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Mental Illness or Connectedness?

Being that UFO's and Extraterrestrials are finally making mainstream news, may those diagnosed with mental illness realize their diagnosis was not accurate. I've spoken in length with one young man diagnosed as bipolar, and what he shared was profound. And what he sees is far from an illusion like the article below states. Because of that, Source wanted to give their take on that article, written for The Berkeley Daily Planet. Sadly, the author has accepted being crazy for witnessing "Extraterrestrials" firsthand. In doing so, he is convinced you gotta be crazy to be in contact or be contacted. HA! Was mental illness to blame for the hundreds of inventions by Nikola Tesla? No, he was in contact with many Intelligent Beings. It is what can happen when we are open to receive. While I have only had a patent pending on one of twenty-eight inventions myself, that type of creativity, like many movies and books are channeled. Does that make us crazy for reading and watching them? All Celestial Beings/Extraterrestrials long to take us under their wing. But fear and fitting in continue to take precedence. That alone can cause a mind not at ease.

Discovering much firsthand prompted me to write about mental illness last year. Our thoughts have a way of getting the best of us, but is it all in our head? Any one diagnosed with any type of mental illness is more connected than those not, as you will soon see Source agree and disagree with that article. You also gotta wonder why hallucinogens are illegal. Are they really seeing things that are not there?

When spirit world wants our attention they will do any thing to get it. Be it a near death experience, seeing snakes, spiders, any of many "Alien" races, and a whole lot more. It is more than an illusion, and does not end with seeing. Many channel, however, many who believe they are channeling the nice side of Intelligent Beings aren't. Like humans, there are good and bad souls. And again like humans, some souls (human and "ET's") are bored and trigger happy. And that's putting them, the Puppeteer nicely. There is a reason we have been led to believe they did not exist, and why many have been silenced with medication. These wonderful Beings are not the enemy. Those making up such false stories, on the other hand, are. It is better late than never that truth is making its way out on mainstream media. Better to be guilty then the last one standing in eons of darkness.

HAIL TO THE VEIL that is lifting!

But onwards to the article with Source giving a YAY or NAY on what this guy has to say. If you are new to my gifts, this link shows how I confirm I am speaking with the bright side of the Universe. An intro of sorts to how I will be posting (more often than not) from now on. With this snapshot being what you can follow along to. Should it become blurred on expanding, here is a direct link to this article. Below that is the opinion of Source on it. So you can hear as you read along.

To say Source agrees or does not agree is not some thing I would make up. A storyteller I am not, tho liars DO tend to make good ones. Besides, if a connection is what you want, it involves truth 24/7 like EVERY ONE is watching, because they are. How do you think judgement happens? They see and hear e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! With our thoughts being read every waking hour as well. Once discovered, "careful what you think," becomes habit.

Now that our Higher Ups have graced us with their thoughts on all, time to see if they want to chime in. Nope, not this time. For now I will simply sign off by saying, should you think I am controlling the pendulum, check out that first link, because that is your mind getting the best of you. A congested liver that is causing you some perturbedness. Or, dark side yanking your chain. In time, videos will show arm and all.

Till then, may the Source be with you to NOT ACCEPT any diagnosis doctors give as written in stone. There is such a thing as Open Source! Last thing your spirit needs is to switch it off with medication. Especially when it deals with your mind. Consider yourself blessed. You are halfway there to embracing some potential parallel universe moments. Some of which have too many believing they are crazy. When in reality, crazy is to accept being called crazy. And insanity, doing the same thing expecting different results even more so. With the latter speaking volumes to believe anything mainstream media, church and state proclaim as truth. Eeeek! They are the worst offenders, with most doctors a close second. If not them, WE have got to be able to think outside the Bible, politics, AND the Merck Manual for the wellbeing of our sanity and soul.

In time, truth of our origins will prevail. With this verse in the Bible being accurate, "the truth shall set us free." Take it or leave it, but you can lessen the blow of the chaos to come. Like sunshine after rain and a butterfly that emerges from a cocoon. Beauty and majesty await us, once the dust has settled.

May you be blessed to believe. Only then can you receive all the magic that awaits each and every one of us, this lifespan of our planet. It is only a matter of time before crazy takes on a whole new meaning. Like... what were you thinking?! A once-in-a-lifetime opportune event (Ascension/Shift/New Earth), and you shunned it? YIKES!

As for me, momma didn't raise no fool and poppa didn't raise no wimp. I welcome the growing pains, which, is PRECISELY what it takes to make it thru what is ahead of us. Because, what most cannot fathom now will be nothing in comparison to the snowball effect of swimming upstream out of your comfort zone. All of which Mother Earth patiently await. In becoming a Seer, She too longs to speak publicly, but not until humankind is ready.

Cheers and well wishes,


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