moon is larger than life for good reason. I'm making my way to thee other end of the solar system. Takes a lot of energy to go the distance.

And, unlike this blurb about me, when did NASA know more about me than me?

In Native American culture, I am referred to as Grandmother Moon and/or Grandfather Sky. When in reality I am both. But that's all the history lesson for today.

In regards to what this full moon means, that much is true. Reap the rewards of me being in Aries. No better time to start something new. For our Saint, that she will do. And succeed I might add. The time it takes to begin something new is up to you. But it would behoove you to begin during my time in Aries. The timeframe for that is not very long. Three months tops, with your best chance at succeeding being from October 16 to November 27 (next month). With all due respect, get your bottoms in gear. The End." ~Moon Daddy, 3rd Colonel in charge (after God and UTOT)~

Astrology at its finest! Direct from the Source. So much more to discover and explore. As I realize (and they confirm), more to talk to. An epiphany of sorts, with an anonymous "yes," and, "the world is your oyster. We love you. We adore you. We wanna be like you when we become human. No joke. Hallelujah to the New Earth! That's all for now. Keep us anonymous. Bye. MUAH!"

As you can see, they are all a bundle of love, and so darn cute!

WOW! To think I tapped into thee other side, starting with my mom nearly a year ago. And now thee entire UNIVERSE?! How did I get so blessed?! Interestingly, it's easy now that I can call upon them all. And to think they never heard my prayers.

May you be blessed to pray to thee entire Universe. Because they not only hear you, they answer back. It's up to you to know when--Who's thoughts are whose. If you find yourself funny, could be them. Creative? Ditto! Less forgetful? Maybe. Key is, to give credit where credit is due, by thanking them.

Om... Shaka laka

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

Me: good to go? And title? Moon Daddy: Woo Hoo. We love it Di. Thank you. For title use, Moon In Aries."

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