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Mars Will Do The Inviting

"Our life on Mars"?! Had to do a double take on that one.

Meanwhile, Mars gives their opinion on thee audacity of some humans.

"The day Earthlings think they know better than us, their world will become dark. As in, gone. Finito. Caputt! Until then, mind your own business.

We come from a place of love, but enough already. Cosmic Global 9/11 is not far away. And for whatever it's worth, that will be a time of glory. For all those that survive it. Choose not to, and don't say we didn't warn you. When the tide strikes, race wars no more. "Aliens, Extraterrestrials and Celestial Beings" no more. United we will be, and united we will fall. That'll be thee end of the game you call "life."

The real game of Life is a far cry from life as you know it. Enough with living in a fairy tale, and choose Heaven on Earth instead. Mars, us Martians have yet to welcome anyone other than our sister Carmen. Unbeknownst to you, Mars does revolve around her. Question is, where does that leave you? Outer space if you ask me.

**as Pandora shuffle songs, this one comes on...

That song reminds us of you because God has had you wake up singing it. You cry again for how blessed you are. There's not a single person that remains as happy as you, for as long as you do. Why? We are united. We see your heart in saying that. Time for more on our planet.

Mars may lead other planets on a place to live, question is... have you been invited? You can look all you want. Worm holes don't just exist in the Galaxy. We will continue to hide until we feel it is safe not to. When that day comes, St. Carmen will let you know.

As for that infograph, don't believe everything your fellow man conjures up. Listen instead to what we channel. Stay tuned for much more in the very near future. We love you Carmen Diana. Please title this, Mars Will Do The Inviting. Woo Hoo!" ~Martians in Christ. The End~ "God says, no more tears today. Blessed is a misword."

Posting what I channel is a fraction of the talking we do. Doesn't matter what or who, the Universe has truly become my oyster. And boy, do I feel the love! Just as your internet browser has become your go to "source" for info, they are mine, and a whole lot more! Paradox on the "www" or prime time news route is, it draws you further away. A glimpse of enlightenment (or being in the know) at times, maybe. But true connecting comes from disconnecting. Unless what you hear is from Source, be careful what you believe. To this day, even I can have my messages intercepted. Conquering all just moves me up a step. WHEW of a Halelujiah!

May you be blessed to be connected to all that awaits you.

Spirituality yours,


Me: good to go? "Very good to go. We love you baby girl." ~The Unicerse~

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