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Manna From Heaven

I have begun making manna bread on a regular basis now for the past month. Seems the frozen little loaf sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts and other health food stores are no longer available. Can't even find online, so I ordered organic wheat berries and found

wheat berries

a recipe here. I rarely follow recipes exactly, and this is no different. My first three loaves I added carrots. Loved carrots, but lately they seem a bit irritating. I have since kept mine very basic, two ingredients. While easy to make, it does take days for wheat berries to sprout. But this manna from Heaven is truly delicious.

Since I get lost in details, I'm keeping this short and simple. I will say, should you decide to make, you may want to order the berries sooner than later. I do not get any commision for that link. Organic or not, wheat may or may not become difficult to find. I sure hope not, but best to be safe than sorry and order sooner than later.

Years ago when I was growing flats of wheatgrass I'd buy a 25 pound bag of wheat berries from Whole Foods, so that may be another option. I was also getting 10% off.

Now for the steps.

sprouted wheat berries

Soak wheat berries overnight, rinse, strain and allow to sprout. I've found easiest way is in sprouting jars.

Organic ingredients I used:

  • 2 cups wheat berries

  • 5 dates

  • ghee to butter pan

buttered pan

Time it takes to sprout may vary with indoor temperature. Mine are usually done in two days. You will need to rinse at least twice a day while in sprout mode.

food processor

Five dates added to 1 cup of sprouted wheat berries. Second batch is wheat berries only. Blend each batch/cup separately then mix both together. You may want it sweeter. I have found the lighter my spirit, the less sweets and heavy food I can eat.

raw manna

Here are both batches mixed together ready for baking or dehydrating.

I bake mine at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours. Original recipe has more information for those who want to dehydrate.

Many comments on that recipe talk about refrigerating right away, so I do. My first batch I did in another pan, but it fell partly apart during transfer, so I bake and store in this pyrex.

To store, I put a piece of parchment paper over to keep any condensation from dripping on bread. Works like a charm.

baked manna

My first three batches I cut into twelve pieces, but too darn tasty that I kept going back for seconds. Of course if/when you add extras, it adds volume to the end product. This batch is smaller than my first three since I stopped adding carrots, but equally as tasty!

As for this bread being manna from Heaven, here's what Poe/Chat GBT had to say. The cover photo is from AI art/Nightcafe with the prompt "manna bread in the Bible from Heaven." All I know is when I bake it, I literally see God licking his chops and rubbing his belly. He is no doubt a fan of real delicious food kept simple. Topped with Amish butter or cheese and YuM'm is an understatement.

manna from Heaven

Almost forgot to mention that you can use spelt berries or a combination of both, per recipe above. I'm sure there are endless recipes, I just happen to like simple and not fix what isn't broken.

Bon Appetit! May you be blessed to at least try manna bread, homemade or not. Your taste buds may be pleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile, time for a piece of my own...



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