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Medicine Woman Medium

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Being chosen as a Medicine Woman Medium did not come easy. However, all the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to make sense as to how and why I got here.

"You will not arrive at consciousness without letting go of your ego." ~my guides~

For starters, there's a reason dogs/animals are in-tune.

  1. They're almost always barefoot. Grounded with Mother Earth. (Obviously, this excludes those dogs that wear shoes & clothes).

  2. Most don't graze anytime they want.

  3. They poop regularly.

  4. They love unconditionally. We humans can do our darndest to replicate that by blessing everyone and everything

  5. Dogs are trained to obey. As an annointed and apointed Medium, I don't pick and choose which of their advice to follow. I consider it a command. If I want to continue to be blessed, that is.

  6. If you ask, you gotta be willing to respond to their requests. One example? What bag of chips? You can have seven. Don't bother me none--I'm in heaven! This coming from me always saying, chips are my drug of choice. One chip and I'd fall off my wagon.

When you feed your spirit, cravings are not an issue. Of course, you crave what's in your blood. But that's where detox comes in. For me, going barefoot has done wonders on my body, mind & spirit. My decades of intermittent fasting combined with real food, have allowed my body to become more fine tuned. As in, INtuition. And my near 20 years of detox? That, helped keep much of the mind-boggling, body decaying and spirit crushing toxic waste out. Which in turn, has done MORE than sharpen my intuition.

Of course, being a vegetarian since the 60's, and well hydrated for eons. Well... those were kinda a prerequisite to becoming a ChannelHer. The metal plate in wrist after the near death experience, on top of everything else I've been doing? Icing on the best cake ever.

Let go and see what comes back

I mustn't forget the letting go part. Less became more for me since, I can't remember when. What made this easier? Buying only what I needed, not what I wanted. Can't buy love or happiness. Both are an inside job.

It did not come easy

But neither does being a Super Bowl Champion or an Olympian.

When you cheat, you cheat yourself

What I do know now. This "gift" is no different than children and their make-believe friends. Except, I'm an adult. And for most kids, it's not make-believe. I can honestly say, my Guides and I quickly became BFF's. Bottom line on all? Unconditional love.

For now, I learn thee wonderful art of rest. They stop talking if tired or not enough water. Thought my near gallon/day (between tea and water) was a lot before. Nope, 2 gallons seems more to their liking.

128 X's 2 = 256 ounces/2 gallons

Before anyone wanna roll their eyes, begin to predict what could happen or try to play God. Don't allow your ego to go there. The guides know what they're doing and my 125 pound body is handling it well. Just as you can get electrocuted if a blow dryer falls in bathtub. I make a better conductor sounding water logged. Metal plate in wrist was just a bonus conductor on becoming their Medicine Woman Medium. Water also helps keep negative energies away.

Following their requests to a "T"

I've also been asked to stop chocolate, tea, coffee and wine or thee once in a blue moon martini (with extra olives). Not bad considering my taste buds had begun changing late 2014. And my appetite had already dwindled. Much more I'm doing. I'll share in future posts.

12 guides and counting

They say I'll have fifteen. 2 remain anonymous, 2 are friends, 1 famous, 4 Pleiadian and the rest family. All are so easy going. My Pleiade pals? HILARIOUS! Here's just one of many examples of the laughter they bring to my life. I'm beyond happy and honored to introduce this Medicine Woman Medium site. I'll link to my former site on occasion because real medicine comes from the inside out. From the FARMacy, not the pHARMacy. Like food, your medicine should more often than not, NOT include a package. Or an invasive procedure. This link will give you a glimpse on what I went thru to get here. According to Matt Kahn (mentioned on my About tab) and others. There will be 3 waves of Ascension. I just happened to be on tail end of the first one. Being a first wave Indigohelped.

Careful what you wish for?

Nah. Matt often says when we get our gifts, it'll happen fast. That was no understatement. For months I've said, I cannot WAIT to see what my gifts will be. Boy did I get more than I bargained for. I didn't just ascend on earth and survive (no joke). I AM what my guides refer to as an Ascended Master. A good thing I like the colors purple and turquoise. More on that in another post.

I don't know whether to say WOW or YIKES. I do know, neither word does this role justice. They see my tears of joy and gratitude, and know what I went thru to get here. The good news is, you can too.

May you all be blessed... Carmen

4-15-16 UPDATE I know have 90-EIGHT Guides I can SO, DIG it!

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