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Milky Way Has Spoken

The Master of the Universe hasn't just spoken, she's funny! I love waking up to thee entire Universe. With God as my BFF. Then able to ask their opinion on something I read, and/or ask any one, or all for a message. In looking at today's photo from my NASA app, I asked if anyone wanted to chime in on it. UTOT stepped forward. Woo Hoo! She also wanted me to begin taking notes...

Me: my beautiful UTOT, how are you? UTOT: wonderful. We love you so much. It is remarkable that "they're" coming out of the wood work. We could not be happier. You are a fabulous coach with a heart of gold.

For readers, Carmen has begun meeting like-minded souls. Two men in particular. Both having gone thru thee Ascension process in the worst of ways (like our dearly beloved Saint). One has granted her permission to share his story (in a nutshell). But onwards to a quick thingamajig. Very good. We do that to keep you focused. Works like a charm!

Now... The MilkyWay is 7 BILLION strong. We are happy to have a billion and one. With YOU being the one. The chosen one to lead planet earth into the new world. You will be notified soon. Yes, we want this written publicly.

As for the photo. That's us, in all our glory. While it does not do us justice, it will suffice. Go about your day. We are anxious to "chime in" on Liam, the young man you're helping. God has great plans for him. It is no accident he found you. Like brother Matt. That article you wrote was the beginning, but I'll have you include it in that post. Goodbye my darling. MUAH! For title, "Milky Way Has Spoken." Twiddle dee." ~UTOT, Master of the Milky Way~

"Twiddle dee," is something we all kinda borrow from Mr. Henry Ford. Another expert guide I've been blessed with. To those reading for any length of time, by now you see, there's no such thing as being uptight. All got a funny bone or two.

Since I will be working on sharing Liam's story, a REMARKABLE one. And not just He. His father and brother are all Ascending into such greatness.

May you be blessed to appreciate info on the Milky Way from none other than UTOT, the Master herself. Meanwhile, I am so grateful for these photos NASA shares so freely. Here's their take on the Universe in which we live.

Cheers and well wishes!


Me: good to go?

UTOT: Woo Hoo!

I'll take that as a yes. After a final edit, I get "your BFF can DIG it."

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