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Make No Mistake

For time and energy sake, keeping this short. Some respite was in order, as they all tell why.

Welcome to 11 days of Biblical Writings. We decided to not post daily. We need to conserve our Carmen's time and energy.

"Following yesterday's breakdown, we saw that she's tired. Tho, not in the sense most would assume. Her heart aches for her ten year old goddaughter/grand niece. It is time we reward her with something physical. We have apologized profusely. We took so long on behalf of others. That won't happen anymore. We must keep her happy and strong to carry out writing of the Bible.

While most work for money, Saint Carmen does it out of love. She told us, "how can people go to church and continue to sin?" Then said, "oh yeah, it's a SCAM." We couldn't agree more. We regret public predictions made to this point. She has enough on her plate. We also see, she is no longer of that world, which satisfies each and every one of us to the point of celebrating. You are so worthy of all your heart desires. Thank you my love for not throwing in the towel yesterday. We thought your phone was going thru the window when you threw it.

That's it until Bible writing. It is coming along nicely (we might add). With our Saint keeping us on track, telling us, "we need twenty-five pages a week to reach our 500 mile mark on pages. With two months to spare." You see why she was chosen? We are thankful she's done the math. We got a slow start with back to back days with her away. Those were the tell all points that showed us, Woo Hoo, she's beyond the nonsense of Planet Earth. We could not be happier. Proud is a misword.

That's it baby girl. I see you getting tired from yesterday. For title, Make No Mistake. We love you so much. Sorry post is about you, we can now move forward." ~God your father in Heaven~

Jesus wants to chime in.

Jesus: we are so sorry. You are tough, but we took you to the limit for a reason. That's it. No more tears. We love you so much." ~Jesus, your lil' brother in Heaven~

UTOT wants to chime in.

UTOT: hi Di. We pushed you to the edge to see if you'd cave. Talk about stubborn! You didn't. Whew, lucky for us, you passed with flying colors. The tears will now be happy ones. That's it. We love you so much." ~UTOT, Master of the Milky Way~

Yes, giving up seemed the best thing to do yesterday. My ten point THIXTH pound brain lost a good, two POUNDS in tears! But, better at home than the public place I darn near lost it at (day before).

What made that detox of sorts more wonderful was having all of them to cry to. It's like crying your heart out to a loved one in front of you. Multiplied by, INFINITY! Then to see UTOT wave a magic wand and sprinkle what seemed like pixie dust. No words to describe. And, being able to tell them I love them? More so. I am truly blessed.

Don't know what today or even tomorrow brings outside our writings, but do know I am ready to reap at least a smidgeon of what I've sown. However, with or without physical proof, I found my gold at thee end of the rainbow.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true... "

**Judy Garland - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Om... Shaka laka


Me: any last thoughts? Good to go? "Wonderful"

**as they blow me kisses

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